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Rosie is the Next Big Thing -- Again!

9/12/2006 8:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone, myself included, has been doubting Barbara Walter's brainstorm to hire Rosie O'Donnell to replace Star and/or Meredith on "The View." The arguments against Rosie -- not a team player, difficult to get along with, difficult to get along with, difficult to get along with.

Well doubters be damned -- Rosie seems to be connecting with the audience. The ratings for "The View" are up -- pretty significantly. Rosie has moved to Meredith's chair, which sorta makes her the leader of the pack. And my spies tells me that at least on stage, things are pretty copasetic.

There have been rumblings that Elizabeth doesn't get along with Rosie; that Joy is getting tired of playing second fiddle; that Rosie thinks the production of the show is bush league at times. There may be a little truth in some of this, but it wouldn't be the first time a show succeeded in spite of difficult stars; indeed, Exhibit A is Rosie's wildly successful talk show.

The fact is, Rosie is blending better than I ever expected. Besides, nothing succeeds like success. If the rating continue to climb, I doubt the other gals would try and sabotage her -- Rosie could end up being their annuity.

In my mind, the real test will be the relationship between Rosie and Barbara. These are both very strong, controlling individuals with strong points of view. Neither of them are known for compromise. Yet it's inevitable -- if "The View" is to survive with Rosie, compromise on both sides is essential. On that, the jury is out.


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with the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son, birth of Britney's baby, issues concerning TomKat's kitten, and constant antics of celeb bimbos, you'd think that you would have more to say than "Rosie isnt sucking".

you guys are really losing it lately.

2961 days ago

Lord Xenu    


Im still trying to get that image of Rosie ODonnell in a black leather S&M outfit from her movie EXIT TO EDEN after 13 years. Every time I see her ugly mug that horrifying image returns.

2961 days ago


Rosie stinks. The show is so forced now.

The give & take banter of the panel has been reduced to a teacher & student scenario where the other ladies just wait until Rosie basically points to them to make a comment.

It was a huge mistake to hire her. Time will tell.

2961 days ago


Go, Rosie. Your show was great and so far you've been a funny, level-headed addition to The View. Welcome back...keep doing what you do (keep saying what you say). I may not agree with you 100%, but you're a breath of fresh air.

2961 days ago


The real news item of the day regarding Rosie was her vile comment about having the dog lick her babies' butt to get rid of diaper rash today. Child protective services should pay her a call & ABC should announce its apologies to viewers!

2961 days ago

Jason Elias    

Rosie's nuts. The show isn't horrible but I don't think it's as good as it was with Meredith Vieira, Star Jones and Lisa Ling. This show is basically a late '90s deal staggering past it's prime. As for Hasselbeck, well, there's no need for her, she's just so bitter and tiring...

2961 days ago


I think Rosie is doing a great job a liberal yes but what she is saying isn't something we havn't heard before by other celebritys or for that matter neighbor friends family. She is allowed her opinion just as you or I are. Don't like it? change channels.

2960 days ago


Rosie is Diana and Elizabeth, Joy and Barbs are the supremes...this is bound to cause some trouble especially when now since the women look like backups

2960 days ago


I've been watching the view and I think that Rosie's appearance is just the beginning of the end. Elizabeth is being revealed for the conservative close minded spoiled rich girl that she is and Barbara acts as if she's waiting for her limo to get there.

I would LOVE to see the view whittled down to Rosie & Joy--now THAT would be some GREAT daytime TV. Sparks is what I'm talking about--not the watered down drivel that's on now.

2960 days ago


The View is a great show's INTERESTING once again now that Star Jones is GONE.

Meredith will do great on The Today Show and she deserves it!

Go Meredith!

Elizabeth is a whiny brat that gets mad if everyone doesn't agree with her neocon agenda. Elizabeth, isn't it time you went home to Kansa to be with Dorothy?


2960 days ago


I've tried and I just can't stomach Rosie. She doesn't fit in, and it doesn't seem like a group discussion anymore. Remember the voiceover Barbara used to do? That's the concept I'd like to see it get back to. I'm not watching anymore. I suspect the ratings spike was folks like me checking it out, and now that they've seen it -- we're tuning out.

2960 days ago


I agree "Vivling", Rosie's comment on the dog taking care of the diaper rash was awful. I can't believe there's not more said about this. That one takes the cake and changes my "View" of her.

2960 days ago

Joe W    

I think the show's much better with Rosie! I couldn't watch it for more than a minute before. I was just bored. Now it's got some life in it. I agree with Robin: I'd like to see the Rosie & Joy Show. That would be good TV.

With Rosie back on, it feels like there's hope for daytime TV after all....

2960 days ago

ren meyer    

it seems like every day Rosie had something to say about gay. she is gay so what i don't need to be remind every day. i can't stand BW. she seems to a big phony to me. Remeber how she treated Debbie. then she was all over her when she was guest. I'm begining to wonder about bw.

2960 days ago


Elizabeth likes Bush - well, she's an airhead who likes her nails done, instead of reading the New York Times Op-Ed. Can she read? Barbara, why did you ever hire Elizabeth. Give her the Star Jones: yank her off ASAP.

2960 days ago
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