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Lindsay's Popular in Prison

9/6/2006 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan: Click to watchLindsay Lohan apparently has some fans her father doesn't find suitable -- prison inmates.

Michael Lohan tells "Inside Edition" he was taken aback by photos of his daughter on fellow cell-dweller's walls when he moved into New York's Collins Correctional Facility. Lohan told his jailmates, "That's my daughter, and because I'm here with you now, I'd appreciate it if you took it down ... Most would, but sometimes it took some persuasion."

Papa Lohan isn't the only one taking issue with Lindsay's face appearing everywhere though, Lindsay also chimed in during a press tour in Venice.

"I'm sick of me, so I just don't read it anymore," says La Lohan of her overexposure. "I would have lived 15 lives by now with all the things they've said, it's incredible."

The red-headed vixen admits the media attention is overwhelming but a necessary evil. "I'd rather have it than not have it, it's my life. The fact that people I don't know care about me enough to say things that are true, aren't true, that's kind of a nice thing. It's comforting in a way, I don't know where I'd be without it at this point."

Lindsay also shot down rumors of an engagement to Harry Morton -- "I'm not engaged ... but it's fun to toy with people, I might as well right?" -- and addressed the now infamous letter from the head of Morgan Creek -- "I hadn't read it until after it came out. We finished the movie, we weren't late, we were 40 days on time, on schedule ... It's about a movie not about a letter that was written that wasn't even true."


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You know what TMZ I visit this website 100 times a day and until now what you have posted about baby Suri It's just unreal. I don't believe anything you have to say now! YOU went overboard when you messed with an innocent child.

2938 days ago


Ah Firecrotch... Once a talented young actress, who I liked. The Paparazzi has ruined her though. And I'm sure she's probably a diva bitch. Will anyone bother seeing her new movies? Not me, I long for her to just disappear into the realm of has-beens. Maybe 10 years from know we'll see her as a washed up alcy on the Surreal Life, or some other lame-ass reality show for has-beens.

2938 days ago


Why do they bring up this hooker 50 times a day?

2938 days ago


LOL, just wait till he starts looking at her daughter's "firecroch" on everybody's wall.....PLEAAAASE...if she had some dignity left she would wear underwear!!!!

2938 days ago


Why are you people calling someone you have NEVER meet a hooker and other names? I mean what has she slept with even 10 men in her life? Doubt it! Did anyone get money for said sex and if so do you have proof of this transaction? Please I'd like to know because other wise you have no reason to say such things. Just cause no one can see you or knows who you really are doesn't merit such thing. Doesn't anyone have a moral code or sense of honor anymore? ....I guess it just me.

2937 days ago


This thing is soooooooooob boring today ! Anybody know another site thats more interesting to chat about than this

2937 days ago


I had to do a double take, Lindsay looks about 15 years older.

2937 days ago

duh...totally !    

I agree w post #1....

this site is really ridiculous!
very mean spitited and hateful!

what a stupid, sorry story....I'm sure any pix of females are popular in prison...where do you come up with some of this garbage?

2937 days ago


#5 Anybody there - is the US blog down today? That's where I like to go

2937 days ago


Yea' this story was kinda weak and they didn't even focus any attention on how Lindsay just slid by the letter the movie head wrote about her. In this clip she trieds to say is wasn't true which is pretty weak on her part. Don't you all miss the days when stars use to really be and act like. . . . well yea'. . Stars?

2937 days ago

a person    

How is it offensive to anyone to say this baby looks aisan? So what? Is it such an insult to look aisan?

2937 days ago


Did anyone else think she seemed coked out during that interview?

2937 days ago


What is wrong with you people! You always say that you can't stand celebs who "don't like the spotlight and are bothered by all the attention". Here you have someone saying that she would rather have all that exposure then not have it, but - again all you have to say - slut, whore, talentless and so on. Common, it means whatever you hear you interprete in the negative way and so it's not about Paris or Lindsay being bad it's about you being so hostil.

2937 days ago


whatever... she made her career being jailbait...

2937 days ago


I really think is would be sick of herself. Everytime you turn a page you read something about her. Celebrities would like to have a normal life sometimes. I think she is a pretty joung girl that is just wanting to have a good time. I think she is a good actress and she is doing well for herself. She is making her money by herself. Good for her. What her father and mother does she has no control over. I think she okay. No worst than those other hollywood sluts are.

2937 days ago

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