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Cosmetic Surgery? Oh No She Dit'nt!

9/8/2006 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click here to return to TMZ.comSupermodel Cindy Crawford is super mad at a French magazine for alleging she admitted to having botox injections.

Crawford's spokesperson insists Cindy did not make those statements nor did the interview ever take place. She added that they are "investigating this matter fully and intend to take all the appropriate action against the source of the falsehoods." You go girl!

Yesterday, the 40-year-old was spotted shopping in Malibu looking as stunning as usual.


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...just because she's a gorgeous woman that has aged gracefully, everyone assumes SURGERY or BOTOX! Why not pick on the other Hollywood COWS that have obviously had a little nip/tuck here and there! Some of them even lopped off their chins and noses (Ashley Simpson!) and nobody gets on her case! Leave Cindy Crawford alone! She's gorgeous WITHOUT help, thankyouverymuch! ~ Joe :)

2944 days ago


I'm sorry....but she wants us to believe her skin care line is why she looks so good.....yeah right. That's why Victoria Principal does too....had NOTHING to do with that fact that she was married to a plastic surgeon.

That's the only reason CC is denying, b/c it may hurt her business....there is nothing wrong with having a little Botox, but lying about it sucks.

2944 days ago


I use her skincare line -- Meaningful Beauty -- and actually its great stuff.

2944 days ago


#2 Joe I totally agree with you - she's still gorgeous. Let's look at some people who, in my opinion, have become disfigured from too much plastic surgery: Kenny Rogers (OMG!), Burt Reynolds, Fay Dunaway, Joan Rivers, that actress from the movie Tootsie, who played opposite Dustin Hoffman, and of course, Michael Jackson.

2944 days ago


Too bad I thought she had finally grown a pair and was willing to admit what we all know about her and other “supermodels”. I liked her much better when she was admitting the truth. Too bad she backed down because this was affecting her bottom line, “money”. No one her age can look that good using only creams. Not even good genetics carry you that far. She no different than the rest. Oh well.

2944 days ago

Jane Brun    

You Guys need to get a "grip"... laughing... I am fortunate to be one of the regular people, not a superstar... And Born with GREAT genetics. My Mom died this year at the age of 71 & she seriously LQQKED only late 50's -early 60's. NO surgeries! It IS possible. Good healthy eating, Living, & good genetics can make it happen! People always think I am only in my late 30's, laughing... & I am 55. Just a Grandmother here!!!!! ;-) So... Leave Cindy alone.. she is Great.....& you are Jealous...

2943 days ago

patty bray    

Sorry, but the last time I saw Cindy on TV, I barely recognized her. She looked so different. Thin face, no lines, even bone structure looked different. Something was done to her no matter what she says. I think a full face lift happened, not botox. Or maybe, both.

2943 days ago


Crawford has always been overrated by Livewire's standards. Too bad these vacant egoistic models are dead in the water by age 25. It must feel bad being a have-been so young. Great taste in men too. First, it's gerbil lovin' Richard Gere and then the ken doll club guy who is so lame I won't mention his name.

Now, don't get Livewire wrong, he would plug the ol bag o bones, but she is classic pump and dump (after LIVEWIRE has her spend her social security check on him)

"Livewire is a bad boy, I hate him" - fat desperate femaleTMZ posters worldwide, who in reality cream their panties just thinkin' of "One Night With Livewire!"

2943 days ago

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