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Tiger Wins A Mil, Takes a Cab

9/5/2006 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods won his fifth straight tournament on the PGA Tour yesterday just outside of Boston -- and didn't waste much time spending his nearly $1 million check. After finishing his round late in the afternoon, Woods cleaned up, jetted down to New York, and promptly celebrated his extraordinary victory at downtown hotspot Butter.

TMZ caught up with Woods as he finally took leave of the club alone, late last night, striding as purposefully to his ride home as he does up the 18th fairway. But it was extraordinary to watch the world's most famous athlete -- and a man worth a reported $300 million -- hop into a humble New York City yellow cab, just like the rest of us do.

Of course, not all of us could go ahead and buy the cab -- and probably the cabdriver as well -- with the change rattling around in our pockets.


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coco puff    

Tiger is a arrogant F*CK! Remember, you are what your mother is and she is Taiwanese. All the ******* try to claim him as black and the Taiwanese say nothing. Nike bought his ass years ago so they could increase the sales of there over priced sport sh*t, please. They have there factories in third world countries and exploit the workers. Why do you think Tiger is a walking Nike billboard!

2972 days ago


i love the fact that he took a cab. i'd drive tiger around any day!!
Congrats tiger on winning again! you're a superior athlete!

2972 days ago


Zippo did you lose a bunch of $$$ on tiger or something. Man i have never seen someone so piss about a guy doing his job. .whaaaaaa he is good a golf and make as much money as he can doing it. Why wouldn't he.

You should go deep sea diving with stingrays.

2972 days ago

Laurie wrote what i was the stingray remark!!

2972 days ago


Zippo, you sound so angry! I don't think Tiger has hidden his mother's origin. She's constantly at golf rounds cheering him on. Relax!

2972 days ago



You have some deep issues.. They go a lot further than Tiger... You need help.. or maybe help with a razor blade in slitting your wrists...

Tiger is wonderful.. Charity, humanatarian, gracious... This man does more for the less fortunate that anyother celebrity I know of...

2972 days ago


This is for 'ZIPPO'.

Tiger Wood's mother is Thai. And you appear angry and demented. Did you forget to take your meds?

2972 days ago


Hey ZIPPO....

If anything bad happens to Tiger Woods, the police will know where to look for you,
you are a sick person.

2972 days ago


Unlike Zippo Tiger has class, brains, elegance and charm....he is also one heck of a golfer!!

2972 days ago

coco puff    

Zippo speaks the truth and all of you know it. I struck a raw nerve and the truth hurts so much, BOO HOO HOO!

2972 days ago


Why are you so angry Zippo?!?!?! Haha I think you really did forget to take your crazy pills.

2972 days ago


Wow, people hate Tiger for being 1/2 Thai & having a white wife? I thought this was America? Would people be less jealous if he married a black women? This man does a lot of good, haters need to shut it.

2972 days ago


It is in the world of sports, with the very best top players, and in the musical field, we are talking the gift of REAL TALENT!
Tiger Woods is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2972 days ago


I usually get tired of the same team or person winning all the time, but in Tiger's case, the man deserves the accolades. He is truly a force and superior at his game.

2972 days ago



you wanted to say nigger so why didn't you just go ahead and get your daily dose of ignorant racial outbursts out.....oops.I rather you talk about it in the open then smile in a black persons face and call them a nigger behind there back.Its unfortunate that you're such a coward you have to resort to this to get a platform to express your racial opinions....behind the safety of a glass screen.

Kill Yourself.

2972 days ago
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