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Paris on Travis:

'He's One of My Dear Friends'

9/15/2006 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 11.03.38 AMAfter getting caught playing tonsil hockey with Travis Barker on Tuesday, Paris Hilton had some choice words about the ex-blink-182 bandmate last night.

On her way out of Hollywood nightclub Hyde, a photographer asked the heiress, "What's up with you and Travis Barker?" Paris' reply? "He's one of my dear friends," adding, "I'm single, he's my friend."

Hilton is clearly enjoying the single life!


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You know what????? Why do soooo many people find her attractive? She is skinny, has a long ass witch-looking nose, and a slut. The only thing going for her is her money!!!!! What if she was just an ordinary mo?!!!!!!!!! Come on, she is far from even being CUTE!!!!!!!!

2935 days ago


I can see the next movie in production..Paris Hilton...The WHORE nextdoor..not be confused with the girl nextdoor...hahahahaa

2935 days ago


Travis appeared to be a really sweet loving kinda guy on his reality show, I'd love to see him with a great girl who appreciates him. Kinda when Ben Affleck went from Diva Maneater JLO to sweet Jennifer Garner....I'd like to see the same for Travis.

2935 days ago


#2! AND THE REST OF YOU!!! >:(

You are waaay too too funny! STOP! lol.....please. (-D

2935 days ago


this is so stupid!!! Everything she does is considered fascinating. ANd really it is not.

2935 days ago

Jean Lee    

Quit. She is a beautiful, hard working young girl. She does what every other girl her age has done, it's just that she in the spot light, you hear it! Leave her alone. You go girl!..
Jean Lee-Way Up North

2935 days ago

Vivian L.    

My oh my, what nasty comments. Leave the little lady alone. Your jealousy is showing.

2935 days ago


It may easier for y'all to a write a report of who Paris has not been with.. The list would be a lot shorter than the list of the ones she has been with.

2935 days ago

nashvol rulz    

come on now,Paris has excellent morals,plenty of free money,GOT TO BE A PIECE OF SH*T,TRAILER PARK TRASH REPUBLICAN-she never recalls any thing she did wrong,and has morals just like BUSH jr. ):

2935 days ago


I wish people would leave this beautiful girl alone once and for all. For crying outloud just because she takes a picture with a guy it doesn't mean she's sleeping with him. YES America it is possible for a guy and a girl to be actual friends without dating. In my 20's I only had guy friends because girls had treated me terribly. Girls are very jealous, evil and back stabbing and I unfortunatley experienced the back stabbing and jealousy girls for most of my life because of the way I look and because I had a very sweet. down to earth personality. Which is a double threat to girls who hate pretty nice girls. It's terrible and very immature for people to behave and spread vicious rumors about someone they don't even know. Just because Paris is beautiful and was born in a wealthy family and has a very luxurious and exciting life doesn't mean you should hate her. Paris in my opinion isn't a stuck up conceited person. If she was she wouldn't of been friends with Nicole Ritchie who at the time before they split was over weight and on drugs and who's life was all screwed up. A shallow conceited person only hangs out with pretty people and Nicole Ritchie at that time was by far NOT PRETTY only the opposite and she had the worst attitude on the planet. Very spoiled and selfish. I think Paris is living the life that we'd all like to have. ;-) She's young beautiful nd having fun and enjoying life and there is no crime in that.. Just be happy for her. ;-) I know I am. ;-)

2935 days ago


I think it is sad that people waste so much energy hating people they don't even know. Give the girl a break and let her live her life without the constant attacks.

2935 days ago

Mel G    

Hey come on ,I have been with her let me tell you all she is one HOT! HOT! HOT!! lay me down and she just like to have lots of fun right now. We all have been wild and crazy sometime in our lifes So chill out on her She would do anything for any of you even if say bad sstuff about her BE KEWL ALL!!

2935 days ago


You know that if all you people would stop reading about her,the media coverage would fade away and so would she! Latter bitch.

2935 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about Paris Hilton! ENOUGH ALREADY! She is ugly! Why does she always pose with her nose pointed downward?

2935 days ago


I get so tired of hearing about her every move. Next we will be hearing or reading that she farted. That's how dumb this is.

2935 days ago
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