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Jessica -- "I Wish I Was in Love"

9/10/2006 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson: Click to watchJessica just wants to be loved. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Nick Lachey's ex confesses she's ready for a serious relationship, telling the talk show host, "I wish I was in love, I need to be in love."

Though many men may feel inclined to disagree, Simpson admits she's not exactly ideal girlfriend material. "I think I'm too hard to be in love with, it ends up on the cover of every magazine. I scare people away."

Just last week Jessica made the cover of PEOPLE for her alleged romance with singer John Mayer -- something the she emphatically denied on "The View."

For a good laugh, also check out Simpson doing a dramatic reading of her new single, "A Public Affair," while Ellen does an interpretive dance.

The full interview airs on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday.


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Poor girl she had a great guy and she blew it she is very imature and she does not know what she wants she married Nick thinking that is what she wants and then she decided she could not stay married lets recap she dated Nick for three years and she left him and now she was married to him for three years and guess what she dumped him again jessica think for yourself do'nt let anybody tell you who to love you had a great guy who loved you more than life and you let him go watch his interview w/vhl behind the music you will see how hurt he is/or was you lost a great man and for what the men you get involved with now are with you for the fame if you think you may still have a chance with Nick despite the outcome right now I say fight for him and grow up think for yourself.

Germaine (florida)

2942 days ago


Why do everybody keep putting Jessica down? Yes I believe that Jessica is a little dippy, but that goes for a lot of girls that were raised with a silver spoon. I highly believe that she does not deserve to be attacked by the public. Nobody looked at the fact that a grown ASS man (Nick) dated a young girl like Jessica. Yes it takes two to play a part in a relationship, but he knew her mind frame, she was not fully mentally developed to handle a marriage. He knew that SHIT! This fool goes out and cheats but the public blames Jessica. No that's not right. Give credit when credits due. Yes she's taking a minute to get over this relationship, but that was her first love, and females don't trip because if you had a first love, it took you a minute to get over him. So cut her a break, besides Nick is going to get it in the long run. That chick that Nick is with now, is going to break his oh so loving heart or maybe the next. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. You reap what you sow. Jessica you'll overcome the publicity stunts and ingornace brought on by who have nothen to do but try to make other peoples lives miserable.

2942 days ago

Herpy-pAris Hilton    

Jessica - you are a blonde bimbo with problems, you are going from being skinny to overweight, change your hair styles, show off your boobs, but you are empty inside, you don't know how to LOVE, all you think about yourself, YOU WILL NEVER BE IN LOVE, YOU WILL NEVER BE TRULLY HAPPY WITH SOMEONE, BECAUSE YOU NOT HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!

2942 days ago


Jessica Jessica say you are ready for a serious relationship, you need to be in love, and you want to be in love,

GUESS WHAT: you were. you had it all. people dreamed of having the life and relationship/ marriage that you had with NICK- the best thing that happened to you.

Nobody will ever love you like Nick did, and its time you grew up and tried to win him back. you belong together. REMEMBER: when theres a slight problem in your marriage, divorce isnt the answer.

you made a horrible mistake. horrible.

2942 days ago


Seriously, punctuation. I like what you have to say but I stopped reading halfway through. Major Headache. Seriously use some punctuation.

2942 days ago


I have no interest in listening to her talk about how she sacres suitors away because she is too famous. I knew her relationship with Nick would NOT last based on the way she treated him. I watched every episode of the Newlyweds and renting him a car, buying him rims and having someone ELSE cook him dinner does not a marriage make. Jessica is a selfish baby who will never grow up until she stops relying on her father and mother so much. Grow up! Act your age! And for god sakes, stop with the dumb blonde routine. It's old and nobody falls for it anymore. You know, like your "typical jessica" at the last award show (VMA) and the only thing heard in the crowd when you said that, WAS SILENCE.

2942 days ago


Go to school Jessica.

It's I wish I "were" in love!

2942 days ago


*overly sarcastically*: AW, POOR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-( :-( :-( Now let us forget all about September 11th so we can appease Jessica's lonely hart. Aw...

2942 days ago


Give me a break!! Jessica had a good man and she chose to throw him away! She didn't deserve Nick Lachey and she certainly doesn't deserve a "new love". She may get a few men looking for a roll in the sack but she'll never have again what Nick so unselfishly gave her. Silly Bitch. . .she needs to grow up!

2942 days ago

Black Sheep    

Good one Tammera (#11). SO immature! And I'm starting to think the dumb act ain't no act.

2942 days ago

David Lynch    

I never heard--what in fact--happened as to why Jessica and Nick divorced? But is she presently in love. That's what "I wish I 'was' in love" means. Knowing she presently isn't in a relationship, she should have said "I wish I 'were' in love. Her father must have coached her; So many penticostal ministers care little about their grammer, just their message.

2942 days ago


What a TRAMP. What was the matter with Nick. Maybe she just realized that he was too good for her.

2942 days ago


Last year Jessica was acting like such a slut! So, she decides to ditch the hubby and fly "free". Jessica is a public figure, and her dumping Nick was so public, humiliating, and painful! He has the songs to prove it! Is Jessica really that un-intelligent to realize that any man that has a relationship w/her has the same potential to be dumped so coldly? If Jessica is so desperately looking for love, she needs to find someone w/the same intelligence as her, or someone who wants to use her for her fame! Right now she should get used to being alone, wait for her star to fade, and then she may find some "chump" who'll kiss her stupid ass like Nick did!

2942 days ago

Black Sheep    

I'll tell you what happened because I watched every Newlyweds episode and I knew the marriage would never last. She wanted the fairytale wedding but not the rest of it. She was bored, didn't want to play house like Nick did, and while he was teaching her about life in the beginning she soon got tired of being treated like an underling. She was a baby and when he called her spoiled she whined that she wasn't spoiled. When she couldn't get her way about Thanksgiving she just decided she didn't want to be in the marriage anymore. But if she'd had any brains - and a good manager - she'd have known that breaking up the marriage that MADE her was the worst move of all. Now if people would boycott her CD's, her stupid movies and her crappy products she'd be gone.

2942 days ago


Man, I used to love Jessica. Pimp Joe and the clan just had to ruin it. Bye, bye, Jessica.

BTW, your album stinks.

2942 days ago
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