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Last Known Photo of Steve Irwin

9/14/2006 5:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Below is the last photo taken of Steve Irwin before his tragic death last week. He is posing marine biologist Chris Jones on his boat, Croc 1, just two days before his death.
The last photo of Steve Irwin
Irwin died last week after his heart was pierced by a stingray's poisonous barb while filming on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Family and pals held a private funeral at the zoo on Saturday and there will be a public memorial service at his 60-acre Australia Zoo wildlife park next Wednesday.


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Steve was truly unique. There will never be another Steve Irwin. His life was far too short..his legacy lives on.

2924 days ago


#13 the worms wouldnt bother to eat your nasty ass, its not funny to try to get attention laughing at someones death, god will pass judgement to you, so I suggest you pray to god for forgiveness for saying those things.

Your actually sad, I know by your comment your a very depressed and insecure person, dont take out your own feelings on things like this.

2924 days ago

Pat Deeds    

He was truly close to God working with the animals and now he is with God. My deepest sympanthy to the Irwin family. God will guide you through this.

2924 days ago


It's a sad day for all of us when someone like Steve Irwin passes away. My sincere condolences to Terri Irwin and the children.

2924 days ago



I understand that you do not eat animals and that you love all creatures, but you are using a computer and that takes batteries and electricity. What are you doing to save your precious animals? I bet you drive a car and shop at the supermarket and do not eat all natural organic foods. Your support in these activities helps aid in the degragation of the enviroment. Practice what you preach.
No one deserves to die. What is your price? Maybe you will get what you deserve and get struck by lighting while typing on message boards on your computer. Is that justice?
Is is true that Steve was a little outrageous and maybe you thought it was shock tv, but he educated so many people on animals and the neccesity of protecting the enviroment and animals. What are you doing?

2924 days ago

Pat Deeds    

God bless The Irwin family. He is in peace with God his Mom and his beloved Suey. We have lost a truly compassionate person. Pat

2924 days ago


RIP Steve !!

2924 days ago

The Fox    

Steve Irwin was the type of person more people should be like....caring and smiling. People suck today. They could have learned alot from him....RIP !!

2924 days ago

Jan Nunya    

I wondered if Steve would have had a much greater chance of surviving had he not torn the stingray from his chest? Really a question for someone in the medical profession.

2924 days ago

coco puff    

I don't need your f***en prayers, scumbags! Go light a f***en candle for Steve, Jerk off, Irwin, OK, douchebags! I'm so sick of this sanctimonist bullsh*t over this guy, enough already! I'm an angry man and I don't give a f*** what you think of me!

2924 days ago

Ray Sting    

Crikey! I knew he died in those stupid safari shorts!

2924 days ago


rip steve! you be miss ! your fam should bwe verry proud of you and the work you did , to fam hang in there , god bless

sanfranciscobay ceebugg

2924 days ago

coco puff    

F*** You Sam! Wake up and smell the F***en Coffee! This a**hole used these animals as props for his f***en TV show! Get it, F*** Face! The only video I want to see is the one where this scumbag has a barb in his BLACK HEART! Too Shay!

2924 days ago

Marwan Ali    

to the parasite F=$#k U? Who are you to even make a judgement like that? Oops maybe that how people would feel about you If you shall happen to pass. Maybe your time will be soon! HA HA HA

2924 days ago


To parasite:
What a horrible, horrible thing to say. No "normal" person wishes death to anyone. You are a heartless person. Enough with you.

To Steve, we will miss you mate.

2924 days ago
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