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Meredith Could Redo "The View"

9/8/2006 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meredith VieiraAs she preps for her big debut on the "Today" show next Wednesday, Meredith Vieira says she could return to her old show "The View" – as a guest host – but that she hasn't had time to watch Rosie O'Donnell's first week in the seat she vacated.

What's more, Vieira says her producers on "Today" made their "biggest mistake" when they asked her to bring some "personality" to the show.

Vieira and her soon-to-be co-host Matt Lauer did a run-through yesterday of their show, and she told reporters afterwards that it would be a challenge for her to keep her famously sharp wit – which she could flex on "The View" with few repercussions – in check early in the mornings. "I want to be careful I don't go out there and just go," said Vieira. "That mouth -- I have to rein it in a little bit. On the other hand, they asked for personality. It was the biggest mistake they made."

Vieira added that she hasn't been invited back for a return engagement on "The View," according to the New York Post, but that it wouldn't be unreasonable for her to go back as a guest host, as Debbie Matenopoulos did recently. "I certainly continue to work for the Disney Corp because of ["Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"] and ['The View'] had Debbie come back once as a guest host, but I don't know," said Meredith.

Shanna Says She Was Totally Faithful to Travis

Responding to allegations by her ex-husband Travis Barker that she had cheated on him, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler tells People that she was never unfaithful, and that she's "past anger" – just sad and "very disappointed" that things didn't quite work out.

Moakler also says that she doesn't neglect her kids, as Barker also alleged, saying, "Contrary to what you've read, [my day] does not consist of me sleeping all day ... I never have a straight hour of sleep [because of her two young children]." And she explains what went wrong in her marriage to Barker: "The problem with my marriage is that I never felt like an equal. When I fall in love, I think I sacrifice a great deal of myself and my personality and my work."

Barker, for his part, stands by his earlier remarks, but "continues to love Shanna."

ABC Might Pull 9/11 Mini Altogether

The furor over ABC's miniseries "The Path to 9/11" has come to such a boil that, as Variety reports, the network may in fact yank the miniseries altogether. Loyalists of former President Bill Clinton are reportedly deeply upset at the portrayal of Clinton in the show, and have already demanded that changes be made.

One of the most controversial scenes involves former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. In the original series, Berger declines to give the CIA authority to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden even though they know where he is. But, as certain lawmakers wrote to Disney chief Bob Iger, "This account has been expressly contradicted" by knowledgeable sources.

ABC has hinted that it was making changes but did not acknowledge the influence of outsiders.

Party Favors: Eddie Murphy Drops Price, Viacom Execs Get Nice Packages, Jacko Makes Secret Payment to Rowe

Actor Eddie Murphy has cut the price on his New Jersey mansion to the low, low sum of $22 million, says the New York Post's Braden Keil, after originally listing it for $30 million all the way back in December 2004. New Jersey's most expensive home may also be one of its gaudiest, says one broker, and has its own bowling alley and gym ... New Viacom honchos Phillipe Dauman and Tom Dooley will be handsomely rewarded as they take over the keys to the kingdom from Tom Freston, says the Hollywood Reporter. Dauman will get $2 million in salary, with a bonus of up to $7 million ... Sources cited by FOX News' Roger Friedman say that Michael Jackson made a payment of $100,000 to ex-wife Debbie Rowe to prevent a psychological evaluation in their ongoing custody case. He also officially paid her $60,000 earlier this week.

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No Avatar

Raymond Cothern    

History as shown on TV or in film is sometimes subject to revision. Ask Oliver Stone. But Clinton should just take the high road and say the movie is flawed in some areas. Either way it will ensure high ratings. If ABC drops the movie it will only move more viewers to the daring high quality of HBO and the like.

P.S.: I like both Stone and Clinton

2876 days ago


Republican are getting awfully desperate making up lies then trying to back them with a mini series about their lies. I glad someone saw through this ruse.

2876 days ago


ABC has a responsibility to make sure their programming is accurate. If it is not, they need to classify it as fiction and clearly state it.

The Democrats have every right to contest the miniseries because it is factually wrong. It's not so much that they're showing it, it's that they're showing it when there are facts that are wrong.

Newspapers have an ethical duty to make sure what they print is the truth. Magazines have an ethical duty to make sure what they print is the truth. If a film is based IN PART on actual events, it will say that. ABC needs to re-shoot those scenes that are PROVEN by many reputable sources to be false, or they need to completely reclassify it as a fictional piece of work that is based in part on actual events.

Who cares if its Democrats, Republicans, Christians, or Agnostics. The media needs to print THE TRUTH.

2876 days ago


Freedom of Press...Freedom of Speech....recently has been modified and we as Americans are just finding out about it. Of course Clinton is outraged. Let us face the facts. During Bill Clinton's presidency we had a minimum of 2 US embassy bombings and an attack on a US Battleship and the administration's response was cowardly at best. Clinton's administation was complacent regarding econimical, political, and social agendas and our current situation is the reification of it. Nonetheless, it is dismaying that media networks (a major one at that) in the US are easily swayed by politicians. Clinton's stand is that the "American people have the right to know the facts...the truth!" The truth unfortunately is that the goverment and media amongst themselves determine what "version of the truth" should the American people be exposed to. Their behavior and actions are belittling. It is an insult to our Constitution rights, it is an insult to the essense of Americana and above all it is an insult to OUR intellect. "ABC go ahead and roll tape." - dont pull a CBS and inherently fuel the recent precedence of gov't/politiicans policing the media.

2876 days ago


This is very similar to the debacle over The Reagans several years ago, which aired. That being said, we are only 5 years removed from 9/11 and I do think that it's irresponsible for a network to air any sort of a film/docudrama which examines anything but the heroism of Americans that day and the cowardice and savagery of our enemy. We do not yet know enough about the political facts to assign any sort of blame at this time.

2876 days ago


Oh poor Clinton...he is and was such a loser! He can't stand the public knowing where he screwed up so badly and now Bush has had to pick up his slack! Get over it Clinton...what a joke!

2876 days ago


#12 & #5 are right on point. In addition, I appreciate the level of objectivity and the reliance on the facts. How I wish discourse could be devoid of acrimony, labeling, and disdain.

2876 days ago


Emma (comment 14), you should work on your literacy before ranting about your political views. I love it when people who can barely read or write post on here condemning others (celebrities and politicians alike).

2876 days ago

Sel Sin M4H    

The re writing of historic events,,,,,, It doesn't matter how ridiculous or completly falsified the story is,,,,,,,, There are already dumb asses who take this redition of the story as fact and perception is reality. # 5 said it perfectly,,,, This is propaganda and it discusts me that people can't call a spade a spade (#1 and 6 ect)...... ABC is admiting that the Docudrama is not completly factual, and 9-11 is nothing to fictionalize. It was a tradgidy, and to give people this impression is simply WRONG...... The right has already made it clear that your vote can be selectively counted(at least that of the voters in Dade County) Now they are going to prove that they can re write history....... I bet the reation to Katrina was Clintons fault too.

2876 days ago


About time someone exposed the republican rhetoric. They’re so transparent and they get away with it most of the time! These "overly" conservative Americans are complete idiots. *sigh*

2876 days ago

Jimmy Diggs    

I still can't figure out how a majority of the population (left or right) is sooooo sure that their adopted version of the story is factual. I mean, I understand leaning one way or the other based one what you find to make sense (Republicans). I also understand drug induced hallucinations and getting one's political news from Howard Stern (Democrats). How can one be absolutely sure they've got the right story though? Do you have a crystal ball that let's you be a fly on the wall of briefings and closed door meetings? And no, watching CNN or Fox News does NOT qualify you as an insider who has half a clue. Nor does watching Michael Moore's made-for-profit movies.

2876 days ago


Conservative Americans rock Tucson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2876 days ago


Go Babee

2876 days ago


I'm a Democrat and I never heard Howard Stern unless someone wirte about him in a news article so that's not where I get my "story".

Babee, I think you meant to say "overly" Conservative Americans SUCK rocks!!!
Read my post I noted "overly" as a factor.

2876 days ago


It serves Bush's administration if 9/11 could be blamed on Clinton.

Bush how longe before you think people will realize that you also had an opportunity to take Osama out, but chose to invade Iraq instead?

2876 days ago
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