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Anna's Son: Plane Flight Provides Clues

9/13/2006 6:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna's Son: Plane flight provides cluesTMZ has learned that Daniel Smith, the son of former Playmate Anna Nicole Smith, was dead by the time he was found in his mother's hospital room.

Sources connected to the investigation also say any allegations of negligence on the hospital's part are unfounded. There was no shortage of oxygen, as had been previously reported. There was no blood or vomit in the room either and we're told no drugs or alcohol were found in the room. Sources say, however, Daniel's airplane flight to the Bahamas may provide a critical clue as to the possible cause of his death. TMZ has learned that personnel on board the flight are being interviewed by police and there are rumblings that alcohol on board the aircraft may have been a factor.

Sources indicate Daniel went directly to the hospital where his mother was as soon as he landed at the airport


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That is just too weird to me. There is no telling what happened, personally i dont think she would try and do anything to her son. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

2927 days ago

the wise old owl    

So the plot thickens. It is very distrubing to find out this was not a natural death. It only makes the circumstances THAT MUCH WORSE. It's just horrible to lose a child and than to think that YOUR LIFESTYLE may have lead to it. IT WOULD BE JUST UNBEARABLE.

This poor boy grew up having to take care of and nurture his DYSFUNCTINAL mother. A role reversal , so to speak. The responsibility placed on him from a young age wasn't fair. He saw his mother in porno's, posing naked, having relationships with other woman on screen and watched her excapades while she was heavily influenced by DRUGS. How could that NOT OF BEEN AN INFLUENCE. My God. I really feel sorry for Anna. I am really hoping that this death was not caused by drugs.

2927 days ago


Let the gossip mongers STOP. Regardless for his mother, or what anyone thought or cared of her, a 20 year old boy died in the prime of this life. It is not something he asked for. Let's all stop critiqueing what could possibly have gone wrong and find out the truth of what happened to this fine young man.

I Pray that God has taken him under his wings and will now look after him.

2927 days ago

paris hiltons and nicole richies biggest fan*hayley*    


2927 days ago


Poor guy, he goes to see his mother and baby sister and he dies right there, how ironic, thats so strange he just died like that, he was 20 for god sake.

I dont know its too weird to even try to comprehend it

2927 days ago


to: wise old owl
Did you know Anna personally? You seem to know everything about her private life.

2927 days ago


To # 2--Of course you are quick to blame this on drugs, and on Anna Nicole! Maybe he was drugged, and he wasn't taking drugs?? Whi knows?? Have you even read any of these articles?! The death is suspicious! Hello???

2927 days ago


News Flash all you hand wringers. If he drank enough booze to kill himself (which some indicators apparently point to..)than yes, he is responsible and is not a victim of circumstance.

2927 days ago


The latest reports say that they are investigating a third person in the hospital room. They are not saying who that is as not to jeopardize any trial there might be.

2927 days ago

Travis Bickle    

He could have developed a blood clot in his leg that dislodged and flowed up to his heart. Or Courtney Love killed him like she did Kurt.

2927 days ago

the wise old owl    

To post #4 Gina : No I don't her personally BUT my Brother in Law does. He produced her nude video for PLAYBOY. I have seen her perform lesbian acts on film and know of her past struggles with Drug abuse. I am not the only one privy to this informtion, it is all documented and her porno video just aired a few months back on HBO. I am only stating what is factual. She nearly died from a drug overdose when she lasped into a coma and almost never came out of it. She has taked about this herself. DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER. We are all in control of our destinies by the CHOICES WE MAKE. She made those choices NOT ME.

2927 days ago


How the heck could his mom know if he was drinking if he came to the hospital right after the flight? SOMEONE would at least be able to say he was drunk or he was drinking, whatever. but NO ONE knows how he died. They wanna blame it on alcohol from the flight but wouldn't there be some obvious signs he drank, unless he has the highest tolerance in the WORLD to alcohol and acted so dang normal.... geez. Nah, they're hiding SOMETHING.

2927 days ago



2927 days ago

I would say poor Anna Nicole, but she's pretty rich from all the elderly men in her life.

2927 days ago


Ok have to interject on this one.One want to know who he flew on and did he have a layover during his connection. We serve mini liquors on flt. and sorry but he was not served enough to kill him once arriving. I have been a flt attendant for 20 yrs. Now, did he travel with someone? who did he sit next to? Did he do drugs in bathroom? just wanting to know.I love how now the crew is being interviewed.Now, to me something went on that Flt, that maybe the crew thought he looked susp. on something or drinking heavy.I think he may of been with someone, don't know I think it also, means where he flew from, Bahamas, not a long flt from anywhere on east coast, so maybe he flew from west coast Key too did he have layover somewhere? And How was he when he boarded? was he first class? anyway, I feel bad for Anna, but man just a comment they are all droping like flies Huh? Anyway, someone close to her has issues, Now if her lawyer takes her in Howard ........saves the day..........and you start reading "Anna In Love The Man Their For Her" (Howard)......It is strange as life is He Died With Her...and a new Birth began a shild for her and another ended sad............

2927 days ago
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