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TV's Top News Ladies: Will They Sink or Swim?

9/13/2006 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Meredith Vieira's debut on "Today" this morning, the game of musical anchor chairs between Vieira, Katie Couric and Rosie O'Donnell is now complete. So we're left to wonder: which of these women will score big in the ratings and which will fall flat on her face?
Meredith Viera, Katie Couric, and Rosie O'Donnell
Couric scored 13 million viewers in her debut as anchor of "The CBS Evening News" and, while her audience declined slightly by week's end, she still led NBC and ABC by three million viewers. But week two has gotten off to a poor start as Katie dropped to third place on Monday with 7.49 million viewers, slightly behind ABC's 7.87 million and NBC's 8.27 million.

Katie anchored Monday's newscast, the fifth anniversary of 9/11, from Ground Zero and seemed to have trouble holding back tears as she closed the telecast.

While rumors of Rosie O'Donnell clashing with her fellow "View" co-hosts have surfaced (who didn't see that coming?), Rosie's debut on the show also equaled ratings gold -- four million people tuned in, a 54% bump over the same day last year.

Sources have told TMZ that Rosie has complained about the show's production and that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been openly hostile to her. Rosie even butted heads with Barbara Walters before Rosie even debuted -- Walters didn't approve of Rosie's cryptic blog messages she wrote on her site.

Rosie's rep denies rumors of bad blood, saying, "Everyone gets along great."

And finally, it will take a few days to see how Meredith Vieira does in her new locale, but the former "View"-er did show signs of at least being somewhat nervous (who wouldn't be?) as she flubbed a line on her first toss to commercial break.


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i think all three will do wonderful in what ever they set their minds to.
every one is so focused on who will rise and fall. i on the other had choose to sit back and watch.

2962 days ago

duh...totally !    

Props to Rosie this am...she was pretty hard on that freak Mike Boogie from Big Bother All-Stars! It was great, and I can honestly say I AM A ROSIE FAN now !

2962 days ago


I hope Elisabeth gives Rosie sooooo much grief that Rosie can't take it anymore and quits! She is so go Elisabeth...hit her with some morals and values! She won't know how to handle that!!!!!!!!

2962 days ago


I think Kate and Meredith are doing a great job! I wouldn't know about the other so-called lady....I won't watch The View now!

2962 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell has got to be the most unappealing, obnoxious, and irrelevent human being ever to "host" a show, even worse than that abomination known as Star Jones. I understand BW might have wanted to mix things up, but this is just plain suicide for The View. I look forward to the day that this fat c*** is off of the airwaves and out of sight forever. I know of no one that likes her.

2962 days ago


LMAO at TMZ. How nice and how predictible of you to post a picture of Rosie like that. You sure do like to play favorites. Ridiculous.

2962 days ago

Sally Stewart    

"The View" I wonder where these viewer stats come from - I don't know anyone that watches the view anymore since Rosie came on board. It is obvious that the station doesn't care what its viewers think. All I can say is that Rosie is no lady!!!

2962 days ago


and....your first photo of Angelina Jolie in the video galleries makes her look like a Michael Jackson wannabee. God I love you guys...

2962 days ago


I love Rosie and apprently millions of other people do also!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those that are cutting her down deserve not to watch her. Go ahead, don't watch the view, we don't need your negative comments anyway. I think all the ladies get along wonderfully and the View is absolutely the best it has been ever!!!!!!

2962 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

So far as I'm concerned, all three of them deserve to go down the toilet, metaphorically speaking,

2962 days ago


why do you think one of them have to fail? they are each in seperate time slots doing different types of news. You know i think your website should fail for being so damn trashy. you can't say one nice thing about any of them and all you do is report speculation. Well sources close to me say you are crap and I am done with you people.

2962 days ago


I think the view sucks I feel for elisabeth having to be on a show with a bunch of old bags the reason that they did not hire a women with morals that is closer to there age is because they new that they would not be able to shut that person up like they do elisabeth they blow off what she says as if she is young and stupid when she is the only one with good sense and morals has anyone even listen to what comes out of rosies mouth she lets a dog like her kids butt what she needs is those kids tobe taken away from her joy is not funny she is a big mouth and if you don't agree with her she rolls her eyes like a teenager and shakes her head and makes faces barbra needs to just go home she looks like she is out of it at times I hate the show I only wanted to watch for support for elisabeth but not any more elisabeth needs a new job design your on line of clothes or something but get out while you can

2962 days ago


I thought Meredith's debut today was rather boring and not worth the hype. As for Elizabeth on the View, she needs to go bye bye...

2961 days ago

Henrietta Cote    

Rosie, I have not heard of any Christians killing men, women and children in the name of Jesus Christ!! What in the world are you talking about...

I sure do hope that ABC had a word or two to say to you...

2961 days ago


Meredith is a gem. Rosie needs to watch the shows & hold back a little. BUT she was right on today when interviewing Mike Boogie. He is both disgusting & contemptible & Rosie was the only one who was not afraid to say what most of us were thinking. She deserves a lot of credit for her candor & I admire her for standing up to this chilltown clown.

2961 days ago
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