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Jessica -- "I Wish I Was in Love"

9/10/2006 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson: Click to watchJessica just wants to be loved. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Nick Lachey's ex confesses she's ready for a serious relationship, telling the talk show host, "I wish I was in love, I need to be in love."

Though many men may feel inclined to disagree, Simpson admits she's not exactly ideal girlfriend material. "I think I'm too hard to be in love with, it ends up on the cover of every magazine. I scare people away."

Just last week Jessica made the cover of PEOPLE for her alleged romance with singer John Mayer -- something the she emphatically denied on "The View."

For a good laugh, also check out Simpson doing a dramatic reading of her new single, "A Public Affair," while Ellen does an interpretive dance.

The full interview airs on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday.


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I'll marry jessican simpson in a heart beat...lets do it

2933 days ago


I completely agree Shelley, she is so pathetic. I wish Nick all the best. Jessica is a has been with no class....

Joseph, what do you mean about the mom duming Joe, are they not still together ?

2933 days ago


Life is hard. Who cares? You guys are being such bitches, I bet you guys have been through loads of shit, well, like everyone else, she has to. Get over yourself. You people sound so mean and harsh. I doubt you could never get a decent man to save your life. Shame on you.

2933 days ago

Darrin Rourke    

As a long-time fan of the Newly Weds Show with Nick & Jessica, it truly saddened me to hear that they broke. Everyone wants to point fingers, but no one wants to consider their feelings. Consider the real reasons of WHY they broke off from each otherin the first place. In a world of selfseekers where pretty to look at and ugly to know is commonplace, it was truly inspiring to see them living out a fairytale romance and what should have been a happily-ever-after ending. Nothing would please me more than to hear that they reconciled and saved their marriage. And this is coming from a guy.

2933 days ago

Diana P    

do what your true feelings tell you to do! i was in a relationship and i let the love of my life walk away because of my pride and my childes atittude and selffish behavior! now im crying for him to come back, trying to express my heart out to him but he's seeing someone else! my point is go and fight for the person you love until he undertand that u regret what you did and that you love him! hope things can get workout for you! wish you the best........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2933 days ago


i think that jessica did the right thing if it wasn't working out between her and nick.even though jessica and nick were in love doesn't mean there relationship was working out. i mean.. really, who wants to be in a relationship that isn't going to work out in the end.
i understand why she needs to be loved because she in a hard time and needs some supoort and is ready to move on with a new chapter in her life . everyone should just let her move on with her life instead of dwelling over the past.

2933 days ago


the poor girly she just needs simple not complicated

2933 days ago


Jessica is so pathetic. I wish she could either read all of these comments or pick up any magazine, literally ANY celebrity magazine and read something about herself or look at the pictures. She is soo pathetic. Everyone in the country looks at her as an idiot who only does what her father says. She let fame get to her head, thinking she was the hottest woman on the planet, with the hottest husband, with the hottest career...and she's really nothing right now. Good for Nick for finding a real woman.

2933 days ago


I like Jessica...and I never thought she was going to go through with the divorce, I don't even think she is ditzy like the show newlyweds made her look. Then she went through with the divorce and I realized she is not that dumb, she's dumber, Nick would have loved her unconditionally and forever! If she wants to be in love so bad she already had her chance and she f-ed it up. She let her father ruin her chance at love and now her career! She is dumb!!!

2933 days ago



2933 days ago


whoah people talk about cruel. i don't understand why just because people are celebrities, others feel the need to pick them apart and just be mean. jessica is obviously just a confused woman who just got divorced from her first love. of course- she wants to be in love. who doesn't. but unfortunatly she's gonna find out it's easier said then done and what she had with nick was special and will probably never be replaced. but hey everybody a break-up takes 2 people. so give the poor girl a break.

2933 days ago


Ok listen up miss jessica , i think you did the biggest mistake in the world, NICK WAS ONE HOTTIE, if u didnt want him you could of gave him to me...LOL! anyways you just started listenin to your old FATHER JOE. ARe you like um a retard
thats gonna listen to the father which ur 20 yrz OLD
your young and sexy and could get any guy you want.
but i thought u n nick made a good couple
i c that it aint gonna work anymore,
why not go date your own dad???
i thnk that would work out cuz u to get along with each
you only think about ur self you dont think about others
why not talk to nick and tell him everything that you changed
and ur sorry! and just ignore your stupid dad
cuz he doesnt have to get in ur life!! hiz gonna
die soon and whos gonna be on ur side?? no1??
you had nick but i c u dont anymore
so think about it
and change the hairstyle seriously!!!
just be sexy and think RITE!!! dont go off listening
others like your dad....
well umm bye
and i hope this helps .!

2932 days ago


geeze people, give the girl a break... she's hot, she's got a great sense of humor, and i really think she's handled the situation with class - i'd like to see how all of you would act if you were put in her shoes...

2932 days ago


I still can't fathom these 2 are divorced. Fame and Money really is the root of all evil. But Jess, Nick was probably the most genuine, sincere and humble man you could ever come across. And you grew up in a Christian household and Papa Joe is a Preacher? Wow. Nick, God has better plans for you.......

2932 days ago


i hate jessica simpson.

2932 days ago
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