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"Dog" Chapman Arrested, Faces Extradition

9/14/2006 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane MSNBC's Rita Cosby is reporting that Duane Dog Chapman, star of the A&E reality series "Dog the Bounty Hunter," and two members of his bounty hunting team (including his son) were arrested by U.S. officials today for extradition to Mexico. Cosby is reporting that Mexican government officials wanted the three men sent back there in relation to a three-year-old case.

In 2003, Chapman traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to retrieve Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster, who was wanted in the U.S. on rape charges. Luster is now in jail, serving a 124-year term. The Chapmans were jailed in Mexico for a brief time for the incident three years ago. Bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico.

Dog's wife, Beth Chapman, said 12 armed marshals "came through the door" at 6:00AM this morning. She said they took their daughter's boyfriend down at gunpoint. Dog was sleeping at the time.

TMZ spoke with Nicky Credic from the U.S. Marshals Office. She said, "The arrest warrant was signed by a U.S. magistrate in Hawaii on September 13. The warrant was based on a formal request based on a diplomatic note from the government of Mexico."


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THIS IS BULLS***! The Mexican government is nothing but crippled with dirty politicians. You can get arrested for almost anything and if you payoff (in cash) a cop, judge or anyone else involved you can get off scott free. We should start a campaign to stop tourism in Mexico.

2927 days ago


This is the most f***ed up thing I have read today. Why did the justice department allow this? The guy was going after a rapist. They denied him the reward money, and now they are going to screw him again without the KY jelly.

2927 days ago


The Luster case made him famous and got him the TV show. Good luck to him and his family. Keep up your good work!!

2927 days ago


Arrested for kidnapping!! That is just so wrong on so many levels!

2927 days ago


This is a shame!!! Sending positive thought to the Chapman's!

2927 days ago


You would think that Mexico would be grateful that Lester isn't roaming their streets, raping and humiliating their women and children. The man is serving a 124 year sentence...This is crazy. Dog and his people went to Mexico and literally, caught a rapist...a rich rapist, but still a rapist. What does he get in return...3 years later the Mexican Govt. arrests him. What a shame. This is what a person gets for bringing justice to many many women. No more Mexican vacations for me...nope, they would rather have rapists running around, than a man come and arrest them and bring them to justice.

2927 days ago


I agree with everyone -- the rapist has been caught and that is the most important thing! Leave Dog alone.

2927 days ago

none of ur business    

A&E will go to the ends of the earth and spend whatever it takes to get him out because his show is the only one worth watching on that channel and they know it. Stay tuff dog your fans are with you.........Your wife on the other hand needs to stop squeezing into those cloths that make her look like Pam andersons ghetto sister with a thyroid problem, oh and put some tape over her mouth, every time she talks I want shove something in my ears.

2927 days ago


What a bunch of Crap. Please pray for him and his family as he would do for others. God Bless The Dog & his (Pound)

2927 days ago


And Leland is too pretty to go to jail!!!!!

2927 days ago


And, US signed the warrant and made the arrest for Mexico??!!! That is so wrong!! Why does the US allow this? Will Mexico arrest and deliver to us all the drug trafficers in their country?? No.They would never arrest one of their citizins to deliver to the US!

Pray that Dog is soon released, and these bogus charges are dropped!

2927 days ago


I smell a big pile of Dog crap!
Something isn't right here. The Bounty Hunter has a huge fan base. I can here the dogs howling already. Close the borders and let the Mexicans move to France.

2927 days ago


I say we start a revolution go down there and set DOG FREE!!! I can't even believe what I am hearing right now.... we as a people must do something unite and free the dog! Who the hell is this magistrate in Hawaii he need to have a talking to!!! Call in the Salvation Army we're going in to get the DOG!

2927 days ago


I agree with Lisa, this is bullshit. Busting into someone's home three years after the fact is ridiculous on it's own.......but doing it because Mexico has decided it has nothing better to do than re-arrest a man for doing the right thing sends it all way over the edge. I guess Mexico wants us all to know that protecting the scum of the earth at all costs is their priority!

2927 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE! I just don't understand the justice system anymore - either in Mexico or the USA. Does anyone think that it's possible that the Judge which signed the warrant for Dogs arrest is in need of some passion berry lipstick?

2927 days ago
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