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Katie to CBS Viewers -- How Do I Say Goodbye?

9/5/2006 8:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We'll have to settle for just one of two big answers tonight: A knee-length black dress topped by a fitted white jacket. As for the other, you may in fact be the one to decide.

Katie Couric made her long-gestating and heavily-hyped debut on "The CBS Evening News," and she began by quickly answering the question about her wardrobe and wrapped up by avoiding the question about what her signature sign-off would be, asking viewers to make suggestions. The opening featured a voiceover by Couric's predecessor, Walter Cronkite.

As for the rest of the broadcast, CBS correspondent Lara Logan and Hulk Hogan both figured prominently, as did Suri Cruise. But producers clearly meant to convey the seriousness of their journalistic intention by delving into a multi-segment story about the Taliban (where Logan went into a Taliban camp) and the War on Terror, which included a sit-down interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. In fact, while CBS' lead story was nearly ten minutes long, ABC's "World News" was cycling through several of the day's top stories, including the Ford Motor Company CEO's resignation and a piece about oil prices.

On the lighter side, Couric Day One also showed us the first photos of Suri Cruise in Vanity Fair magazine and included an op-ed-style commentary by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock which invoked wrestler Hulk Hogan in an orthographically confusing segment titled freeSpeech. (Rush Limbaugh will be the mouthpiece on Thursday.) And Couric deferred her decision on a signature sign-off, putting the ball squarely in her audience's court. For tonight, she went with, "I'm Katie Couric, thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you tomorrow night."

We'd like you to give you the chance to help Katie decide, so take a stab at our suggestions.


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Charles Shamblin    

Katie, I have watched you for years and enjoyed you very much!! but something happened this evening during your interview with George W. that disappointed me. The President said he regretted his language "bring it on" you made a remark to him "can take the boy out of Crawford but cannot take Crawford out to the boy". This comment seems very condesending toward the people of Crawford and the people of Texas. Good luck in your future, you are great!!!

2907 days ago


I was very excited when Katie told her viewing audience at the Today show she was chosen to report the nightly news at CBS. Finally a female journalist was going to be taken seriously and report important information to our country on a daily basis. After watching her two reports I am very confused about the format of CBS Nightly News and the purpose of the program. Her show is very similar to any of the magazine shows already in existence and is losing the integrity of what the nightly news is all about. I had flipped stations to see what was being reported on the other two major networks and realized Katie's report was more about fluff than anything else. Katie, if you want to be taken seriously, then you will have to start reporting hard news to keep the country informed, otherwise, the public is going to poke fun at you and think of you as a big joke. You are smarter than that and have to decide whether you want to report hard news or human interest stories. If you decide you want to continue the format we have already seen, I think you need to get a job with either 60 minutes, Dateline or Primetime and give the job to Ann Curry who is more credible and professional than what we have seen so far. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

2907 days ago

Patricia Edington    

I have been a fan of Katie's for many years. I congratulate CBS for having the forsight to put her in her new position. I would like to suggest that she adopt my own saying for her sign off, "This is Katic Curic, reminding you that each day is a gift and to use them wisely."

2894 days ago


Wow, the ONLY thing she had to come up with--besides read the news--and she needs help! And she's making how many millions?? I wish the news would go back to being THE NEWS, instead of entertainment. Gee, maybe Katie can have Deborah Norville's job when she gets canned at CBS...

2887 days ago


Would Katie just go away? How about signing off and not coming back. She is not fit for Evening News. She should be on with Jerry Springer. The most repulsive item she did was trying to cash in on her husband's cancer. Who in their right mind would pull off a stunt like she did and call it awareness. Very distasteful to me. She has a lot of class - without the "CL". I am sure there are some gentlemen who would love to do the evening news and put Katie back on something she fits in - but I am not sure what that is!!

2883 days ago


I am so disappointed in the above comments. If you don't like watching Katie on CBS it's real simple. Get your news else where and stop judgeing her. Do any of you have a degree in Journalist ? I don't think so from the comments that were made you have to bash someone else to make yourself feel good. Look I said its real simple turn your TV off are get your news else where,. and if you can't say anythng nice about Katie then don't say anything at all, she is only human and doing the best job she can, your sure not doing it , so why judge???

2883 days ago

Emily Grayson    

So much hype about nothing! I cannot understand why Katie Couric's job is worth $15 million. Unbelievable.

As for my interest - John Gibson (Fox) at 5:00 p.m. - Tucker Carlson (MSNBC) at 6:00 p.m. - Sheppard Smith (Fox) at 7:00 p.m. - Bill O'Reilly (Fox at 8:00 p.m. - Hannity & Comes (Fox) at 9:00 p.m. - Greta VanSusteren (Fox) at 10:00 p.m.

These programs far more in depth - and for the most part objective.

2883 days ago

Joan Fusco    

Maybe you're all too young to remember when Katie DID news reporting out in the field (back around '92 (when the lst Bush Pres. got us involved in the middle east with Desert Storm), or when she did the weather, etc. She's paid her dues and deserves this chance (although I sure miss her on Today and her repoire with Al, Ann and Matt) so why don't you all get off her back !!! I'm sorry she chose MONEY, and I'm trying to like CBS news at 6:30 (I usually look at ABC because Jeoparty follows it). What I miss most is her hearty laugh , which can't really be - on a NEWS show. Whatever you choose Katie, go for it girl !! I say "YOU ROCK". You've had enough sadness in your life and if this makes you happy go for it.

2883 days ago

Jan Blankenship    

I was shocked by the harshness of some comments.

2883 days ago


Why don't you pick on three men to see how fat they are, bald heads, color their hair, use makup on the screen, if they use proper English, if they have poor skin, hairdo, how about those ties? Does the media say in public print that some of them should bite the dust and leave due to poor performance and the above mentioned items.?

You have never heard a discussion about men like you have these three women


2883 days ago

Jan Ivans    

The foul-mouth comments I've read speak volumes of the type of person doing the criticizing. Give the lady a chance. Katie has had a successful career & she'll do well in her new position. Too much nastiness & apparent sour grapes in our society. Treat others the way you want to be treated. The cruelness has to go.

2882 days ago

Carmen Ortiz    

Katie, sorry you left the Today program. I honestly wish you well but I think you are in over your head. It was nice seeing you in the morning but I am sorry to say I'lll be seeing Brian Williams for the evening news.

2867 days ago

Emily Grayson    

I think it was a mistake for Katie to take on this program. I watch NBC Nightly News from time to time. Never CBS.
I do not know what other choice she could have made if she felt she should move on from the TODAY show. Look what happened to Jane Pauley, and some others. I think Barbara Walters and Tom Brokaw really survived.
Perhaps Katie will be looking at something else in time - she is talented even though much too liberal. I do not think her current position will be for 15 years!!!

2867 days ago

Sharon Capriccioso    

Hi Katie, I am a recently retired teacher in Michigan. I still go to the school to sub. I just sub at the little private school I left. I had hoped that perhaps you would include children (elementary and high school age) in your sign off. Wouldn't that be a wonderful opportunity to draw them in? I do know that some of the news is depressing but the parents talk about it anyway. They are very aware and have their own opinions. The sign off could change from time to time. "Boys and girls, don't forget to do your homework." "If the weather is nice where you live, go outside and play for half an hour." "Spend some time tonight with those you love." "Boys and girls, if possible, call your grandparents and tell them youj love them."
Children are often forgotten and love nothing better than to be included, as you know. The parents would watch with their children and perhaps good discussions would follow. Thanks for reading.
Good Luck!
Sharon Capriccioso

2855 days ago
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