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Scarlett Johansson Gets Woody Going

9/6/2006 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's always great when stars are praised by their peers. But when Woody Allen praises 21 year-old Scarlett Johansson, it gives the world a slightly uneasy feeling. Woody says Scarlett, who starred in his Oscar-nominated movie "Match Point," was "just touched by God."
Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen
"She's very sexy, very pretty," he says. Allen has a history of taking a liking to young beauties and that apparently isn't any different in this case.

Scarlett the starlet is also starring in Bob Dylan's video for his latest song "When the Deal Goes Down." It seems that Johansson is just too much for the older gentleman to pass up.


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Careful, Scarlett, the letch has his beady eyes on you now. He's got a terrible track record, girl. Run for your life!

2967 days ago

New One    

TMZ did you get the pic of Woody running into the bathroom as fast as he could sucking on a blue bottle as he furiously tries to offload some weight.
Visit for exclusive pics of woody making friends with himself.

2967 days ago


I like Woody Allen and his movies. Go ahead and attack away. It doesn't change the fact that's he's a great director. Not talking about his personal life, which is none of my business. Strictly his professional life.

2967 days ago

mark anthony given    

She's gorgeous! You dont have to be an old lecher to see that. Not that woodys an ole lecher, I personnaly love the guy and his comic genius. I just hope she can maintain this life without abusing drugs and alchohol like so many others whi become full of their self. mark

2967 days ago


didn't he say this, like, a year ago? it's been over a year since he worked with her (scoop) so i don't understand why you're making this seem like a new comment of his. slow day?

2967 days ago


Woody Allen is the UGLIEST man ever to walk the earth. He also happens to be a HUGE pediphile. Run Scarlett run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2967 days ago



2967 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Somewhere his daughter Soon Yi is PISSED off!!!!!!!!!!!!

2967 days ago


So he thinks she's hot stuff.

He could have said a lot worse.

2967 days ago


So what...I think that she is very sexy and pretty too and I am a happily married straight woman. This does not make Woody a dirty old man. He and Soon Li are very happy and in love....I wish them all the best.

2967 days ago


Didn't this old pervert marry his daughter? Scarlett is incredibly pretty and has the best shape ever. I will admit to being jealous of her!

2967 days ago

Frank Steltenkamp    

Nothing wrong with Allen praising a twenty-one year old actress from his films. It bothers me that TMZ suggests that such praise gives the world "an uneasy feeling." TMZ, unfortunately, is inviting lewd innuendo and comments by suggesting the world has "an uneasy feeling." I had hoped after discovering this site that TMZ would only be REPORTING lewd and reckless conduct by celebrities, not SUGGESTING it took place, thus inciting comments along those lines.

Allen is together with the daughter he adopted with Mia Farrow. And they are still together. In fact, they'll end up having a longer run than Allen had with Mia herself. As for those molestation charges brought against Allen by Farrow...I never believed them for a minute. They came on the heels of Allen taking up with his adopted daughter....when she was of age. What wife wouldn't be pissed off? But the bitter Farrow took it to another level, accusing Allen of molestation.

And so now Allen praises an adult costar of two of his films, and the writers at TMZ presume the world has an uneasy feeling, misinforming the uninformed. Too bad for TMZ. And too bad for the responders who blindly jumped on the bandwagon.

2967 days ago

stephen s    

Once I realized that almost all of Woody's movies incorporate the young, pretty woman falling in love with Him.... I lost all interest in his films. The personal life overshadows the creative too much- he's just creepEEE!

2966 days ago


Is he married to her mom. I saw the post earlier where someone stated, "Go ahead, attack, he's still a great director." This type of denial is what allows molestation within families, abuse within the Catholic Church, and O.J. to get away with murder.
When one is seen as being too beneficial when one area, to punished for wrongdoing, it that behavior.

2966 days ago


#19 ....everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Frank, please re-read your second paragraph. You see nothing wrong with a man who has an affair with his wife's adopted daughter, and then marries her?? You can't help who you fall in love with but COME ON, certain people should certainly be OFF LIMITS.

2966 days ago
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