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Jessica -- "I Wish I Was in Love"

9/10/2006 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson: Click to watchJessica just wants to be loved. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Nick Lachey's ex confesses she's ready for a serious relationship, telling the talk show host, "I wish I was in love, I need to be in love."

Though many men may feel inclined to disagree, Simpson admits she's not exactly ideal girlfriend material. "I think I'm too hard to be in love with, it ends up on the cover of every magazine. I scare people away."

Just last week Jessica made the cover of PEOPLE for her alleged romance with singer John Mayer -- something the she emphatically denied on "The View."

For a good laugh, also check out Simpson doing a dramatic reading of her new single, "A Public Affair," while Ellen does an interpretive dance.

The full interview airs on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday.


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grow up nick was the best you could ever have he had to of loved the heck out of you to put up with the messes you made and the acting like a child, my 13 year old acts more mature than you . I dont think you can sing cause your voice sure is different in concert than in a record joe blow must be really working hard to make his money go back to nick dear he loved you more than anything you will ever know. quit having seizures when you are singing you look lke you are going to convulse at any moment

2964 days ago


Wow...that video of her whining about wanting to be in love....that was so painful to watch. I mean she definately made herself out to be desperate and pathetic. I get it now! Shes trying to do what Nick did after they got a divorce. When they got divorced he made it clear that he wanted a serious relationship and wanted to get married again. That made him all the more endearing just knowing that even after all of the pain that bitch put him through he had not given up. It wont work for her because she is the one who caused all of this. She had real love in her life with a man that would have died for her, instead she gave it all up for the distorted reality of "fame". She thought that if she was a dumb slut everyone would love her and she would be the most famous person in Hollywood....nope...shes a joke. just like these other girls (paris, lindsay, etc.) who have no real sense of compassion for anyone else, real love. All they are out for is themselves. I think its funny that shes trying to be "a smart business woman" by being stupid and slutty. Soooo pathetic!
One more statement to Jessica:
Jessica, if you are goign to get in a relationship and fall in "love" just for publicity then you really dont deserve it.

2964 days ago

Carol Barnes    

I agree with most of you. Jessica, dump your dad. Your career is going to go down the drain if you keep him. No way will you have any kind of a social life either. If you look at most stars, those that started with their parents managing them, eventually had to get someone from outside of the family in order to stay successful.

2964 days ago


I don't like her dad. It isn't a good idea for a parent to run their child's career. The kid isn't supposed to support the parent -- blurs the relationship too much. (Remember Brooke Shields and her creepy mom and how Shields had to dump her own mother?) Plus, Jessica's dad is a minister or something. Shouldn't he be supporting her marriage, not her career? She's messed up because he's messed her up. I agree whole heartedly that she needs to dump the dad just to start leading a quasi-normal (celebrity) life.

2964 days ago


ok, jessica did get rid of a good man. and she probably realizes that she made a mistake, but that it is too late, her spark is gone and she seems sad now. i think doing the newlyweds show, being around so many controlling people(i.e. the dad) and having the media stalk you every minute would wear anyone down. she's young she still has growing up to do, and once she starts thinking for herself she'll be happier.

2964 days ago


Jessica, first of all what happen to your Christian morals? Secondly, you had the perfect man who loved you unconditionally and you will never find that again. That kind of love is so hard to find. Most of us live a lifetime not ever knowing the kind of love Nick had for you. You will never find a man to be so committed and caring and who would have given his life for you. I look at you and I pity you. You are a fool. Do you honestly think you will find a love like Nick’s again? In the real world it just doesn’t happen that way. I think in your mind you honestly thought you had that with John Mayer. Well, guess what??? He didn’t want you. Most men will not want you. They will want your body but they will not want your soul. I use to think you were wonderful..I despise you now.

2964 days ago


I don't pretend to know the full story and I don't. However, it looks like Jessica has some regrets and made a hasty decision based on family pressures or some other unknown reason to us. Nick, at least to me, seems like a great guy. First of all, he did NOT take Jessica for all her money and that's a good sign. He quiety respects her and does not want to hurt her.

Finding a "forever" partner does not happen every day and especially in your line of work. You will always wonder is it the money? I feel sorry for what you are going through. Perhaps, it's time for Jessica to take a long vacation, find herself and simply grow up. To do this in the public eyes' is very hard.

It must also be hard to see Nick so happy with someone SO fast. I don't get it how men can find happiness so fast and let go of someone they once loved. Most women don't have that capacity to get over a relationship so quickly even if they are the ones who broke it off. I hope Jessica will get it together and start thinking for herself. She is old enough and needs to grow up, especially away from her father's advice. I do wish her happiness and yes, love.

2964 days ago


JK, I don't think Nick moved on too quickly. Afterall, his marriage fell apart a long time before the divorce happened. He needed to find someone and he did with Vanessa to help him get his life back. I feel Nick is probably one of the nicest, if not the nicest guys around. When you listen to his CD and the lyrics he wrote in his songs it proves how much he really loved Jessica. But it was time for him to move on. Jessica is a spoiled, immature girl who will never grow up until she gets away from her dad and stands on her own.

2964 days ago



All I can say should spend your time with your family instead of wasting your time!!!!!!!!

2964 days ago


Jessica owes Nick a huge public apology. Hurting him like she did, was probably the beginning of the end for her. She made herself look greedy and heartless and that does not go over with public opinion. I think fame ruined her and that's all that can be said about it. I don't believe Nick cheated or mistreated or at all. Too bad - she ruined a good thing.

2964 days ago


I agree with all of the comments on the board. She sold herself out ... all the misrep as the preacrhers daughter and then she dumps Nick -- the best thing that ever happened to her ... she has got to regret it all. her and sis Ash--- another BIG misrepresentation, were flash in the pan 10 min stars.... Ash has no talent and needed plastic surgery to keep in public eye this long... Jess is done. she is nothing w/o Nick and screwed him royally. shame on you Jess.... all over money. hope u are sleeping with your $$ now . ............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2964 days ago


I feel sorry for Jessica..she is not mean spirited like so many of these other young hollywood girls...i.e. Paris Hilton...I think she has lost her way and is following her dad who has let Hollywood turn him into a not so great person....Nick was good for her and she is now realizing that...the only thing she did wrong was believing in someone (her dad) that maybe did not have her best interest in mind....

2964 days ago


It is a known fact that Jessica treated people like crap before she was famous....ask anyone who went to highschool with her that wasn't considered to be in the "in crowd". Now all of those people are laughing at Jessica. Karma baby!! What goes around comes around!! I don't feel one bit sorry for you at all! Hey Jessica.....guess your millions are buying you any happiness!

2964 days ago


Money is the root of all evil! Did she sell her high standards and values for fame and money?

2963 days ago


Her expression of desiring to be in love reminds me of an old song I heard on CBS FM called "Foolish Little Girl". She didn't want Nick when he wanted her, now he's moved on and she wants him back again. That's what all the crying and whining is about. I think Nick would be crazy to go back, although I thought he was crazy to marry her in the first place, their relationship was always on the rocks and daddy was a meddling A$$ hole then.

2963 days ago
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