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Greasy Bear And Firecrotch -- at the Same Party!

9/15/2006 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yes, the inevitable finally happened. Brandon Davis (aka Greasy Bear) and Lindsay Lohan (aka Firecrotch) attended the same party last night -- a Fashion Week event thrown by Calvin Klein.

Brandon looked none too pleased to be asked if he saw Lohan inside, and Lindsay wasn't exactly her bubbly self either.

Guess there's no buzzkill like running into your worst nightmare.

To add to the craziness, the fake Paris also showed up, wearing a dress that has to be seen to be believed. And when she is asked about Brandon, she has a response that is just classic.


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Wow you guys cant get scoops on no other celebrity? Thats sad, your not going to last long like this

2858 days ago


aahaa brandon got dissed by paris hilton's look alike. It's like looking into the future... beautiful. he had to be ashamed of himself seeing lohan face to face.

2858 days ago


does that fat, greasy, f*** do anything besides go to parties? How old is he? Really sad that he has no job to speak of and just sits on his fat a** all day.

2858 days ago

blah blah blah    

It was bound to happen sooner or later
Too bad Lynsey didn't go to him and CLAW his freaking eye balls out onto the floor

And what a JOKE of a FAKE PARIS
HAAA HAAA HAA.............loved it when she said BRANDON WHO?

2858 days ago


That video was so blurry I couldnt tell what was happening! Get better videos TMZ!!!!!!!!!!

2858 days ago


Hum...that Brandon guy is just so ridiculous!!!
Ok...he has money...but does he has the talent that Liloh has???
NO!! So shut up Brandon and leave Liloh alone!!!!

2858 days ago


i think tmz should start their own line of toilet paper, most of this shit can be read on the hopper lol.. we already know the scoop about the firecrotch incident. theres nothing else to report on this story. unless of course lindsey takes her shoe off and beats this brandon guy in his crotch area and says okkkkkkkkkkk nowww whos the firecrotch now you ass. lol. of course they are going to run into each other at all the hot spots .pardon the pun.

2858 days ago


OMG, what a greasy, ugly, fat, pitful excuse for a human being. He is really terrible. If I was a male I would whip his ass. He looks like a ponk. The hilton girls just love to be around him. Both of them. What's up? Like Why? I guess birds of a feather flock together. And what's with that Paris inposter. She is ugly to. SAD ASS PEOPLE.

2858 days ago

Nanu Nanu    

Greasy bear should be called "Greasy bloated Elvis".

2858 days ago

the wife    

Brandon Davis is such a loser... I would like to see that jerk have to work for a living and know what it really feels like to earn your own money instead of mooching off your rich family.

2858 days ago


#9 he would bring elvis to shame

2858 days ago


What the fuck is that greasy, disgusting, fat, smelly, no talent Elvis wanna-be doing there anyway? What does he talk about, his next project?

2858 days ago

The Truth    

Please TMZ, can we have a moritorium on Fat Elvis. As you can see we all hate him. On another note, from one seen to much, to another... what does Jack Osbourne have of any relevence to we readers? Ozzie and Sharon must be so proud. Is he a mute?

2858 days ago


Greasy fat Elvis in officially Z-listed....ha ha ha ha.

2858 days ago


My comments relate to the advice Lindsay received from Jane Fonda. How does Fonda have the credentials to give advice about either proper behavior in your twenties, or the additional comments she made to Access Hollywood about bulemia.
At least Lindsay has not gone to the Al Queda training camps in support of them.
Most people who access this board are not old enough to remember Fonda's actions during the Vietnam War.
And Fonda made her initial fortunes off the Fonda Exercise tapes and she is able to give advice on bulemia?????

2858 days ago
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