TMZ Music: Can Timberlake Face The Promise

9/12/2006 5:16 PM PDT
Justin Timberlake is the one and only boy band member to produce consumable music that any audience has purchased in large quantity to come from the era of the major-label hits-formula byproduct. Sure, Nick Lachey's last record sold as well, but Nick is still a dominator in the formula, whereas Justin is at least trying something different. With his second offering "FutureSex/LoveSounds," he decides to allow the most prominent producers in hip hop to digitally manufacture his music while he provides the vocals.

When describing music comparsion is common and a comparison to Bob Seger is something that any vocalist in a boy-band would pray for. Never being able to obtain that comparision would also be understood. Bob Seger comes from a different time when the business of music was controlled by the people, a time when the industry demanded that an artist be true not only to the audience but to themselves in everything they delivered to that audience, and that is Bob Seger hands down. Bob Seger also has a new album out today, "Face The Promise."

A quick note:
There is another new album out today from John Mayer. Who knew that telling the publicity princess Jessica Simpson that he was not willing to be a manipulation tool would cause such a firestorm?