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Not Ready to "Shut Up and Sing"

9/13/2006 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dixie Chicks: Click to watchNatalie Maines obviously isn't out to make friends with President Bush anytime soon -- expressing her embarrassment towards #43 and calling him a "dumb f**k" in a new documentary.

Though the Dixie Chicks initially set out to make a rockumentary, "Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing" quickly became more politically charged after the group's frontwoman told a London audience, "We're embarrassed that the President is from Texas," at a 2003 concert.
"We felt like it was time to have cameras follow us around for a little while and just show the next cycle of touring," says Emily Robison about the filming, "and then when Natalie said what she said it turned into a totally different animal. It was one of those things where we knew it was important to continue filming."

The documentary, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, depicts the backlash towards the Chicks and their new album, "Taking the Long Way," which had difficulty getting airplay on country radio stations. The film will open this month in limited release.


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Dixie Chicks are over. Stupid statements have destoyed them. Freedom isnt free. They along with the rest of Hollywood will be the first to have their heads taken off if the Muslim Facisit they support were in control. I think they should plan atrip to Iran by themselves to see how long their pitiful lives would last.

2969 days ago


SHUT UP are sooo stupid! Why do you think only people from the south approve of Bush? You are so not educated....there are plenty of people other than people from the south that adore Bush! And, by the way,,,,(miss, think you know it all) You obviously have never been in Texas or any other southern state because....honey you could not be anymore wrong to think we are you put it...Rednecks! Go to other parts of this nation and talk about must be a frustrated "redneck" and ashamed of it...poor thing!

2969 days ago


Three years ago Natalie Maines utilized her freedom of speech to make a statement that drew lots of fire, both for and against her. I didn't object to the comment (I didn't agree but it's her right to say what she wants) but I was disappointed as to the setting of the speech (foreign soil). Fine, it's all still her right. It's all being brought back to the forefront now because of a documentary being filmed that shows more about behind the scenes (Maines facing the camera in a private setting and calling the President a Dumbf**ker). I don't like the trash phrase used - I kinda like women to speak like ladies! - but again, her right and after all, that was three years ago. I think all of us have said something that we regret later - whether it be the content of what we said or the circumstances of perhaps wrong place at the wrong time, etc - again trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Then I started reading about her total disdain for other country performers because they weren't "supporting the Dixie Chicks". And the Dixie Chicks felt that if other country performers weren't supporting them, they were just trying to further their own careers. Didn't stop and think that perhaps there was no support because other performers did not feel the same hatred towards President Bush. But, it's still three years ago so let the past stay in the past. I may feel that the OFFICE of the presidency is somewhat sacred and above that kind of language, but that's just me. NOW, and I do mean as recently as June 15, 2006, Maines is speaking out AGAINST patriotism. Her exact quote to a reporter from The Daily Telegraph was "I don't see why people care about patriotism." Now, as far as I'm concerned, those are fighting words. Now she's showing contempt for patriotism - and to me that means she's showing contempt for the whole foundation of this country. I found out about this interview with The Daily Telegraph on another forum. I went to my search engine and found the interview - she actually spoke out against patriotism. Did I hate Maines three years ago - let's say I wasn't too impressed with her choice of setting and her choice of words but was willing to give the benefit of the doubt as to perhaps something said in the heat of the moment that could hopefully die down after a while. Do I hate Maines after the statements made to a reporter three months ago - damn straight I do and this time I doubt there's anything that could change my feelings. Now she's insulting MY COUNTRY.

2969 days ago


OK.........Let me get this straight....Most of you seem upset that Natalie is dogging our troops oversees....but, if you look at the video, you will understand that she is upset with President Bush, MAYBE...JUST MAYBE...for a war we should not be fighting in the first place. Or that we should have pulled out of by now. If this is what it takes to get noticed, then good for them!!!!! You people seem to forget the Vietnam conflict that out government denied for years was a war. The same will happen here and, to top it off, our guys are coming back with mystery illnesses, PTSS, for all of you who don't know what this is...Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome, or worse. I don't think there is one person who has posted here that has actually been to war. If you had, you would understand where her comments really stem from. I am not one to usually comment on these things, but HELLO PEOPLE, get a F*$@ing CLUE!!!! Our presindent IS stupid, he favors the wealthy and the poor are getting destitute and we are the ones who are footing the bioll for most of this. Why couldn't he attack Saudi Arabia so the the price of oil comes down?????? Or dig up his beloved Texas to find oil instead of the protected lands of the Alaska wilderness??????
In closing, do not be soooooo closed minded.....there is 3 sides to every story, his, theirs and the TRUTH!!!!!!!

2969 days ago


Hey TMZ, LIVEWIRE suggests you change the title of this article to "SHUT UP AND BAKE"!!! It is obvious that politics should be left to men, cause these fat Bush supporters haven't a clue (like Babee).

LIVEWIRE is sad to see so many of the cow Bushies, the TMZ SUPERSTAR feels like he is in that movie. "Night of the Living Dead", surrounded by a bunch of stupid zombies!!!


1. Bush and his neocons took our brave soldiers to the wrong place (Iraq) under false pretenses

2. Bush and his neocons have crapped on the constitution in the name of "security",; how about securing our borders instead of taking away privacy, ya yahoos!

3. Bush gets money from the Saudis, Cheney from the biggest war profiteer, Halliburton, Rumsfeld from the makers of the bird flu vaccine, they tools make millions!

4. Bush and his neocon cronies use fear to control the sheeple; neocons wrote a paper a few years ago on creating revolutionary change in America and how something like a terrorist attack would be the spark needed...

LIVEWIRE could go on and one, but he fears it is too confusing for some of the morons here and they are too far brainwashed.

2969 days ago


l Hate to admit it but LIVEWIRE and I finally agree on something. (how scary)

2969 days ago


LIVEWIRE...'It is obvious that politics should be left to men" know I love you, but that's just wrong! Don't go all Dr. Laura on me!

2969 days ago


Well yea clarification not only men know politics , LIVEWIRE.

But in everything else you said your 100% right

2969 days ago


Hey #9.... First I want to say that I love the Dixie Chicks and support everything they say and do... That's what a TRUE FAN does. Natalie has never said that she didn't support our troops she simple said she doesn't approve of the President or his reasons for our men and women to be over there. She respects our troops and she just wants them home. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. We like to say how much we love our freedom and democractic nation and what do we do, but go into a country and try to tell them how to run it. I say we got Saddum out of there, so lets give them their country back and send our men and women home where they belong. ROCK ON NATALIE, MARTIE, AND EMILY YOU'LL ALWAYS HAVE A UNCONDITIONAL FAN HERE

MUCH LOVE.............PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2969 days ago


For many of you here who are asking "Who the hell is Livewire" I would like to give you some background on him/her. I'm new to this forum scene but the other day I was reading another TMZ forum about the Dixie Chicks. And there were LOTS of posts by Livewire. I tried to read a few but he was doing them in sort of a miniscript/pseudo scenario type of ranting and quite frankly his posts were obviously way too sophisticated for dumb hicks like me. I didn't just pass over any of his posts but would just skim them quickly whenever I saw it was a post from him (sort of hoping that eventually he would stop writing in code so us plain folk could understand him). Well, Lo and Behold, I came across a post from Livewire that not only did I understand, I actually agreed with! And a few other posters felt the same way cause he was getting some verbal hi-fives! And then another post by Livewire that I understood and actually agreed with - and a few more hi-fives from other people. And then all hell broke loose - Livewire's sane posts were actually coming from - now hang on to your hats here - AN INPOSTER LIVEWIRE!!! And boy, was the "real Livewire" pissed! Someone had the audacity to be posting and pretending to be him! But wait, there's more - not only was someone posing as Livewire, the imposter was actually receiving POSITIVE GLOWING feedback from other posters! And we all know that SUPERSTAR Livewire can't have that - so I think he maybe ran away from home and moved here!

2969 days ago


Y'know Kathryn, you are a LIVEWIRE LUNATIC and LIVEWIRE will be the first to admit when he is wrong- Y'see LIVEWIRE has seen the light and is sorry! I have been shocked with the ignorance of the Bushies, and so many were broads that LIVEWIRE lashed out.

Let the kindler, gentler, LIVEWIRE restate his comment-

It is obvious that politics should be left to men and women with IQs over 100, cause these fat Bush supporters haven't a clue

As for GOOEY "IN MY PANTS" LOUIE, LIVEWIRE duhumanized that fat redneck load posts ago- Of course GOOEY LOUIE agrees with WANNABE LIVEWIRE, cause the inbred tool is a twit! LIVEWIRE also thinks he is a closet homo cause the fruit gets all obssessed and stalks LIVEWIRE posts- another fag groupie! If there is just 1 flaw in LIVEWIRE, is that he can't has no patience for imbeciles. and GOOEY LOUIE is IMBECILE SUPREME!

"If ignorance was a crime, GOOEY LOUIE would be doin' hard time!"

2969 days ago


I knew it was the real LIVEWIRE. I forgive you. We women do have our "usefulness"...hehehe.

2969 days ago


There ya go, Livewire, writing in code again!!

2969 days ago


As a child of a military service member I was taught a very specific rule:

"You may criticize your country/president all you want when you are what is called 'Stateside' or rather are living in the US. You do not criticize your country/president when you are on foreign soil!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was taught that freedom of speech is a right that we enjoy, but it is also one that we must respect. You do not have to agree with the president but you do your country a great disservice by voicing those opinions while on foreign soil.

By the way- I agree with what she said but I do not agree with where she said it...and this does not mean that I do not support our troops. I respect and support those who choose to give back through service to our country.

2969 days ago



2969 days ago
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