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Brad and Angie Go Tagging

9/15/2006 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood's hottest couple made another public appearance last night at one of the only two things they seem to do outside their home -- art shows and flying lessons.

Yesterday's outing was no different, as they took in the view at Banksy's graffiti art show in a Downtown LA warehouse. The happy couple took time to check out the artist's show, called "Barely Legal," where a life-sized red and gold elephant is the show's main piece.

Yesterday's news of the arrest of an FBI impostor for trying to secure a job at camp Brangelina didn't seem to slow down the famous duo as they left the show holding hands, escorted by two women.


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showers of Blessings    

I love this couple.
They are meant for each other.
They have a family now.
I pray they continue their love to each other, to the children and to their humanitarian work.
I love you, Brad, Angie, and the children.

2959 days ago


I think Brad found his true love and I think Angie has found the balance and the "man" she needed to make her life complete. I hope the public accepts them as what they are, a couple in love and parents of a beautiful family. I respect them and I'm glad there is not as much hate mail as before. Thanks TMZ for showing them as the great couple they are.

2959 days ago


California guy and sophisticated woman? they so dont look good together. he looked best with golden girl Jennifer Aniston!!
nevermind the fact that angelina blatantly lied to the public when she annouced she would NEVER take another woman's husband. she isnt someone i look up to no matter what good deeds she tries to do. by the way angelina, dont forget america since we are the ones that made you who you are today!

2959 days ago


Every Alpha female wants an Alpha male. That is the only male she will allow to dominate her. Enter Bradley - Alpha male!


I think they make an amazing couple. Let's see if they can make it last. I hope so.

2959 days ago


Posted at 3:32PM on Sep 15th 2006 by denise

She never said that. What she said was:
"I would never sleep with a married man"

And what do you know, he wasn't he was divorced. Of course you'll say he filed for a divorce, but having gone through it myself AFTER a manditory 1-3 month legal seperation (which is necessary in the US) I can tell you that once you file. You are considered legally divorced. The divorce is on record and may take up to 6 months to finalized, BUT you are considered divorced. Might there be anything else your little misguided mind (with its warrped sense of judgement) can think of?

2959 days ago

showers of Blessings    

The marriage of Brad and Jennifer Aniston is a fraud. They have different interests. Brad likes architecture. Jen likes margarita. Jen is whiny. Jen strings Brad along, promising him to give him children. Jen and Brad were together for 7 years, yet childless. I am sure this is one of the reason for the demise of the marriage. Jen went on the media again and again saying "family is on the way", yet we see her smoking cig after cig. I feel this is very misleading to the public. She wanted to establish her movie career. Why not be honest about it instead of stringing Brad along?
I know of Angie's question behavior in the past. But she has changed for the better. I applaud her for that. I am also very impressed with her humanitarian work. She gave 1/3 of her income to fund charity work. To me, a good deed is a good deed. It doesnt matter where it is performed.
Jennifer Aniston has gotten a huge amount of sympathy. Yes, she should have some sympathy, But not this huge. I believe she should take accountability of the share of the failure of this marriage. Do I look up to Jennifer Aniston? NO !!!! I've never seen her in charity work. When I went to web site. I was so disappointed to see a picture of Brad in Africa with a whole bunch of children, but I did not see Jen in the picture. Yet, I saw pictures of Jen with Brad in the carpet in every single event. If you look at the date of that Africa picture, you will notice that pic was taken long before they announced the separation. Anyway, so much of my thought.
I am sure this new couple will do great things, not only for their children, but for the human kind.
peace !

2959 days ago


Please read carefully!
You need to re-read my previous post. If you do you'll see I said nothing negative about Angie or Brad. I happen to be a supported of both of them. The "target" so to speak was TMZ's decision on what they post and what they don’t. When it’s slow (like it's been today) they always bring out Angie, Rosie, Mel or Lindsay just to get the postings to pick up. I not blaming them just pointing it out. And if you look now, what ya know a article about Mel! Proving my point.

2958 days ago


Fantastic couple...they just look so right together. Its good to know they get out about and have some together time without the kids. I love the pics of them with their kids too and hope we see some new Shiloh pics pretty soon.

2958 days ago


I don't think they look right together at all. I can't see Angelina being in LA for long. She is a free spirit. This whole family thing and settling down just doesn't suit her. Give them another year. I am sure her brother will be

2958 days ago


This site is no better than Perez Hilton's there are always bloggers on here that hate for a hobby!
if there's a good story they rush right in to make it look bad.
this leads me to believe that they have the lowest common denominater when it comes to intelligence and class.

I think they are such a nice couple, too bad they always have to be in a rush.
There's another photo of them just standing there, holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes, from the same event. they look so happy, content even.
i'm so glad they found each other, regardless of the circumstances.
i think they both are good influences on each other. they're becoming better people every day.

2958 days ago


Brad and Angelina look gorgeous together.

2958 days ago


I have to say. Brad and Angelina are beautiful together.

2958 days ago


Good Grief. These pics are just a tiny correction to the "brad is angelina's pull toy" headlines. He's got a couple of movies scheduled for release betcha! LOL

2958 days ago


Never going to like them, together or apart. Never really did, maybe Brad a little but done with him now too. Next.

2958 days ago


This couple will not make it. To much cheating...........What goes around comes around. The thing that really pisses me off. She hate her Dad for cheating on the Mom. She needs to look at herself.........Make up with Dad you are not perfect.

2958 days ago
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