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Jessica -- "I Wish I Was in Love"

9/10/2006 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson: Click to watchJessica just wants to be loved. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Nick Lachey's ex confesses she's ready for a serious relationship, telling the talk show host, "I wish I was in love, I need to be in love."

Though many men may feel inclined to disagree, Simpson admits she's not exactly ideal girlfriend material. "I think I'm too hard to be in love with, it ends up on the cover of every magazine. I scare people away."

Just last week Jessica made the cover of PEOPLE for her alleged romance with singer John Mayer -- something the she emphatically denied on "The View."

For a good laugh, also check out Simpson doing a dramatic reading of her new single, "A Public Affair," while Ellen does an interpretive dance.

The full interview airs on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday.


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California Style - Maureen    

Why does she keep wearing the short shorts?

2874 days ago


Seems Jessica is really in bad shape; her life is a mess. She doesn't need to be looking for another love until she learns what true love is all about. Another person made a comment about Jessica not being like Paris, Nicole & others, who seem to be tougher and have the stomach for the fall out after their relationships end. Those girls have been running in the big leagues for much longer than Jessica has. Jessica, you are not going to find normalcy & real love in Hollywood; everything there is FAKE!

2874 days ago


i agree with ollie, like i once say that jessica have it all and everybody was so jealous that they made it seem like what she have was look at all of them, they are all trying to get marry some who say they will never will she piss causes she try to run with the pack and they turn around and did a 360 on her. even her own sister is trying to look for what she have.and what was that line on the vma that jess sent a mess to nick that i still love you and her dad still cares about him.i love nick express like ok.when he was thinking yeah right,and laughing his ass off. and to tell you that i'm proud of nick i think that vanessa is good for him you saw all the females he dated after jess they where all like her,but vanes. is different she like everything he's like and is willing to do alot of things he want to do cause she like it to. she a complete 180 from jess.but i don't think it will last i think that vanes. is looking for what nick have with jess, but i don't think he's ready and she might leave cause she sick of waiting for nick to get over jess and move on with her all heart and soul.but i don't feel sorry for jess cause why does it take her to long to figure out what she has losts. and you can tell from her performance on mtv that she isn't over nick and she upset that she did what she did.look you all have to agree with me that jess need to stop everything and think about everything she wants in life and more and where she see her self cause intill she do by the end of 2010 i know for a fact she will end up with nothing.and she try to pull a britney spears. cause we all no that britney is still in love with jt and he is to.cause if he wasn't he would of stop mention her and his feeling for her by now. and we know kf knows it everybody knows it but them.i bet this is going to be another britney spears things with nick and vanes getting marry and having children and jess all by her self in a love less but lust relationship try to compete with vanes and nick. hey think about paris did it when nic was about to get marry. and you see that after nic and adam broke it off so did she.everybody in hollywood is just competing with each other on everything.

2874 days ago


I think all of you people need to get a life and stop judging Nick and Jessicas marriage. No one knows what goes on behind close doors, who knows it could of all been poor nicks fault, after all his career was such a failure in court he wanted half of jessicas money..poor pitiful nick diched by one of societys most famous woman of today. So he has to cry on telivishion to get some attention hoping his album will go somewhere. Grow up Nick get a life and stop that crying and move on. Depend on your own money not Jessicas.

2874 days ago


#15 You are very scary! Get a grip.

2874 days ago

Team Minnillo    

Eeeew, she's such a loser and so easily displays just how much she's tanked post-divorce; we always knew there was no substance to her, but marketing, good styling and being married to Nick actually contributed to her success and appeal - what goes around comes around and her career is back where she started before Nick...nowhere and talentless, acknowledged by all industries.

2874 days ago

duh...totally !    


Jess needs to go away....

the public has seen the real her now,---shallow, fake,and full of herself---

she and her dad are making things worse...we need a break ...go away Jess !

2874 days ago


It amazes me how many people do not like her very much anymore. Why do we not like a girl , because she got divorced? The sad thing is, most of us can not stand her without Nick. Nick was the ying to her yang, he made her seem so much better then she is. Sometimes, a partner can bring out the best in you.

I really think jessica needs to get rid of her ENTIRE team. Her dad, her hairstylist, just start fresh. I think getting back with Nick will not happen, but iof this girl gets any lower on people's list, she may as well move back to Texas and go to college.

2874 days ago


Jessica--Fire your dad and remarry Nick as fast as you can!!!!!

2874 days ago


lay off Jess! She's having a tough time getting thru a divorce and you guys probably have no idea what it's like for her. Having people watch and criticize your every move. Everyone wants to be loved...but nobody really goes on Ellen DeGeneres and announces it to the world. But that's how you are when you're a celebrity. You get answers forced out of you and negative comments shoved in your direction! So don't think for one second that Jessica is some washed up old hag type because she's NOT! And although I'm not the biggest fan of hers I do recognize when people are going through a tough time and I have the decency not to hurt them.

Get a clue y'all

2874 days ago


Mimi-- People don't like Jessica anymore because she is STUPID! It has nothing to do with her getting divorced necessarily. She gave up a good man and is now crying how she needs and want to be in love. HUH? She had that and she threw it away! People don't want to hear that sh*t esp when it's so hard to find!! I'm happy she divorced Nick becaus he truly deserves better. He loved her for whatever reason but he can do soo much better. I'm glad he got out before children were involved and I hope he'll find happiness with a real woman who can appreciate the great man that he is.

Nina--I do think that Nick brought some of this on himself because Jess was so young. He was 25 or 26 and she was like 19. He should have known that this might happen. Hell, it happened with his own parents! His mom was like 6 years younger than his dad and she left his dad. (read the Rolling Stone article that came out in May) But he was in love and it was like nothing he had ever felt before. He couldn't let it go. You can't completely blame him for that. Hindsight is 20/20 and if he had to do it all over again I'm positive he'd do it differently. And I don't know where you get your info but Nick DIDN'T cheat! Anyone who saw them in the public eye or knew anything about their relationship knew that man LOVED her more than life. No man waits 4 years to have sex with you if he doesn't truly love you more than life. And don't fault him for moving on. . . Jessica wasted 7 years of his life. Why waste even more time? He met someone nice and he took the opportunity presented to him.

2874 days ago

Teacher Gal    

Jessica and John Mayer really don't seem to fit one another anyway. I think I would be really shocked if they were to start dating....he seems so down to earth and laid back...out of the spot light, and she's wants a front row seat to it.

2874 days ago


Hey Jessica dump your pimp Daddy Joe

2873 days ago


I just dont understand why the hell do these celebrities always deny who they are with what is wrong with talking about your relationship. Vince and Jennifer aniston also deny they are together. I just dont get that. now this dumb bitch refuses to say if she is with John Mayer the whole thing just sounds plain retarded. People can actually just look at a couple and tell so it isn't even a personal thing.

2873 days ago


Maybe she can find love if she gets a better tan because she looks very scary right now!!!!!!!!

2872 days ago
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