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Getting Diet Help?

9/11/2006 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The endless speculation over Nicole Richie's conspicuous lack of weight continues unabated. But if the photographic evidence is any indication, the "Simple Life"-er is, as she told the world last week, trying to do something about it, as she visited a clinic whose founding doctor specializes in dietary health.

Richie was spotted walking into the DeOrio Wellness Medical Center in Santa Monica on Friday, hoisting a massive white bag to her face to shield herself. The holistically-focused DeOrio clinic bills itself as a facility that helps patients "renew and unleash the inherent vitality found in each person and ... achieve the proper balance of mind, body, and spirit." Given this rather broad portfolio, Richie could've had an appointment for just about anything, and DeOrio staff were not available to confirm Richie's visit or the reason for it.

However, clinic founder Keith DeOrio, MD, is the author of 2000's "The New Millennium Diet Revolution," a book that suggests a variety of strategies to achieve better dietary health, including drinking a half-gallon of fruit juice every day. Another Los Angeles doctor tells TMZ that DeOrio is known for his expertise in helping patients with weight issues, whether on the over or under side of the equation.


No Avatar

duh...totally !    

....and NOT barf it up!.....

sorry :)

2932 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    


QU for 200 PTS-
This TMZ celeb, Looks like a skeleton, is in need of rehab, has a "hilarious" eating disorder, and is only famous because of a family member.

Que Jepardy Music- Dum dum dum dum dumm dum dum.

Answer= Who is "Monkey Skeleton" Nick Rich
Alex: No Jim Sorry, we needed MK OLSEN, yeah MK OLSEN.

2931 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

If she were to have a "KID" and breast feed.

She would give Powdered milk...

LOL, man thats rich...

2931 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Hey #34.

You also forgot they both hate Pariss(perfect) "winkwink"

2931 days ago

Hidley Boxn    

Nicole is trying to look more like Paris Hilton. She even acts and talks like Paris now. Nicole had her own style before, and I liked her then. She was more livelier person before, but now, she lost all that. I hope she gets treatment, and comes back healthier.

2930 days ago


I love love nicole!!!!! I think getting help to gain weight is fine!!!! You have to admit that she is one funny chick on the simple life!!! I just hope she gets her weight issues taken care of soon! as long as she gets to a comfortable weight she might not have those issues to deal with again!!! Then we will have another celeb to comment on!!! But take it easy on Nic! She's my guurl!!!!

2930 days ago

maria gomez    

if she wants to be that thin.. than what the hell leave the girl alone. if shes gettin help, good for her. its soo easy to critisize a person,(which the majority of people do about nicole) but what people dont realize is that when a person has an eating disorder ITS A DISORDER!!! they are sick and need help. no critisism is needed just moral support. nicole is a beautiful young woman. leave her alone.

2926 days ago


Calorie counters are a great tool to help manage your weight. They help you watch and keep track of your daily calorie intake and help you maintain a healthy body weight.

1523 days ago
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