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Paris and Travis Barker Hook Up

9/13/2006 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 10.58.05 AMTMZ has exclusive video of Paris Hilton and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker in an extended make-out session at Manhattan club Marquee, and the couple looks extremely cozy as they whisper in each other's ears, caress each other's necks, shoulders, and chests.

After a long night of Fashion Week after-parties, Hilton and Barker headed to exclusive hotspot Marquee, and took up residence in one of the club's banquettes. Despite the considerable racket around them, Paris and Travis talked intently with one another, and then engaged in a long, intense kiss, oblivious to the pulsing throngs. Some time after their lip-lock, Paris checks her mobile device and decides that she's got other places to be, leaving Travis behind.

Barker filed for divorce in August from his wife, Shanna Moakler.


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I love Travis B on meet the Barker, Him and Shanna are the ideal couple It's to bad it did not work out for them and Paris is just a very messed up in her head to be kissing anything that comes along..........

2926 days ago


Travis is so dumb I mean Paris Hilton? can you say Hollywoods's biggest whore nest to Lindsay So what first he trashes his wife the mother to his kids in public and for what to screw Paris just gross used to like him but now he looks like a coward who just wanted to whore around

2926 days ago


This is normal for showbiz personalities, a kind of marketing.

2926 days ago


Travis is awesome and if you don't know him personally, who are you to judge.
Amen. Screw you who talk trash. Look at your own life, his is better than yours.

2925 days ago


I do not think that it is Paris Hilton. THat looks like the girl that was in Hawaii with Travis. THey got off our plan that was leaving to LAX. THere has been nothing I saw in the press. It was like 3 days after their split.

2925 days ago


What a skanky couple.

2924 days ago

don lefevre    

About Paris.....I think she is so pretty,and sweet too.All of you who speak against her cant stand her because she is cute and a billionheiress in waiting.Now get a LIFE JERK

2924 days ago

Gene Gonzalez    

Why does everyone give that Paris idiot so much attention? Who gives a sh t about what she does. She's rich. So what? Enough already!!!!

2924 days ago


I have watched meet the Barkers many times and while I totally disagree with Shanna's daily routines, I can't fathom that Travis could be so shallow and blind to not see that Paris Hilton is totally wrong for him if he has the best interest of his children in mind. He seems to be a caring and involved "DAD" and Paris has openly proved on public television that she can't even take care of herself let alone children.... AND, children that do not belong to her at that... which is even harder to deal with speaking from experience. Anyway, I do so hope he comes to his senses... Good Luck Travis! Please, PLEASE, PLEASE.... RETHINK the situation!

2924 days ago


One word for "Paris"..Slut!!....with a whole lot of $$ when she is not flashing the public wiht her coochie,,,,she off being a publicity ho bag!! iam sick of her why doesn't she take up some worthy charity??? she is boring and stupid!! with a vocabulary of a 10 th grader! spend some money on an education!! she's just another dumb Rich kid!!

2924 days ago


I think that you guys need to leave Paris alone!! Stop hating because she's doing what the rest of you hoes wish that you could do. Everybody keeps getting on her because she was on tape giving head to someone who her man at the time when half of you bitches do that sh*t to a different man everyday anyway. She has enough money to buy all you stank ass bitches !! You guys need to be getting on Travis Barker the man who has two kids at home not the young rich girl living her life she has no responsibilities!!! You dump broads need to wake the hell up and stop hating

2923 days ago


Why do people hate her so much what has she done to yall!!! umm i think nothin!!

2923 days ago


why again is he a fag or homosexual? what is the deal? because he is out making an a$$ of himself in public all of a sudden this qualifies him as gay? how are the two related? what is so wrong with being gay in the first place? oh i get it... you are all just projecting here. there is nothing to be ashamed of Dog Bone Jenkins, Dingo Lunch and Alan Alda. your anger is misplaced, if you want to gay bash to make yourselves feel better about your questionable sexuality go do it somewhere else. and if you need to talk to someone about your sexuality there are other blogs in which to do so. leave gays out of this... they are already blamed for so much other stuff (aids, hepC) - now you want to blame them for mr barker looking like an idiot? besides, he is kissing a girl if you havent noticed from the picture.

2922 days ago


What a filthy smelly couple!

2922 days ago


pairs can't you stick with one guy......your making yourself look like a slut........ and travis still loves shanna so back off

2922 days ago
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