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Did "Family Guy" Go Too Far?

9/11/2006 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The FOX animated series "Family Guy" is known for pushing the boundaries between good humor and bad taste -- very few topics, if any, are out of bounds for the show. And normally the jokes just bounce right off us, but there was one last night that made even us cringe.

The episode, titled "Stewie Loves Lois," is about Stewie's newfound love for mom, Lois (normally he is trying to kill her). After Stewie becomes a little too clingy, Lois decides to ignore him to try and help him become less dependent. When Stewie's attempts at attracting her attention fail, he cries out, "What is this, a Tommy Lee pool party?"

For those that don't remember, a 4-year-old boy drowned at Tommy Lee's Malibu estate in 2001 during a birthday party for Tommy Lee's son, Brandon. Lee was sued by the boy's parents, but was found not responsible for the accident by a jury. Lee said in a statement at the time, "Although I am relieved that the court has found me not negligent, there are no winners in this sad situation."


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That was a sad situation but what kind of parent drops off a child at a pool party and leaves, knowing the child can't swim? That is what happened. Anyway, the joke may have been in bad taste but it is called dark humor!

2931 days ago


Yes we remember and it was a tragic situatuin.
BUT what about Anna Nicoles son. He was 20 years old and died. TMZ do your homework and bring us the rest of this story. I feel so bad for that kid his moms a freek of nature and he always seemed embarassed by her but he stood by her side. I hope she can look back on his life and smile knowing she gave him a good one.

My heart goes out to her and her new baby girl.

2931 days ago


big whoop.

2931 days ago


So, it's OK to bash the five-month-old Suri but you have a problem with a comedy show? Hmmm, not really understanding the hypocrisy and logic of this article. Sounds like there was nothing to write about to me.

2931 days ago


Family Guy was VERY funny last night. And what is the big deal? they always poke fun at pop culture. Seriously, why is it so offensive to you guys, you are the same people who poke fun at people's babies and when they screw up. besides, no one found it offensive that they made fun of the President in the joke about the Texas woman who held her baby underwater causing brain damage, Barbara Bush. while i am not a huge Bush fan i am just wondering why that joke along with every other joke they do is ok but this was innappropriate. nothing was said directly about the family or the child, it was just a joke. Really, i am begining to question why i even read this trashy site anymore.

2931 days ago


I hate family guy and their stupid racist/homophobic just everything in bad taste jokes i hate the show its not funny at all to me.

2931 days ago


So you wanna point out Famiy guy but you have nothing to say about the refugee camp episode of American Dad on the eve of 9/11...i thought that was a lil more f***ed up than making a stupid reference to something along time ago...

And I would NEVER let my 4 yr old child go to a B-day party...pool or no pool...without me!

2931 days ago


Family Guy is hysterical, and do they go too far, ya but its dark comedy, if you watch the show you know what to expect.

2931 days ago


What happened at the pool party was tragic and unnecessary. That being said, Family Guy is an ADULT program, and not meant for children. What I enjoy about the cartoon is it is always making controversial and sometimes insulting jokes. The show pokes fun at everything including politics, religion, celebrities, and everyday life. That's why it is so funny. I didn't feel that the joke was inappropriate for Family Guy. We're not laughing about the death of the child, we're laughing about the complete irresponsibility of the morons who were at that pool party.

2931 days ago


This is a cartoon! If you want to dissect it, they are pointing out that fact that at a children's party there were clearly adults who were not paying attention to their children and worrying about partying. I never took my eyes off my kids around water until they were between seven and eight years old. The distinction is that Stewie is fuming over being ignored. Get a grip!

2931 days ago


If your watching " Family Guy" you need know that they go out of there way to offend people. In the past they have made jokes about blacks, made lite of Cancer & people with AIDS. It is 9th and 10th grade boys humor, and if your watching it you need to expect that type of humor

2931 days ago


lol i love stewy.. ^_^

I feel really sorry for Anna.. why do people say he was 20? he was born in 1984 that would make him 22 or just turning 22... anywho he was a cutie

2931 days ago


Good lord, it's an adult cartoon. Stop trying to make it out to be some sort of bastion of morality! Shame on you TMZ. Shame.

2931 days ago


I live in Arizona where unfortunately we read about several children drowning each summer. It’s always the same stories. People standing around the Pool or BBQ, no one was “really” paying attention, or “I picked up the phone but I was only on it for a few minutes”, or “I thought so and so was watching”. It’s very tragic for everyone involved but what’s really unfortunately is that the accidents could have been prevented if the Adult(s) had payed closer attention to the child. Tragic.

2931 days ago


I love Family Guy, and I must say that when Stewie said that, I gasped. Then I laughed. And do you know why? Because that's what Family Guy is all about. It's just not afraid to go there. And when people start throwing hissy fits, it ruins all the fun. (Like when Fox pulled the "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" episode and then decided to air a watered down version years later after most Family Guy fans had seen the original on the web.) Get over yourself, people. Like you've never made or laughed at a completely tasteless joke. I'd be lying if I said I didn't and then which would be the bigger sin?

2931 days ago
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