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Suri Cruise

Asian Baby?

9/6/2006 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

suri_cruise_2The first pictures of Suri appeared in Vanity Fair magazine today, and on the CBS Evening News last night, and our initial analysis of the long-awaited pictures has led us, and more than a few casual and professional observers, to the same conclusion -- that somewhere in the gene pool of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, some Asian influence has crept in. (As Jossip cheekily posits, "In six years, Vanity Fair will have the story about why Suri has Lucy Liu's eyes." And Gawker posted an Asiatic-looking parody shot of the baby that subsequently spread around the Internet and prompted a disclaimer.)

The delicate, almond-shaped eyes, the milky, pale-ish skin tone, the striking mane of dark, dark hair -- these are the characteristics that have pointed us down this line of inquiry. (It should be noted that, yes, babies tend to look fairly like one another at this early stage, but still.) As far as we can determine, there isn't any Asian blood in either Tom or Katie's family, but that doesn't mean some Far Eastern seed hasn't seeped in somewhere along the way.

Of course, if her parents were really Asian at all, they'd probably have taken into consideration that Suri means "pickpocket" in Japanese and something very close to "renovation" in Korean. That wouldn't be such an auspicious beginning.


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the first thing i thought when i saw the pictures of baby suri on aol, were that she looks asian! so when i checked out tmz i was suprised that it was written here! and you know, i'm not denying that suri is both tom and katie's, but i was a shocked when i saw her! either way, she is a beautiful baby and i am SO GLAD they finally released pictures!! i know how lame it is, but i for one was on the edge of my seat for the last few months!! haha now i can relax and close the suri chapter :)

2946 days ago


I think Suri is absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, she has a father who speaks before he thinks. I won't be buying the vanity fair magazine because too much hype was made over pictures and I think that Tom and Kate were selfish for keeping her face from the public for so long. These people are actors and it's us, THE PUBLIC, who work hard for the money to see their movies. Without us, they wouldnt be so rich and famous. Tom needs to apologize publicly to Brooke. He dogged her on TV, so he needs to apologize on TV!! No one cares about his opinions. He is famous for his acting, so he just needs to shut up and act!! Obviously, his big mouth has hurt his career. Learn from your mistakes Tom.

2946 days ago


I am amazed at you people, you are never satisfied and just seem to get so much joy about spweing so much hateful BS about anyone you can catch in your crosshairs. You are never happy, you bitched for so long about the fact that they haven't shown photos of their baby, and concocted the stupidest reasons for it, and now that they have made the decision to show photos of the baby, now all you can do is criticize. I don't blame them one bit for not wanting to make their child part of your stupid, immature idiocy. Suri is beautiful! She is not an alien, deformed, or anything else... Asian... are you people really that stupid and mean-spirited? Suri looks like both her parents, although I would say that from the picture shown here, she definitely favors her father. I'm not a huge, rabid fan of Tom or Katie and I definitely think that they have just acted very bizarre in many instances. But they are proud parents of a beautiful new life and I sincerely hope that now the photo has been released, you idiots will find something else to do with your miserable time. Grow the f up, why don'tcha. I'm so sick of the Brangelina saga and the TomKat weirdness, I could puke.

2946 days ago


She's very pretty... She's a lucky little girl

2946 days ago


The baby is adorable, but I still question if she is biologically Tom and Katie's. I don't think Tom can produce biological children for some reason and that is why Nicole and he adopted. He divorced Nicole when she got pregnant by another man - that is how he found out she had an affair. He is persuasive enough to talk Katie into "faking" a pregnancy (look at the pic's - it's obvious) and has a big enough ego to try to pretend it is really his. May sound far fetched, but is possible.

2946 days ago

M from Auburndale    

Suri's eyes look blue. Have you ever seen an Asian with blue eyes? I never have.

2946 days ago

duh...totally !    

THIS is EXACTLY why they / stalk-arazzi need to leave the babies alone!

It starts all sorts of comments about the babies looks, etc...this is ridiculous!

You people have been waiting months just to be jerks!
Do you feel better???

2946 days ago


Ok at first I was thinking she looked kind of ethnic but the slant down eyes could have everything to do with Katie Holmes. Yes she has rather dark thick hair which can lead people to think she has an asian look but I have seen alot of white or other wise non-asian babies with super long, super thich hair. Makes them look kinda crazy and older than they are. Because I have heard on other websites that they do not believe she look 4 1/2 months old. And yes a baby can have light colored baby hair and a darker top. I should know, I have a daughter and when she was younger it did the same thing. I almost think she kinda looked like her ex Chris Klein because he has similar squinty eyes. Who knows. This is what happens when you dont let your child out in daylight ever, have a questionable up and down pregnant look to you and all the wacky scientology mumbo jumbo. Plus the rumors that Tom Cruise could never conceive and that is why he adopted with Nicole Kidman. Apprently the cause of the break-up was that Nicole Kidman got pregnant but miscarried. Tom cruise was quoted as saying, Nicole knows why we broke up..So perhaps she cheated and he knew that he couldnt have kids so...

Anyways there is privacy and there is what they were doing. Of course it will lead people to think wacky things. Why didnt katie open up her mouth sooner about the sonogram machine being for her doctor and not Tom and end speculation?? Why didnt she open her mouth about how her family has no problem with Tom?? Why didnt she say something sooner when people were doubting that the baby was even real?? Why didnt she open her mouth at all?? She was too busy being all glassy eyed. All of a sudden she grew a "set" and decided to attack the critics during this article?? Seems to me too little too late. I am sure it is there baby but the pics and the article I do not believe is going to end any speculation

2946 days ago


My nephews are Italian and they both had the Asian eyes and a lot of hair. Now we know why Tom made up with Brooke. If he looks like he might be turning human again, people will buy the magazine. What bothers me is our troops are getting killed half way across the world and all anyones talking about Katies debut is that she nabbed Suri's picture.

2946 days ago

duh...totally !    

OMG! TMZ ! nice Poll too...fave food???
you guys are pathetic!

Suri is beautiful, just like her mom!

2946 days ago


I am NOT a big fan of Tom. Well ever since Tom became the "new and improved Tom" but I will say that Suri is absolutely adorable. By no means does she look Asian. Apparenlty you don't know what an Asian baby looks likes. BTW to the poster "iknow" it's not an "IT" it's a "HER!"

2946 days ago


Oh, God forbid she should look Asian, shock, horror, or be anything but WHITE!! Why is it such a horrible thing to comment that there might seem to be a certain Asian look to her (No.9 amongst others). She's beautiful, period.

2946 days ago


My now blond haired, green eyed daughter was born with darkish skin, almond, slanted eyes, and jet black hair. She didn't grow out of that until well past 4 months old. Oh, and her initials are JAP... Must mean she's of Asian descent, right?

2946 days ago


If Suri's eyes are as blue as they appear in the picture, and her hair is as dark, then she has remarkable and unusual looks, as well as beautiful. I think its ridiculous to suggest she's showing some sort of Asian gene, and so what if she is? The media has got to find something more useful to do than reporting on speculations that have no foundation in fact. Especially about babies, no matter how famous their parents. I don't always like Cruise or Holmes, but leave thier poor baby alone!

2946 days ago



2946 days ago
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