Lindsay's Photog-Friendly Fire

9/6/2006 1:56 PM PDT
Lindsay Lohan showed the entire world yesterday what Brandon Davis has been dining out on (metaphorically speaking, of course) for months. As she exited a boat on the canals of Venice at the film festival there, she gave assembled photographers a presumably unintended show of that famous "flaming" part of her anatomy. (Being a family publication, we can't show you the real goods; for that privilege, you may want to click over to our friend Perez Hilton.)

Of course, this latest incident of Lohan-exposure begs the question: Were the paparazzi being pervy sleazebags by honing their lenses in on this particularly less-than-ladylike moment? Or should Lindsay have known better than to wear a long hike-up-prone dress without underwear?