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Madonna's Not Cheap

9/12/2006 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna's tour finally makes its highly anticipated stop at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium. Russia, which just happens to be the largest country in the world, also happens to have one of the lowest monthly costs of living. In fact, the legal minimum monthly wage for Russians is 1,100 rubles, which equals $41. That being said, the cheapest tickets for Madonna's concert in Russia went for $96 American bucks, more than double a month's income. Since Madge's shows are sold out, that means people had to save lots of rubles in order to afford their very own glimpse of the Material Girl.

On another note, the designer of the Luzhniki Stadium, Nodar Kancheli, tells the Moscow News he does not exclude the possibility of the stadium collapsing during Madonna's concert. The architect is notorious for his work on the Transvaal Water Park, which collapsed in February of 2004, killing 28 people and injuring countless others.

So when we say we hope that Madonna raises the roof, we don't mean that literally.


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If TMZ is going to print this crap at least get it right.

tickets price 1,500 roubles (£30) to 25,000. The average monthly salary in Russia is just under 10,000 roubles.

1,100 vs. 10,000 yu should correct this. otherwise it looks likes you're trying to create controversy where there is none.

2961 days ago


One thing I hate about Madonna is she'll do anything for a buck. Hang off a cross, be naked in the street....etc....which may have been cool in the 80s, but when your pushing 50...its just stupid. Her own children don't even watch T.V. she protects them from the smut....except its ok for our kids to watch all the smut she throws out there. Wonder what her daughter will think of her mother when she sees that lovely coffee table book....then to charge 96 bucks a ticket to people that don't make that a month...have some dignity about yourself Madonna...your too old to be a money HO.

2961 days ago


she's going straight to hell...low life, money hungry, leg spreading, mirror stradling, dog licking hooooooooooooo

2961 days ago


Madonna is played out. She is to old now. GO HOME MADONNA AND STAY HOME AND RAISE YOUR CHILDREN PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

2961 days ago


Yea' I dig on Madonna too but this story was kinda f***'d up no matter how you count the roubles. She should have work'd out a different price range for over there yo. .

2961 days ago


she's better than ever--stop hating because you guys look like sh*t at 50, not everyone has to get fat and give up sex.

2961 days ago


You go Madonna! I hope i look las good and have that body when I am your age! Goddess! Confessions on a Dancefloor RULES!

2961 days ago


Madonna is a piece of crap who creates controversy to sell records (without the cross episode, would her tour have gotten even half the press it did?). She is truly someone who doesn't deserve what she has because she doesn't like to remember where she came from. That's just wrong...yes, aspire to be better but don't forget where you came from. Attacking Catholicism?...warped...Writing children's books?...unbelievable...Moving out of the US?...she finally got something right!!!

2961 days ago


she is a shallow transparent money hungry bitch/thief. i wouldn't pay $1 to see her let alone a half a mth's wages. for the loser who tried to lessen the tragedy of this theft, apparently you missed the worldwide broadcast calling everyone to help these people since most of russia can't even afford a $50 medical material needed for a fatal heart condition brought on by chernobyl & the crash of their communist regime. yeah lets go see madonna! *rolls eyes*
she is setting a fine example of the western world. she could wear a million little red strings & she still wouldn't grasp the context of their meaning.
her new videos are a pathetic attempt of trying to 'show us' she still has it. she has her memories & nothing more (& washed up queens). i wish she would fade away into existence. unfortunately for the rest of us, her gay following & their fruit flies will prob keep her around as long as they have liza minelli, whom by the way is sh*t & couldn't hold a candle to her mother. madonna= a drag queens dream as she is easy to imitate. just cake on the makeup & ridiculous outfits & *voila* you have madonna. *vogue & you go girl*

2961 days ago


i have been a fan of madonna for over 15 years, and do not plan to stop. She is the diva of disco and has staying power to reinvent her self over and over many times. people should stop jumping to conclusions as to what and sho she is and come to their senses. she has a product out there that people obviously want and don't mind pating for. success is built on sacrifice, and people don't mind sacrificing to succeed. that's just the bottom line. one more thing, people don't attend concerts and buy cd's because they love the personal affiars of the artist but rather because they love the art of the artist. stop hating.

2960 days ago


Madonna is the best. I think she is truly amazing and inspiring. I think she should continue making music as long as she wants to. I really hope she continues for a very long time. She is also an inspiration because of her age and how amazing she still is. Anyway, 48 is not old. People are much healthier now and live a lot longer. She should keep doing what she loves. I love her old music, I love her new music. She is still very entertaining. When she does the cross scene in her concert, she is trying to get a message across about starving kids and about war. She just wants peace and to help starving children. I think when she wants to get a message out to everyone, she wants to do it in a strong way. Keep Rockin Madonna, we love you!

2960 days ago


What doees a cross have to do with starving kids and the war? Do Christian symbols need to represented in such a fashion? Are there no other religions who can be targeted by her to be offended? What others would stand for it? She's now a Kabbahalist (sp?). Why no menorahs or Stars of David in her show? Why isn't she offending this segment of the population? She certainly knows what side her bread is buttered on. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember where she came from..that's the very, very sad part.

2960 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

OMG, I am so sick of her. She has always been overrated. Stay away from the USA. She will do anything to get her picture taken and make the tabloids. Dang , go away already!!!!! I am sick of Madonna. And the way she appeared in her recent videos...a desperate cry for attention. No one wants to see their Grandma trying to shake her rear. Raise your kids . We are all waiting for your daughter to write that book of hers "Madonna as MY Mama" poor children are being raised by a selfish so called woman.

2935 days ago

Rodney Metzger    

What can you say if you want to see the greatest artist in history you have to pay thru the nose

2927 days ago

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