Madonna's Not Cheap

9/12/2006 4:29 PM PDT
Madonna's tour finally makes its highly anticipated stop at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium. Russia, which just happens to be the largest country in the world, also happens to have one of the lowest monthly costs of living. In fact, the legal minimum monthly wage for Russians is 1,100 rubles, which equals $41. That being said, the cheapest tickets for Madonna's concert in Russia went for $96 American bucks, more than double a month's income. Since Madge's shows are sold out, that means people had to save lots of rubles in order to afford their very own glimpse of the Material Girl.

On another note, the designer of the Luzhniki Stadium, Nodar Kancheli, tells the Moscow News he does not exclude the possibility of the stadium collapsing during Madonna's concert. The architect is notorious for his work on the Transvaal Water Park, which collapsed in February of 2004, killing 28 people and injuring countless others.

So when we say we hope that Madonna raises the roof, we don't mean that literally.