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Suri Cruise

Asian Baby?

9/6/2006 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

suri_cruise_2The first pictures of Suri appeared in Vanity Fair magazine today, and on the CBS Evening News last night, and our initial analysis of the long-awaited pictures has led us, and more than a few casual and professional observers, to the same conclusion -- that somewhere in the gene pool of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, some Asian influence has crept in. (As Jossip cheekily posits, "In six years, Vanity Fair will have the story about why Suri has Lucy Liu's eyes." And Gawker posted an Asiatic-looking parody shot of the baby that subsequently spread around the Internet and prompted a disclaimer.)

The delicate, almond-shaped eyes, the milky, pale-ish skin tone, the striking mane of dark, dark hair -- these are the characteristics that have pointed us down this line of inquiry. (It should be noted that, yes, babies tend to look fairly like one another at this early stage, but still.) As far as we can determine, there isn't any Asian blood in either Tom or Katie's family, but that doesn't mean some Far Eastern seed hasn't seeped in somewhere along the way.

Of course, if her parents were really Asian at all, they'd probably have taken into consideration that Suri means "pickpocket" in Japanese and something very close to "renovation" in Korean. That wouldn't be such an auspicious beginning.


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I think Tom & Katie did the right thing in keeping her from photographers. Letting her have the months at home with a "normal life". Just because they are famous, they are still people like you and me. So they didn't show her right away, it's not a crime. She is very pretty, and look like them both. Don't let anyone tell you differently. She will be noticed many times because of her parents. She's lucky to be kept out of the public for a while.

Kathy, CT

2933 days ago


That baby looks way older than 4 mos. I don't know about the "asian" bs but I do know what a 4 month old baby looks like and that baby is wayyyyyy older!

2933 days ago


C'mon people Tom is gay!!! He's paying Katie to be his wife. They adopted suri. They were suppose to recieve her at the supposed due date but something went wrong with the adoption process. Thats why there has been no baby till now. wake up America!!!!

2933 days ago


If you look closely they put a black wig on her you can see the light brown I am only kidding she is a cute little thing looks exactly like her dad

2933 days ago


I think the "Asian" remarks made in reference to this beautiful baby are sickening!!!

2933 days ago


Suri is an adorable baby. My youngest daughter had a headful of black hair just like her ( Suri) at that age and the same complexion. God Bless Suri

2933 days ago


That's crap the baby looks good for her age , their is a close up shot you idiot!

2933 days ago

adriana hernandez    

definately a cross between both beautiful parents making her the most gorgeous baby!!!!!!!!!!!

2933 days ago


1. Maybe Tom used one of the concubines the Japanese royal family was contemplating using to produce a male heir...and Suri was one of the practice runs.

2. I think Katie Holmes should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church, not for failing to baptize her child, but for worshipping false idols, Tom Cruise, L. Ron Hubbard, and aliens. I'm going to petition the Vatican. She is an embarrassment to Catholics everywhere.

3. Tom Cruise is no friend of women. He is a deluded, egomaniac, and anyone who thinks he is a kind soul should probably seek out psychiatric help, or at least a class in how to judge a person's character. He is insincere and an ass. He is going to embarrass his faux wife and daughter.

4. Lay off TMZ...if you didn't like it, you wouldn't be shut the hell up...I said SHUT IT!

2933 days ago


COME ON!!! LEAVE THE KID ALONE! I agree totally with most of these poeple... TMZ you are totally out of line!

She is Beautiful!

2933 days ago


What a beautiful baby! Looks just like Katie Holmes. I just wish people would get a life and leave these famous families alone. They are just like "you and I" I don't blame the Cruises for not wanting to expose their defenseless child. Let them just be a family, and please leave Suri alone. Congratulations to Tom and Katie!

2933 days ago


Yes, you are right folks. Annie Leibovitz is such a sh*tty photographer that she would not notice a wig falling off her subject. Oh, better yet, the airbrusher missed that too. Oh, and I'm sure that her parents get approval before publication and they are also both so blind that they did not notice a wig falling off their blond/asian baby.

What a bunch of idiots some of you are. Dumbass.

2933 days ago


She is cute, but maybe her debut has been a long time coming because mom was suffering from post-partum depression. Maybe now that Cruise has had a personal encounter with the very real illness, is the reason for his apology to Brooke Shields.

2933 days ago


I JUST DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2933 days ago


Suri is adorable. People who think she wasnt real are idiots. They are good parents to keep her out of the spotlight Look how they treat Sean Preston, so can you really blame them for not showing off Suri

2933 days ago
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