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Van Halen Reunion?

9/11/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ok, we've been through many of these Van Halen reunion rumor cycles over the years. And, I'm sure we're still aways off from this actually happening, if it ever does, but last Friday Eddie Van Halen at least opened to the door slightly to once again sharing the stage with David Lee Roth.

Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth

Eddie called in to the Howard Stern Show last Friday and Howard pressed him about the possibility of a Van Halen reunion. In addition to announcing he was now cancer free, Eddie said he was open to playing again with Roth. No specific plans were mentioned, but now that it's out there I fully expect David Lee to be making a pitch to his old pal.

Van Halen also told Stern that his next music project will be recording with his son Wolfgang and brother Alex Van Halen (drums). Will Wolfgang be doing vocals? I'm willing to bet it won't be Alex or Eddie. Enter Diamond Dave? However, if Roth does make his way back on stage with the Van Halen brothers, it may not be a complete reunion. Eddie is apparently not happy with bassist Micheal Anthony for touring with that other former VH lead singer, Sammy Hagar. Speaking with Stern, Eddie dismissed their "Other Half" project as merely a cover band. Anthony is not only a top tier bass player, but his harmonizing abilities added important dimensions to many VH tunes. VH without Anthony would be lacking. However, Eddie's son just happens to be a bass will it be Wolfie and David Lee rounding out the next version of Van Halen? We'll have to wait and see...


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ken houghton    

I tend to favor the Sammy days, but would still go see a VH lineup with Roth. This has been my number 1 band for a number of years, but Michael Anthony was a large part of that, not Wolfie.It just wouldnt be the same and I wont go see them in concert. Sober up Eddie, Im not going to a concert that has to end at 7 because your pudgy little kid has an 8:00 bedtime.

2825 days ago


Now THAT is a concert worth going to see!

2902 days ago



2902 days ago


Why is it so hard for Rock Bands to admit its over? I don't care if Jesus Christ was playing Bass for these guys, they'd still be done.....

2902 days ago

Cherie Camp    

They rocked me then and I would love to have them rock me again! It's about the music, that is it so hopefully, the boys can put their piddly sh_t asside, even if it were for just one night! Love them dudes!

2901 days ago


Oh, please...have you heard what David Lee Roth has been doing to Van Halen's songs?!?! He's trying to make them country?!? DLR needs to be tarred and feathered and strung up by his balls...

2901 days ago


The guy who wrote the attached story, Jeff Davidson, didn't quite get it right. I listened to the entire interview, and it's true EVH said that he wouldn't rule out a reunion with Roth. But later in the interview he said he wouldn't rule out a reunion with Hagar. That's what the author missed. EVH had negative things to say about both ex-vocalists, but is still mindful not to rule out anything. Only time will tell...

2899 days ago

gary hoffman pobox243 bellaire ohio, 43906    

I dont know why you guys trash either dave or sammy ,the truth be told both sammy hagar and david lee roth are awesome vocalists.I saw van halen last year on my birthday june 29 and sammy haggar rocked, he did an awesome job on the old musicas well as the new van halen tunes. eitherm way it goes I will be happy to see those guys again whether it be with woofy or michael anthony or dave and sammy , van halen puts on an awesome show

2850 days ago

Marc Frazier    

Van Halen is great!!

I have seen them 10 times with all three singers. You gotta just love their music whoever is singing. The way that Eddie plays is remarkable and they put on an awesome show. Let's go see em again!!

2849 days ago


i am a huge vh fan and of eddie but it seems that he is the the stern interview he came off as arrogant to me.when asked of jimmi hendrix rather than give him respect he gave excuses that jimi was that good because he could afford a crybaby pedal and in the begging eddie didnt have any pedals.its obvious that dave,sammy,and now mike left because working with eddie isnt fun anymore but more like a job.this band is done and as far as seeing eddie in concert again its either with the original or with sammy lineup,or even gary sherone who did an excellent job on vh3 and in concert, or ill just keep enjoying the old music and remember some of the great shows ive seen van halen

2848 days ago

Michael S.    

Van Halen has always been my favorite group since they came on the scene in 78. I do lean towards the Sammy days more fondly than the Dave era so needless to say I was thrilled about the 2004 reunion and saw them 4 times.
However I must say I was dissapointed with Eddie's playing and conduct during the latter part of the tour. His playing was all over the place and soloing anyplace he could throw it in. Don't get me wrong..I think he is god when it comes to the guitar, but for some reason or another, the problem seems to stem within him and his attitude towards others. Once that is rectified, then another reunion (weither with Roth or Hagar) or even someone new might be reconsidered. There are alot of VH fans out there wanting some new product and just hoping sometime soon, whatever problems are within the band can be rectified and move forward cause if they can't, well, put the band to rest and move on with something new. Enough of the bickering and ego slashing and do whats right for the fans cause there comes a time when enough's enough!

2848 days ago

Andy Williams    

I am 46 yrs. old. I have been a loyal fan of EVH and the band(s) since my senior yr. in high school (1978) when they first came out. Never misssed a tour since then. Although it has been a tremendous responsibility on Eddie to maintain VH all those yrs. I have to agree that he is responsible for the turmoil. He played like he was wasted in Anaheim in 2004. Eddie - remember how difficult Dave was back in the early 80's? Now you're acting the same. VH without Michael Anthony is like sex without love. MEANINGLESS!

2832 days ago

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