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Gets Going on 'The View'

9/5/2006 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On a manic first day on "The View," Rosie O'Donnell took charge of the table, introducing herself jokingly as Meredith Vieira, showed off a bouquet of flowers from her friend Tom Cruise, gave away a cruise to the audience, and managed to avoid getting into it with Elisabeth, though she was almost provoked into a little confrontation by Joy Behar.

After assuring the audience, "I'm taking my medication and everything will be fine," Rosie made her presence felt -- and made nice with her co-hosts -- at the Hot Topics table. She assured Barbara Walters that she'll email her whenever she blogs about the show on (and teased her boss about her technological shortcomings), complimented Elisabeth on her newly-short locks (which Hasselbeck said she did impulsively "on a bad day"), and congratulated Joy on her daughter's engagement.

But Rosie being Rosie, she couldn't resist just a little spice -- she talked about having conversations in the bath with her daughter about pubic hair, looked ready to spar when Joy bizarrely ascribed a Japanese accent to Rosie's son Blake, and expressed great joy at the USTA National Tennis Center naming itself after lesbian icon Billie Jean King. But she didn't pontificate, and, all in all, the show had an energy that hasn't been in evidence in some time.

And the only on-set explosion was a delayed one: When audience members all got cruises, confetti that was supposed to shower the audience took a little while to drop.


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im first!!!! The show was great and i am so glad that rosie is back on daytime tivo is all set!!!

2937 days ago

coco puff    

What a disgusting, fat, lesbian pig! Who watches this s*** anyway? By the looks of the audience, it's a bunch of anal retentive queers!

2937 days ago

get a life people    

I thought she did great...It was nice to see a funny new face to the show...I had gotten very bored with it...

2937 days ago


Cindy-You are obviously a very IGNORANT person. What Rosie or ANYONE does in their personal life is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?

2937 days ago

Rosie Fan    

I thought Rosie was great today and am excited to see the group of ladies eventually get into a groove with each other. There was a new energy to the show that was sorely missing. I think Rosie will continually have to work on scaling back her instinct to dominate the conversation, but I could tell she was trying today. Barbara seemed a little apprehensive/stiff for whatever reason, but once they get another cohost on and Barbara can go back to periodically joining the show, it will be excellent.

2937 days ago

jeanettte jay    

I missed the show!! First day of school and I was at a school meeting. I hope to catch the highlights. I have not watched the view for a few years. It was becoming to much between Star and Liz. The few clips I have seen and read pertaining to Liz kept me from jumping on to watch it.

Rosie is a class act and should provide more power-less whining. I will watch and see. If Liz though becomes to much to listen to I will wish Rosie my best and move back to CNN on in the back ground in the house.

I saw a photo from the show-Rosie looks fantastic. You go girl!!!

2937 days ago


Rosie was great! Elisabeth is such an airhead. Barbara is as phony as the days are long. I think Rosie and Joy are awesome!

2937 days ago


I watched the View today and it was okay. I don't think that Rosie should dominate the show so much. I would like to hear a little bit more from the other hosts of the show. I will try to give the show a chance, but I am not crazy about Rosie. I liked the show better when Meredith was on.

2937 days ago


I cannot stand Rosie, DO NOT LIKE HER. Will not watch the show ever.

2937 days ago

Cindy is a bigot    

Cindy - You seem to be angry and full of hate. If you don't like it, don't watch it. But please keep your hate speak to yourself. You have ruined what would have otherwise been a pleasant experience for those of who aren't bitter and hateful.

2937 days ago


I thought the show felt awkward. I like Rosie on there but I found myself wanting to hear more from her and wanting the other three, especially Barbara Walters, to stop talking. I'm not sure Rosie can tone down on a daily basis but it will be interesting to watch.

2937 days ago


I cant wait for Rosie to punch Lizzie Hasselbeck in the face! That will be awesome. One day Elizabeth will accidentally slip out someting derogatory towards gays, then BAM! Right in the kisser! Go Rosie!

and Cindy -- What kind of stupid ignorant bitch are you? Dont slam people for being Lesbian. Youre a f*cking moron. People find love in all kinds of other people. You should try to stop being such a heinous ignorant moron.

2937 days ago

coco puff    

I think Rosie turned lesbo because no man would want to f*ck her. Then again, if I were a dike, I wouldn't want to eat that disgusting, stinky p***y, either!

2937 days ago

duh...totally !    

Elisabeth said one of the stupidest things today!

When Joy was dicussing why she didn't go over seas, and how she doesn't like traveling, etc.....Elisabeth chimes in and says "Why? because of the packing"...and Joy just kept w/ her story saying"NO! because I don't want the plane to blow up over the ocean, etc"....

it was hilarious! That chick is clueless...the "packing" wtf? does she know what is going on in the world ?

2937 days ago


Rosie's first day on The View was, in my opinion, bad
television. Rosie was loud and louder. She needs to tone it down and I hope she is not going to talk about her kids ad nauseum every day. Not interesting at all. Barbara looked old and stiff. Time to get out the Ben-Gay ointment, slippers, and the rocking chair. She needs to stay home as she is so outdated. Tries to act young. It is so not working. Joy was her usual lame self with her unsucessful attempts at humor. I didn't listen to anything Elizabeth said as it hurts my ears. Bring back Star and Meredith. They even tried to buy the audience with a free cruise. So not Oprah.I am afraid this show is on the way out. So over already. Goodbye View.

2937 days ago
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