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Not Ready to "Shut Up and Sing"

9/13/2006 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dixie Chicks: Click to watchNatalie Maines obviously isn't out to make friends with President Bush anytime soon -- expressing her embarrassment towards #43 and calling him a "dumb f**k" in a new documentary.

Though the Dixie Chicks initially set out to make a rockumentary, "Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing" quickly became more politically charged after the group's frontwoman told a London audience, "We're embarrassed that the President is from Texas," at a 2003 concert.
"We felt like it was time to have cameras follow us around for a little while and just show the next cycle of touring," says Emily Robison about the filming, "and then when Natalie said what she said it turned into a totally different animal. It was one of those things where we knew it was important to continue filming."

The documentary, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, depicts the backlash towards the Chicks and their new album, "Taking the Long Way," which had difficulty getting airplay on country radio stations. The film will open this month in limited release.


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2925 days ago


I dont see anything wrong with what the Dixie Chicks have said! They are americans and they have Freedom of Speech just like the rest of us!

2925 days ago

Georgia Tooman    

love the chicks, couldn't agree with them more

2925 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

I am for free speech, etc. being entitled to an opinion, whatever..

The problem is, wheather you like the President or not, our men
and women are fighting (and dying) overseas..Natalie Maines
really should check her mouth and be EXTREMELY thankful that she
is in a country where she is ALLOWED to say such things openly.
If she were elsewhere, chances are, she could be trapped in a home
without the freedom of even leaving, or better yet, beaten to death by men
who think women are dogs and aren't worth a damn thing...she should
SERIOUSLY give some thought to the men and women who are DYING right
now in order to provide the very freedom she is taking for granted.
By the way Natalie... Do you kiss your kid with that mouth? Your such a
wonderful mother...

2925 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Hooray for Natalie! She speaketh the truth!!!!

2925 days ago


Since when have most people cared what stars political views are? At least in my case it has been never. Yes she can say and think what she would like..but sometimes you would think maybe common sence would come into play. To keep beating a dead horse when you know your big mouth has already lost you fans..that is just priceless.

2925 days ago


Disgusting Commentary by Dixie Chicks and Disrespectful to the President of the U.S. I will not be buying anything of theirs ever again. Remember those planes plowing into the towers, we are lucky to not have a repeat into other buildings because President Bush does what is necessary to defend us, he doesn't take a poll and ask permission of the entire rest of the world. He gets the job done. So we are left with people like the D.Chicks who are ignorant. I hope my husband doesn't get killed - especially thinking it was to defend her dumb ignorant and classless statement.

2925 days ago


Good job girls! Thank-you for not being afraid AND reminding people that we indeed live in a Democratic Nation.

2925 days ago


YEA #3 but the point is shes not in a country like that so shut your yap!

The only reason the soldiers are out their dying in the first place is cause of dumbass Bush that thinks hes going to save the world to be a hero, and the funny thing is he cant even control national security!

2925 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Natalie has the right to say anything she wants as she did. What ended up happening is she pissed off a large percentage of her fan base which ended up hurting her and her band mates in record sold and concert tickets. Thus, she and her band mates made the decision to speak their mind knowing full well they would be hurt business wise. Good for them for alienating their fan base in order for her to make an unintelligent comment. It's one thing if she could articulate her disagreement, but she's not smart enough to do that so she just utters curse words.

Besides, they don't need the lost money. They are rich enough as it is.

2925 days ago


Natalie and everyone like her need to shut their mouths!
If we didn't have our troops over there then we would have a war going on here in the United States then not only would our troops be fighting the war but so would everyone else. You guys who are against the war think its so bad that our soldiers are dying over there but what about if the war was here and women and children were being killed. We have to finish this war or they will finish us.
I will NEVER buy the Dixie Chicks CD's nor will anyone i know.
Natalie needs to think before she speaks or better yet she should just not speak because all that comes out of her mouth is nothing but trash. Sure everyone has a right to their opinion but if the war comes here in the US I hope she will be the first one to get her ASS blown up!!!!!!!

2925 days ago


I'll never buy anything from the Dixie Chicks again. No class or respect whatsoever! I support my President, our troops and my country.

2925 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

#9...My point being...
Natalie spewing diarhhea from her mouth does NOT boost
the moral of troops overseas.. get it??

2925 days ago


One thing America should be known for is respect. We have been taught since Childhood to respect the office of Presidency. This is America and Natalie should be ashamed of the disrespect, like Bush or not. I realize that many people were not raised with the same values and that is a shame. Natalie SHUT UP AND QUIT SINGING, TOO. WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN THE SOUTH;STAY AWAY. I hope your bringing politics into entertainment gives you what you desereve, nothing.

2925 days ago


I hope you are the second one to get your ASS blown up!!!!
Get a clue FREAK!!!!!

2925 days ago
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