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Suri Cruise

Asian Baby?

9/6/2006 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

suri_cruise_2The first pictures of Suri appeared in Vanity Fair magazine today, and on the CBS Evening News last night, and our initial analysis of the long-awaited pictures has led us, and more than a few casual and professional observers, to the same conclusion -- that somewhere in the gene pool of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, some Asian influence has crept in. (As Jossip cheekily posits, "In six years, Vanity Fair will have the story about why Suri has Lucy Liu's eyes." And Gawker posted an Asiatic-looking parody shot of the baby that subsequently spread around the Internet and prompted a disclaimer.)

The delicate, almond-shaped eyes, the milky, pale-ish skin tone, the striking mane of dark, dark hair -- these are the characteristics that have pointed us down this line of inquiry. (It should be noted that, yes, babies tend to look fairly like one another at this early stage, but still.) As far as we can determine, there isn't any Asian blood in either Tom or Katie's family, but that doesn't mean some Far Eastern seed hasn't seeped in somewhere along the way.

Of course, if her parents were really Asian at all, they'd probably have taken into consideration that Suri means "pickpocket" in Japanese and something very close to "renovation" in Korean. That wouldn't be such an auspicious beginning.


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If you look at the upper corner of her head you see lighter colored finer baby hair, it looks like she's got a black headpiece on!

2968 days ago


OK TMZ enough bullsh*t!!! First you throw it out there that she might not even exist , then she may be deformed and here she is...a perfectly normal looking child and you go and make it something that its not.....Tom and Katie oops I mean Kate are the parents......she doesn't look Asian .......the controversary should be over now....

2968 days ago



2968 days ago


Now I understand completely why her name is Suri. It's short for surrogate. Suri is part Asian and there is no doubt about it. Check out those eyes and head of hair. Not a Caucasian baby you can't fool me.

2968 days ago


The baby is adorable and she looks like both of them, her eyes are Katie's. You know I dont blame these celebrities for not wanting to expose themselves to the media with all the crap they say!

2968 days ago


She look just like Tom Cruise!!!! And Katie Holmes, she's got her father's face shape and all of that hair, she's adorable I dare anyone to say she isn't.

2968 days ago


No doubt about it ... she is the most adorable thing and worth the wait !!!! She looks just like Katie ...

god bless

2968 days ago


Leave the child alone. She does NOT look asian. She looks like her mother. As for her dark hair, take one look at her parents. Good lord TMZ, you are really out of line here.

2968 days ago

just sayin'    

Anyone notice that the kid looks like Josh Hartnett?

2968 days ago


My goodness, TMZ you all are a disgusting bunch of people. Leave the baby alone. If you actually feel like you're entertaining people, you aren't. If Tom and Katie attempted to pull off the lie of the century, so what? Let it go unless you're gonna snatch a piece of her hair or prick her skin. Then I'd know for sure that you guys are more f*cked up than they ever will be.

2968 days ago


You bastards leave the poor baby alone. She is cute and she didnt ask to be born into the spotlight. Put up a picture of your kids and see if you like it when we criticize them!

2968 days ago


Lots of babies have sort of almond shaped eyes. All the gossip rags just need a new Suri conspiracy theory now that we know she actually exists!

2968 days ago


OH MY LORD! Does everything about this poor sweet couple have to be a mystery that we concoct in our own twisted minds? This baby is beautiful and looks exactly like her mother. Apparently those who made the idiotic eye comment have NEVER watched, seen or paid ANY attention to Katie’s beautiful exotic eyes. People need to get there own life and stop trying to make up and live the life of every star who doesn’t immediately respond to stupid people. Not that they need MY approval or anyone else’s but I think they handled everything extremely well

2968 days ago


One more thing, they should've kept her pemanently out of the public eye. What newborn child need vultures like you down her back dissecting her? You guys are some truly nasty and disturbing individuals.

2968 days ago


Who Cares.......She will grow up to be a snob...And it's not her fault

2968 days ago
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