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Last Known Photo of Steve Irwin

9/14/2006 5:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Below is the last photo taken of Steve Irwin before his tragic death last week. He is posing marine biologist Chris Jones on his boat, Croc 1, just two days before his death.
The last photo of Steve Irwin
Irwin died last week after his heart was pierced by a stingray's poisonous barb while filming on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Family and pals held a private funeral at the zoo on Saturday and there will be a public memorial service at his 60-acre Australia Zoo wildlife park next Wednesday.


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Wow, add a couple of inches to the guy on the left and he could pass for Steve's twin.

2900 days ago


A sad day for everyone when he passed on, I still cant beleive hes gone. RIP steve we'll miss you!

2900 days ago

none of ur business    

The world has a big piece missing without Steve Irwin and his great and noble cause. I always said when I have children one of the first places I was going to take them was to his zoo to meet the awsomeness that is Mr. Irwin but now it is a dream lost. I really am going to miss this wild guy. Terry if you happen to read this please know the world is sad and we love you and your family.

2900 days ago


This dude rocked...hope his family finds peace in their hour of mourning......

2900 days ago

Barbara Lines-Buoye    

God rest your smiling soul!

2900 days ago


He died living and loving life. If we could all be so lucky.
Rest in peace, Steve.

2900 days ago


It's amazing the good will one person can generate using their fame while some others (who will remain nameless) only care about the next party.

2900 days ago

coco puff    

Glad he's dead. It could of happened sooner though. I hope they didn't cremate his ass. The worms gotta eat too! Good ridens, MATE! HA! HA! HA!

2900 days ago


my 6 year old cried for a day when she asked me why steve was oin the cover of people magazine. may god be with terry and her children. i hope to never have to go through with my children what she is going through with hers.

2900 days ago


this is to the parasite. YOU ARE ONE SAD SORRY PERSON TO SAY WHAT YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!! i hope that one day you will grow up into a decent human being

2900 days ago


When you look at Steve, don't ya just hear him saying, "CROCS RULE!" I'm glad someone shared that. Gosh I miss him. It's nice to see that smiling face. When people are beemed into your life on a daily basis, it's hard to not care about them-even though they don't kno us. We'll never forget you, Steve-O! Lots of prayers to the Irwin family and all his dear friends who are mourning this loss. And Terry? We love you. I think Steve would want us to keep an eye and you and keep an eye on you we will.In Steve's memory, we will be making a donation to "Wildlife Warriors." I hope it's ok that I share this,
This was what they advertised on Sunday, when they aired a 6 hr tribute to Steve by showing his best Croc Files on Animal Planet.

2900 days ago

coco puff    

That's what you get for torturing animals all those years. He took the stingray for granted and he got what he deserved. The lesson here is, if you mistreat animals for shock TV, eventually you will pay the ultimate price, period.

2900 days ago


I still don't believe Steve Irwin is gone! I can't imagine what his family is going thru! What a loss for the aussies as well as the whole world. Wish i could be there for the memorial service. Terry, all of you are in my prayers! May your guardian angel hold all of you tightly in his arms and God bless you! judi

2900 days ago


This message is to : PARISITE !!!!!! shut the fuck up ,you stupid fuck , How can you say something like that. grow up asshole. god help you

2900 days ago


I understand that people have the right to say whatever they want with the "Free Speech Act", but whoever this "Parisite" person is that just wrote @ 5:15pm that horrible message... you should be ashamed of yourself. What a sad life you must have to have such hatred in you heart and soul to say such rotten and dispicable things. I will be sure to pray for your soul. obviously you have no conscience. Even if you didn't agreet with him and what his cause was, saying such horrible things is so sad. Forget about his celebrity, he had a family which included small children and a loving, devoted wife. What would possess you or anyone to say such horrible things about someone you didn't know. You should think about your words before writing them or speaking. The blatant disrespect for the dead, is unfortunate and so sad. Shame on you and may God save you and your family from any harm.
Naomi, U.S.A., Texas

2900 days ago
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