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Joe Francis:

Underage Girls May Have Gone Wild

9/12/2006 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe FrancisThe man behind the "Girls Gone Wild" empire has officially pleaded guilty to charges that he and his companies failed to create and maintain age and identity documents for performers in sexually explicit films that he produced and distributed. In other words, he officially acknowledges several girls may have been underage when they flashed their goods for the popular adult series.

GGW founder Joe Francis, along with his related companies, Mantra Films Inc. and MRA Holding LLC, agreed to pay the government a total of $2.1 million in fines and restitution, however only $500,000 will be paid by Francis himself.

The charges in this case are believed to be the first to be filed under a law -- often referred to as Section 2257 -- passed by Congress to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. The law protects against the use of minors in the production of sexually explicit material by requiring producers to create and maintain age and identity records for every performer in sexually explicit movies and other media.


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Travis Bickle    

Too bad Joe won't be going to jail so he can do a sequal to his anal rape video.
He's a piece of Crap that should be dropped off in an alley way outside of baghdad.

2962 days ago


Alright, now that there's a conviction, this PERVERT should register as a sex offender; what a scumbag! Celebrities hang out with this piece of garbage, wonder what they're thinking??? Nice when you have the rich associating themselves with a guy who gets off on exploiting children. . .that's just great. . .what a class act. . . . watch your kids because these kind of PERVERTS are EVERYWHERE!

2962 days ago

duh...totally !    


I hope he gets as many fines and lawsuits against him and his trash as he possibly can!

2962 days ago

Go Away    

Well said Duck. If anyone hasn't read it yet... here is the LA times article featuring this prick. Very interesting read..,0,5620406.story?page=1&coll=la-home-magazine

2962 days ago

Dark Knight    

This is exactly why no one is afraid to do anything, there are no repercussions. $500K fine is a small price to pay for all of the millions of dollars he's made on countless underage girls. Families should be filing civil lawsuits to drain this guy's bank account, hit him in the wallet where it hurts.

2962 days ago


Joe Francis is the world's ugliest douche bag and an admitted sexual predator, bragging about fucking chicks on the day they turn 18, among other things. Can we talk about how Francis was ass-raped by some random dude and filmed? That dude is my hero.

2962 days ago

New One    

This guys has the best job, and he even man's up.
I give him 2 thumbs up.

2962 days ago


I'm sure he didn't care how old they were as long as he was getting $$$. He is a scumbag and a dogface.

2962 days ago


This guys is garbage. I couldn't care less what sober, consenting adults do on screen or off but exploiting drunk teenage girls is disgusting. I can't wait until the parents of the underaged girls sue this sleaze for all he's worth and then some.

Question, if "girls gone wild" can't prove which girls are over 18 and which aren't will they have to pull their DVD's? I hope so.

2962 days ago


yeah, I mean technically won't it be illegal to own the movies? child pornography and suck.

He is disgusting, but I mean the girls are willing to do it, drunk or not. The parents should have been paying better attention to their underage teenage daughters 'cause they shouldn't have been drinking near this sicko in the first place. I'm not saying they can watch their kids at all times, but I mean at least teach them good values instead of expecting the TV to do it.

2962 days ago



And I read the LA Times article, that man is sick.

2962 days ago


I am so glad that back in the day when I was an underage drinker, he did not say to me: "SHOW ME YOUR TITS and I will give you this T-shirt, little girl!" Just think of all the humiliation and shame once these girls sober up experience. For what?!!

2962 days ago


Is this surprising??? He says, "show me your T*ts"...not "show me your ID"


2962 days ago


I am so tired of fake nose joe telling the world he's from Laguna Beach. I'm the same age and was born and raised there and trust me he is just a loser probably from mission viejo. Joe, quit degrading laguna!

2962 days ago


Shouldn't they look into other charges against him? I cannot stress this enough, HE IS SO FREAKING UGLY....

2962 days ago
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