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Irwin's Dad Says He Lost His "Best Mate"

9/6/2006 9:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Irwin and alligator.The fond remembrances of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin continued to flow in after his tragic accidental death over the weekend, but perhaps the most touching of all came today from his father, Bob, in Queensland. "Steve and I weren't like father and son, we never were," said Bob Irwin, outside Australia Zoo, the animal park that Steve made famous and that Bob had owned himself and handed over to his son. "We were good mates. I'll remember Steve as my best mate ever."

Bob Irwin also said that Australian authorities have offered to give his son a state funeral but that his family was unlikely to accept. "The state funeral would be refused ... because he's an ordinary guy, he's just an ordinary bloke." Prime Minister John Howard interrupted Parliament on Tuesday to pay tribute to Irwin.

Wearing a khaki shirt and shorts in the same way that Steve did, Bob Irwin also told reporters that he and his son were natural risk-takers. "Both of us over the years have had some very close shaves. We made jokes of it. That's not to say that we were careless but we treated it like it was just part of the job."

Britney Makes It Easy For K-Fed

We know how it is -- three kids (and one on the way), two wives, fledgling rapping and acting career. How's a hip-hop mogul-on-the-make like Kevin Federline supposed to keep track of all his kids, much less remember all their birthdays?

Well, according to one published report, Britney Spears is going to have her second baby by C-section on Sept. 14 – the same day as she had Sean Preston, her first child, one year ago. That way, K-Fed won't have to go through all the hassle of remembering multiple birthdays.

What's more, says Star magazine, as cited by the New York Daily News, the baby will be given the name Jailynn, which is a mash-up of the names of Britney's dad (Jamie), mom (Lynn), and little sister (Jamie Lynn). As easy-to-remember as the baby's birthday will be, that name just seems fraught with potential for very embarrassing confusion.

Britney photos: Click to launch gallery Britney Transforms Through the Years. Click to see photos

Lindsay Nervous About Harry

Lindsay Lohan may have found the love of her life – and she guards him very jealously, according to reports this morning. "She flips out if any other girl is around him," says a source to Page Six. Another tells the Post, "When she is not with Harry she constantly texts, e-mails and calls him. She has to know what he's doing every second of every day." Indeed, says the latter snitch, La Lohan rang Morton repeatedly as she approached L.A.'s Ivy restaurant, even when she was inside of five minutes of arrival.

Meanwhile, casino mogul Peter Morton, Harry's billionaire dad, isn't thrilled at all the publicity his son's relationship is generating. After reading a story about Harry and Lindsay hitting an L.A. tattoo parlor in the wee hours, Morton told Harry to "low-key" his behavior. A rep for Lohan says that Peter Morton and Harry's sister visited Lindsay on the set of "Georgia Rule" two weeks ago.

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Beyoncé Album Hurting "Dreamgirls" Prospects?

Paramount Pictures is concerned that the lavish spectacle of their upcoming "Dreamgirls" could be derailed by Beyonce Knowles' relentlessly hyped new album, "B'Day." According to a "knowledgeable" source cited by Lloyd Grove, the studio is worred that Beyonce's supersaturation of the marketplace will overshadow their planned marketing push for "Dreamgirls," which will be released in December and stars Knowles, Jamie Foxx, and a huge raft of other stars.

The real concern, claims Grove's source, is that the critically drubbed "B'Day" will soften expectations for the "Dreamgirls" soundtrack. But Paramount denied the suggestion, saying that "nothing" relating to "B'Day" has changed its promotional push. Still, the insider says that Beyonce put out the album this year, rather than next, because she didn't want it to lose its luster after "Dreamgirls," in which the truly plum female role of Effie White is played by former "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson.

Beyonce photos: Click to launch gallery Bootylicious Beyoncé Photos

Party Favors: Urban Lyrics Signal A Pair For Kidman and Heather Mills Gets Free Lodging In Hamptons

Despite the fact that Nicole Kidman is not pregnant, despite the efforts of Photoshoppers and tabloids to prove otherwise, Keith Urban fans are reading his lyrics and divining that he would like for the couple to have two kids, according to Star, via MSNBC. "Well, the first one's born then a brother comes along/And he's got your smile," croons Urban on "Once in a Lifetime" ... Heather Mills is getting by with a little help from her friends, as a week-long rental she's taking out in the Hamptons,which would normally cost $80,000, is being provided to her for free by producer-director Dennis Erdman, says Page Six.

Nicole Kidman pic: Click to launch gallery Wedding Bells Ring for Keith and Nicole

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blah blah blah    

My heart goes out to all the family members.
I know exactly how the dad feels for I too shared a best friend relationship with my grandmother before she passed away. It was way more than a grandmother/granddaughter relationship.

2937 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

Condisering you folks at TMZ have been lying about Suri Cruise, how can I trust you to tell me the honest truth about anyone or anything else? I'm outta here forever.

2937 days ago


My family's thoughts and prayers go out to his family. We all loved him so much. It's funny how much of a filling of "friendship" we all had with someone we never meet face to face. He and Terry both just seem so wonderful and friendly. Many tears have been shed in my house hold for Steve and his family. Steve Irwin an ordinary bloke but an unforgettable character an one hell of an animal lover you will truely be missed buy this little family in Georgia,USA

2937 days ago


Who cares about all of these Hollywood debutants. Steve Irwin, now that man was worth his weight in gold... he will be sorely missed.

2937 days ago


After seeing this interview on the Today show this morning (with Steve's dad), I can see how father and son were so close -- two wonderful people who cared about wildlife and conservation, and took risks in their field in their desire to educate the rest of us. Animals that were once hated, Steve was able to remove the vilification.

2937 days ago


# 2 your an idiot see ya

i too was close to my grandmother, and i was shattered when she was killed in an auto accident. i pray for the irwin family and their zoo.

2937 days ago

get a life people    

It has to be terrible to lose your child no matter what age they are....Steve seemed like he really enjoyed live......He will be missed by all...............#2 suri is on the cover of vanity fair so she is real..........

2937 days ago


How hard that must have been for Bob Irwin. For him to speak of his son in such a warm and caring way was sad and yet , at the same time wonderful because is showed just how much they meant to each other. Like I've said before, it's a shocking and terrible loss but I think with time, this close family will move on the best way they know how and continue Steves legacy. I truly feel it's what he would want.

2937 days ago


I wish I could be closer to attend Steve's funeral and pay proper condolences. I pray for Terri and the kids - that she finds the strength to get through this terrible tragedy. Steve made it fun, but it reality he was teaching the world about different species and the conservation of both animals and the planet. I know Terri has the strength to get through this, but with 2 little kids it's hard, and although she was broken hearted, I imagine living through having to tell her children was like breaking her heart all over again. This is such a loss and such a tragedy. He will be terribly missed. Steve - my prayers are with you and your family, and the love you and your family shared will help Terri get through this. RIP, and thank you for all you've done.

2937 days ago


This is really sad .God bless all of Steves family i can only imagine the emptiness felt not having him around anymore. Again thank you Steve for all love you spread.

2937 days ago


Steve gave us an incredible lesson in LIVING!

Death, Where Is Thy Stingray?

Daredevil crocodile hunter Steve Irwin died doing what he loved. Maybe his death wasn't a tragedy but a lesson in how to live.

By Mary Beth Crain

Reprinted with permission from SoMa: A Review of Religion and Culture.

Steve Irwin, the guy who did all those wild and crazy things with crocodiles and lived to tell about it, met an unexpected end yesterday when he was killed by, of all things, a stingray.

Irwin was known for getting up close and personal with all sorts of deadly creatures. His forte, of course, was the croc, but "I've worked with more dangerous snakes than anyone in the world, and I've never been bitten," he often boasted. And then, more humbly, "It's a gift."
And yet, his gift didn't work on the stingray that punctured his heart.

Irwin's death is a lesson in irony. Irony No. 1: He was filming a documentary entitled "The Ocean's Deadliest," when the ray got him during an off-camera swim. Irony No. 2: The stingray is usually non-aggressive. Irony No. 3: While it's a deadly fish, very few people actually die from its bites. In fact, Irwin was one of only three people in Australia ever to die from a stingray attack.

Was it God's joke on Steve? Just desserts, for a daredevil life? The stingray's revenge, for annoying the creatures of the sea and poking his nose and camera where they didn't belong? Or was it a fitting end, a mercifully quick conclusion to an exuberant if incautious life, staged and executed by nature?

Lots of people expected Irwin to meet his end sooner rather than later. Most, myself included, passed him off as a camera-hungry thrill seeker whose egomania was simply astonishing. He'd wrestle a croc while yelling melodramatic observations like, "I'm being whacked around, facing death at every turn.... Bruises, broken bones, you name it, all in the name of crocodile conservation!" Yeah, right, I'd think. All in the name of Steve Irwin, who'll not only do anything to prove his manhood, but actually has the gall to tell you just how brave he is.

But you know, I don't feel that way anymore. After reading about Irwin, and watching Larry King's 2004 interview with him, which was rebroadcast last night, I have to say that Steve Irwin was a man who lived life to the absolute fullest, and died doing what he loved. Yes, he was crazy, by the average person's standards. Yes, he craved the spotlight. Yes, he tempted the fates. Yes, he was hyper—he'd often been accused of being an adrenaline junkie, and his friend John Stinton, who was with him when he died, admitted that, "One problem Steve had was that he couldn't sit still for five seconds and because the weather was bad today and for the last couple of days, he'd been liked a caged lion because he hadn't really been able to do anything much in the way of filming. So he said, 'Look, I might just go off and shoot some segments,' anything that would keep him moving and his adrenaline going and that's what happened..."

It seemed, on the surface, to be these silly character flaws, and not the stingray, that got him in the end.

Yet the truth of the matter, I now believe, is that Irwin was a man of enormous intensity who sincerely believed that "God put me on this earth for a mission, and that mission is wildlife conservation." He was born to his calling; at the age of eight he was already catching crocs, and he took to animals, and danger, "like a fish to water," as he aptly put it. He knew that he was living on a constant precipice, but, as he said, "I have no fear of losing my life," and "Fear helps me from making mistakes—but I make a lot of mistakes."

Yet Irwin never let fear stand in the way of his love of life. He was out there risking, every day, and learning and growing and, well, living. His death is being called, of course, a tragedy. He was only 44. He was a happy husband and father of two great kids. He was a great conservationist who, had he lived, could have done so much more for wildlife preservation. One of his dreams, for instance, was to use the money he was making from royalties and his famed Australia Zoo to buy large tracts of wilderness land and create wilderness reserves that could never be bought by developers.

But is his death really all that tragic? I know a lot of people who are so afraid of dying that they end up afraid to live. So afraid of failure that they end up failing to try. It makes you ask the question, what's worse? Living an unlived life, or dying a lived one? We know what Irwin's answer would have been.

I can't say I'll miss Steve Irwin, because the only time I ever watched him was when I was channel surfing. But I can say that even in death, I envy him. I'm 55, out of shape, diabetic, and afraid of dying. I could get in shape, change my diet and my attitude, and really kick ass and start living, but I

2937 days ago


I wish the best for Steve Irwin's family, Ive lost alot of family members over the years to. Is it bad luck, or is it destiny? I dont know but life is hard and when tragedy strikes with people you love it can get hard and depressing, but theirs always a positive thing in the future for you, and life goes on, even without the ones we love.

2937 days ago


why does it say "lets get the party started" before the steve irwin link? i dont think his death is a party. shame on TMZ!

2937 days ago


my heart goes out to steve irwin's family. i know exactly how they feel. i lost my dad one year and then i lost my grandmother exactly one year later and then about six months later i lost my grandfather so it has been pretty rough. i loved the crocodile hunter as much as everyone else and my whole heart goes out to his family, especially his kids because i know exactly how they feel. but who know, one of them could turn out to be just like their father and continue the great business that he started in the first place. its all in good time, all we have to do is wait. R.I.P. STEVE IRWIN.....

2937 days ago


My heart and prayers go out to all of Steve's family. This is a tragedy and it will take time to overcome. God Bless his family and Rest in Peace Steve, you will be missed.

2937 days ago
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