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"Dog" Chapman Arrested, Faces Extradition

9/14/2006 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane MSNBC's Rita Cosby is reporting that Duane Dog Chapman, star of the A&E reality series "Dog the Bounty Hunter," and two members of his bounty hunting team (including his son) were arrested by U.S. officials today for extradition to Mexico. Cosby is reporting that Mexican government officials wanted the three men sent back there in relation to a three-year-old case.

In 2003, Chapman traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to retrieve Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster, who was wanted in the U.S. on rape charges. Luster is now in jail, serving a 124-year term. The Chapmans were jailed in Mexico for a brief time for the incident three years ago. Bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico.

Dog's wife, Beth Chapman, said 12 armed marshals "came through the door" at 6:00AM this morning. She said they took their daughter's boyfriend down at gunpoint. Dog was sleeping at the time.

TMZ spoke with Nicky Credic from the U.S. Marshals Office. She said, "The arrest warrant was signed by a U.S. magistrate in Hawaii on September 13. The warrant was based on a formal request based on a diplomatic note from the government of Mexico."


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I think it shameful that people feel the need to attack , Dog's wife at this time. I feel that the US government should have never honored the arrest warrant, and furthermore now that they did , why did they feel they had to break down the door of the Chapman's home? I am betting all they had to do was knock on the door and ask Dog to go with them and he would have gone. Does his work to make the streets safer mean nothing to anyone? I know that Americans have to be party to another countries laws while they are in their country, but Dog and this "pound" as i saw referred to earlier, have already served their time for this in Mexician jail 3 years ago. Why is this even being brought up at this time? Think about it , Mexico now has a new President, he likes money, put 2 and 2 together people. As for name calling , like "trash", do you know the Chapman's well enough personally to judge them? Would you want a stranger to judge you this harshly? God will prevail Dog, Leland, and Tim , you will be free . Keep your faith , stand strong. God Bless all 3 of you and your families.

2961 days ago

R Gill    

So Mexico shows the finger at the US everytime the US wants Mexico to return a fugitive (like Max Factor Rape Boy and others) and yet when Mexico wants The Dog and says to the US Government "Jump", the US GOvt says "How High?"

When will our govt realize that we are being taken to the cleaners by this government that jails US citizens without proper papers and wont let them vote and we give free health care and welfare and allow their citizens to sue here in court so they can hang out on street corners for jobs?

FREE THE DOG!!!!! He deserves better!

2961 days ago

B Smith    

its funny to me that the mexican govt wants to catch a "Kidnapper" who brought a rapist to justice for breaking their laws yet the same govt gives out pamphlets on how to enter our country illegally.

2961 days ago


thats it! im boycoting mexican food lol,, we americans are getting sick of this shit!

2961 days ago


I agree with some posts: stop tourisim in Mexico. Dog, the Bounty Hunter, CAUGHT a freakin' rapist and he's the one going to jail? The is messed up in all levels, both the Mexican and US government.

2961 days ago


This is absolutly unbelievable! I can't believe that our government allowed this to happen. I have to agree with the others. Mexicans come into this country illegally every day and get jobs, public assistance, etc. Everything they can't get from their own government. Dog did the public and all women a great service getting that slimeball off the streets. And why did it take 3 years for Mexico to decide that he commited a crime? This is just sooo wrong. My prayers go out to Dog and his family. God Bless!

2961 days ago

D.. O... double G    

On 18 June 2003, Chapman captured Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor cosmetics company, who was convicted in absentia of poisoning and rape. However, he was charged by Mexican authorities for not handing Luster over to them. After not obtaining permission to leave the country, the Government declared Chapman and his crew fugitives from justice on July 3, and tried to get them extradited to Mexico for sentencing. The charges were eventually dropped. The capture made Chapman famous, and led to his TV show.

The article above states that the charges had been dropped? I dont get it.

2961 days ago


What the--??? Dog's in jail for getting an idiot rapist off the street's??? I guess the USA politician's wanted to spend the taxpayer's dollar's to go on and on and on, trying to get Mexico to send that piece of sh++ back to the USA. Or, maybe they were waiting for him to sneak back across the border with all of the other illigal's??? CLOSE THE BORDER!!!! CLOSE THE BORDER!!! America is going to Hell in a hand basket, FAST, to let this happen. THREE year's later??? Give me a break. Give Dog and family a break, tell the president of Mexico and the rest of those Mexican's to KISS OUR A++!!!

2961 days ago


I like Dog's show and I also think he's done a great job at hunting down the people who break the law. One show I was watching once, there were some cops who were trying to find someone and they had their dogs out looking for the guy but it started to rain and the dogs were loosing the guy's scent so the cops gave up, thats when Beth said "what their dogs can't find my Dog will". I think it's pretty cool that he's able to do so much with the life that he turned around. Good luck to him getting out of Mexico....stupid they waited 3 years to come get him but it is probably all about the money.

2961 days ago

R Gill    

Hey Diego! #35 : You rap America when Mexico thumbs their nose at giving back criminals who break our laws?????

n October 2001, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that the U.S.-Mexico Extradition Treaty bars the extradition to the United States of anyone who faces a potential life term in prison. As a result, people who commit a serious crimes in the United States and flee to Mexico typically escape justice.


So why should we give them Dog!

2961 days ago


I also agree with everyone. Mexico needs to worry about more then Dog going after Rapists. Like maybe why all there people are tyring to cross our borders!!!!

2961 days ago


omg i can't belive it i love Leland my poor Leland is in Jail i must go save him!!!!

2961 days ago

Jay Nichols    

Bush and his Mexican sidekick Alberto "La Raza" Gonzales are traitors to the core.

2961 days ago


#26 YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT ON A DEAD CARCASS! Get the fuck out of here you loser!

2961 days ago


What they did to Dog,Leleand and Tim was uncalled for.Funny it happened after all this immigration stuff started.Its retaliation!! .The problem with Mexico is that they can do whatever they want and not suffer the consequences.Thats why they run back when they get in trouble.Because they know the United States can't touch them there.But yet they want rights here.Its a shame that the judge who signed that warrant can't see that!!!!

2961 days ago
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