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Britney's Down-Low Delivery -- New Details

9/12/2006 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has reportedly given birth to her second child, a boy, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. While there hasn't been an official confirmation from her camp, numerous sources are offering up information as to how the happy occasion went down.
Britney's Down-Low delivery?
According to a source, Brit checked in to the hospital under an assumed name -- using the first name Pebbles -- last evening. The baby was delivered by Cesarean section at shortly after 2:00 a.m., weighed in at 6 lbs. 11 oz and was 19 inches long.

Our source indicates she deliberately led everyone to believe it was a girl but always knew she was having a boy.


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Birtney who cares about her baby boy, and I'll wonder who shes up to now?!

2925 days ago

all dogs can bite    

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2925 days ago


I agree with Bob. I have 3 children with my husband, and I do not drop them, or drive with them in my lap or depend on a nanny to raise them for me. People have kids every friggin day. What makes that nasty hoe so special? Damn hilbillies

2925 days ago


"congrats brit and kevin"

You dont fu*kin know these people, so why act like they are your cousins or siblings or friends. "congrats brit and kev" come on now. you dont think they need your congratulations do you? they were more than thankful off the twenty bucks you blew on her last beat ass album. these people do not care about you. stop acting like your buddy buddy. you people make me sick.

2925 days ago


What disgusts me is she had the baby a month early in a planned procedure because she didn't want to risk getting stretch marks from the extra growth during the last month. That is the ultimate selfish act because a baby needs that time to continue growing prior to life on the outside. Shame on Britney and that's why the baby weighs a full pound less than it should have. Lower birth weight is associated with more risk of health problems.

2925 days ago


Good for Britney. I mean it really has to be tough to be a popstar one minute, and a mother the next. She's in her twenties and clearly wanted a family (marriage to Kevin very soon, and two sons even sooner). I'm also really sick of everyone giving her crap. The girl is so successful! I mean look at her career as a teen, and look at how much publicity she still gets even after years without singing and releasing any albums. And since when is it a horror to find that the woman is the money-maker and the father doesn't work? What, have we all of a sudden reverted to the 50's?

2925 days ago


Grow the hell up you 2 morons. Who cares what you were carrying, why the need to lie? Why not just tell people, none of your business... you'll find out when it's born. Checked into the hospital under the alias "Pebbles"? Now that's mature. I pray God keeps a watchful eye over those children... they need all the help they can get. I predict she is pregnant again before the end of 2007.

2925 days ago


They threw drunk grandpa a bone by letting him announce/confirm the birth.
Britney and Kevin are the white version of Whitney and Bobby. Dysfunction at its best. Whitney seems to have finally woken up and thrown Bobby to the curb. Lets hope it doesnt take Britney that long to do the same to Kevin.

2924 days ago


RE: comment #7

God bless you, Bob.

2924 days ago

I'm just glad that we won't have to see all the UGLY clothes she wears while pregnant. I am embarassed for all women who think this is "stylish"; it looks pretty vulgar to me~~~she should know better!! The young generation look upon her as an "idol", glad you aren't influencing my kids!!! I would be ashamed if I were her Mother, good thing I'm not~~~she would have to cover up her pregnant belly and put on a goof support bra!

2924 days ago


This is for post muber 1... Brit liar your name suits you because I
have a friend who is a actual ultrasound tech and she says time to
time people do screw up on the gender.

I was told I wa shaving a girl and I had 4 freaking ultrasounds and at my last one I was shocked to hear I was having a boy.

My moms best friend was told she was having a boy but then when she gave birth it was a girl.

One of my friends from high school had twins and was
told she was having boys and she had freaking girls.

If your going to lie about being a damn ultrasound tech then atleast lie
correctly so that people will beleive you..Anyone can tell you that
the gender is not always right, you would have to be a bloody idiot
not to know that.

Britney was seen looking at and purchasing pink baby items, why would she do that knowing she was having a boy??Also she said in an interveiw that she had a girls name picked out and when she had Sean his name was realeased with the birth announcment where with this one the name was not, I think she was very well told she was having a girl but at her last ultrasound or when she ave birth it ended up being a boy.

2924 days ago


she's a skank

2924 days ago


ok - let's start a petition for kev - VASECTOMY!!!
Now next order of business - we all know she is not disciplined enough to keep her fat stubby fingers out of the fried chicken bucket to get a rockin' bod like me- so the best zitty-titty-britney can hope for is to not screw this kid up like i think she did sean..seriously, i have never seen a smile on this kid's face - ever!! course if i knew i would have to go home with these two nimrods as parents i wouldn't be smiling either. please brit keep your shoes on - we don't want to see your fat club feet walking around nasty gas stations and let us see some pictures of you going to the gym, not mickey d's and taco bell!!!!

2924 days ago

Julie hoglund    

Britany and another baby. pretty scary! She still acts like a kid herself. I sure hope this baby forces her to grow up before someone gets hurt. Baby needs to be number 1. the fans can wait children can not! I hope she reliezes that. And to post 14 if I remember correctly brittany blamed the NANNY when the baby feel out of the highchair. Your right it is not fair to be raised by a nanny, but I guess they're probaly better off than being raised by an immature, selfish, sleazy mom. Which do you think is a better role model?

2924 days ago


Who cares what those little TWITS do in the future, Kevin is a low life from a trailor park and Brittany is chasing him aroung like a pittiful fool!!!! The important thing is the children. And if her mom had any smarts too, she would take those poor babies away from those KID'S , GROW UP DUMMIES! And comment # 11 get a life!!!!!!!

2924 days ago
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