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Kate Moss

Is One Dirty Bird!

9/8/2006 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was quite an eventful evening for Kate Moss on the sixth of September. The supermodel spent most of the evening dining on oysters and sipping wine with friends and, of course, was swarmed by paparazzi. The photogs actually followed Moss home and watched as she struggled to find the correct key for her own door, finally giving up and going over to a neighbors to wait while assistance arrived.

During her struggle to open the door, Kate intermittently exchanged harsh words and shared a few laughs with the paparazzi.

Check out the video to see the whole scene unfold for yourself.


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coco puff    

Very funny clip. As my father used to say when I was little " You couldn't find your ass with both hands!"

2905 days ago


Typical clueless bitch who actually doesn't seem to realize that a large part of her fame has to do with the personna she projects which is captured by the paparazzi.
Loved the paparazzi guy spelling it out for her. Does she really think people would give half a crap if she WASN'T plastered all over the tabloids?? Amazingly naive...

2905 days ago


hehe... true

2905 days ago


This broad is even more clueless and stupid then I thought.

2904 days ago


Why can't I watch any of the videos on TMZ? I get this message: there was a problem retrieving all the data for this content.

2904 days ago

Terri Hood    

I am not a fan of celebrity gossip, nor am I a fan of Kate Moss. But lately, every time I boot up my computer and my news window pops up, there is some item that I wouldn't even consider news, such as this story. Why would I care that Kate Moss is coming home from a night out with her friends? How in heck is this a newsworthy story? Kate Moss had a few too many and couldn't get her door open. Wow. I am sure that anyone reading this has had a few too many and had the same thing happen (or at least knows someone that has had that happen). Big deal.

I hardly ever leave comments, but this story really got to me. Like I said, I am NOT a Kate Moss fan, but this just doesn't apply only to her. I actually felt sorry for her as I watched the video. Because of the very misleading headline, I was expecting to see Kate being rude to the photographers. What I saw was the total opposite.

I guess I'll be the first one to leave an honest comment on here. I would have been a lot more angry than Kate was. I am sure that these same photographers had been snapping pictures of her all night. But to follow her right up to the front door of her home was a little much. So what if she was a little perturbed, she handled it better than most of us would.

She (just like all the other celebrities that get a bit fed up) is totally gracious and tolerant when it is an appropriate time for pictures (i.e., red carpet moments, planned photo shoots, interviews, autographing for fans). People tend to forget about that.

I've seen some comments that say, "You want fame, deal with it." That is a very unfair, immature and, to be honest, envious thing to say. Yes, these people are where they are because of their fans. Yes, they have more money and material possessions than we have. But how does that give us the right to get angry at them when they want a little bit of privacy? I feel the most sorry for the celebrities that have children and are trying so hard to raise a family in the most normal way that they can. These children really suffer by having their outings with their parents interrupted by rude paparazzi.

If any of us had neighbors that treated us this way just because they felt like they "knew" us, look out. We'd be slapping lawsuits on them so fast it'd make their heads spin. But somehow, just because these people are famous, we feel we have a right to judge them on everything that they do. I'm sure every person on here has come home from a night out and had problems getting their door open, so what is the big deal about Kate Moss doing it? And the way Britney Spears has been judged lately, it is disgusting. I'm a mother, and I sure as heck made a few mistakes. I feel so sorry for all of the new celebrity parents. Their children are never going to have a chance for any normalcy in their lives. It's not their parents fault, it's ours. We can't leave them alone for some reason. It's stressful enough being a new parent as it is, but to have the public think they somehow have a right to stick their nose into every little thing that you do must make having a family almost impossible. No wonder a lot of their relationships don't last.

I do think that a lot of it is jealousy and envy. For some reason our society puts celebrities on a pedestal. We are the ones who decide who is famous and who is not. For that reason, and I certainly don't understand why, we think that gives us the right to invade every part of their lives. If they want privacy, like any of the rest of us would, we feel that they don't deserve it. We feel that it is our right, and very wrongly, that they OWE us whatever we want from them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I would never treat any person, famous or not, the way I see the paparazzi treating celebrities. Nor would I run any other person down the way I see celebrities getting run down in the news. Especially when 99% of the things they get run down for are things that you or I have done ourselves.

Like I said, I never read gossip magazines, nor hardly ever comment on these boards (unless it is a political issue that I feel strongly about). But when I saw this headline pop up like it was a "News" item, I just couldn't believe it. Kate Moss had a few too many after a night out (like any of us could), she had trouble getting her key in the door (like any of us could), and that's news? Then to see the comments on here, which were way out of line. I love how she got run down for doing something any of us have probably done.

I know this is a VERY long comment (and I'm sure I'll get bashed for that, along for the things that I've said), but I'm just amazed at what our society considers news. I'm sure a lot of people won't admit they agree with me, but that's okay. At least I got this off my chest. I just can't wait until my news doesn't get clogged up with trivial stuff like this anymore. Hopefully, s

2895 days ago


Yo Grizzy haha Look I totally agree with everything you said but you did go on just a tad. I'm sure you even repeated yourself a couple of times... But it's true what you say, I've been feeling it for a long while too and have recently come to the conclusion that this petty-minded culture that the media have bred into people trying to make people look as stupid as possible out of the most tinyest everyday occurrance just because they're famous is whats behind todays gradual breakdown of communities and creating this 'you have to earn my respect' culture. People think its ok the judge and ridicule because they're spoon fed it everyday through the media doing things just like the Kate moss video. The message our young people are getting especially, is that it's OK to treat people like this especially if they're doing well for themselves. We wonder why the bullying in schools problem is rife and why teenagers (not all but an alarming rate) really dont have basic old fashioned manners and people right into their late 30s are the first generations growing up with this media crap and it shows. So who's ultimately responsible for stopping this? Well you can blame the government for allowing the media such freedom, blame the newpaper editors?, people for being so gullible? I think that the who's to blame thing is all part of this earn my respect crowd too. Nobody wants responsibility anymore unless its for their own personal gain. People have to start taking responsibility for whats happening to them and what their children are exposed to. It has a huge impact on how they view the world and how they interact with other people when they grow up. The effects are already being seen and each generation after are growing up being exposed to an older generation who are more ill-mannered, aggressive, judgemental, image obsessed, blameless. What hope have todays youth got if the message they're getting is its normal to behave like this? We the people have to start demanding that things change and we start with the media including film and tv. Demand they STOP exposing us to this crap and petition for changes to the laws governing these people. It's not just famous people like Kate Moss who are suffering it's society in general.

It's time to say NO this is not happening to my kids

2884 days ago

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