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Viva La ... Marriage?

9/15/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markIs Bam Margera really getting married?

Melissa Nancy, according to his website, Brandon "Bam" Margera is engaged and planning on marrying in October. The lucky bride-to-be, Missy Rothstein, has been dating Bam for only a little under a year, but the two have known each other since the sixth grade.

The two currently reside in Philadelphia -- where the wedding will be conveniently held -- and they intend on honeymooning in the Bahamas.

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graphic of a question markWhy haven't we seen Adrian Grenier with a girlfriend?

Adrian GrenierIt's possible, Christina, that art is imitating life for "Entourage's" Adrian Grenier. He hasn't been seen with a "girlfriend" in a while because it seems as though he'd rather keep his options open. And understandably so -- he is a big actor and all.

A random fact about Adrian that you may not know: he appeared in Britney Spears' video "You Drive Me Crazy" back in 1999 along with Melissa Joan Hart.

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graphic of a question markWhat ended up happening with Paris Hilton's album?

Paris HiltonTheresa, Paris Hilton's first ever CD pretty much bombed after its first week release. Although her publicist thinks the album is "huge," sales don't agree -- "Paris" sold a measly 75,000 copies and her single "Stars Are Blind" rose to only number 18 on The Billboard Hot 100. Maybe her latest single "Nothing In This World" will give this CD new life. Who knows... stranger things have happened.

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graphic of a question markWhat did Jessica say to Britney about her pregnancy?

Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson Melissa, here's what went down. Backstage at the Teen Choice Awards, Jessica reportedly asked Britney if she could kiss her (then) pregnant belly. Apparently Britney didn't take too well to the request and declined.

The solicitation sure seemed somewhat of an odd one, but the two managed to go about their merry ways. Britney went on to give birth to baby number two, while Jessica eluded paparazzi at Barney's New York.

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No Avatar


Fourth Grade Mathmatician    


Don Vito????? Will he be in attendance?

Did he get in trouble or WHAT??
only TMZ(RESPECT) knows for sure....

2924 days ago


Yeah..someone new to abuse and humiliate on TV. The "schtick" is old, it was funny the first 20 times or so, not anymore. Bam, your a loser.

2924 days ago


That chick is a moron.....

2924 days ago


im happy for him, he never planned on marrying jen, if he feels that this is the chick for him then thats great..

2924 days ago

nooz hound    

They should move to LA and get a dog and let me dog sit it! I wouldn't do anything bad, I would be a good dog-sitter!

2924 days ago


he looks like pervert and acts like one to

2924 days ago


it was actually at the teen choice awards that jessica asked britney if she could kiss her stomach...........the VMAs were in NY and everyone knows that a pregnant woman can't travel in her third trimester.............i love you TMZ but get your facts straight! this isn't the first time you've done this...........

2924 days ago


Who or what is a "Bam" Margera?

2924 days ago


Hey "by me", I understand you were just trying to have the writers and editors of TMZ to do a better job at fact checking but just to let you know; pregnant women CAN travel in their 3rd trimester it is just not recommended. That is because traveling tends to wear out the mother to be and that could cause complications plus if something were to happen and the mother goes into labor her doctor is not there. Just thought you'd like to be corrected too in your facts! Have a great day!

2923 days ago


Bam Margera is a disgusting pig - stupid girl for wanting to marry him!!

2923 days ago


they are getting married, its not really breaking gossip , its been public knowledge for quite some time
they are long time friends ,so people saying she is a moron should back off cause u don't know him as well as she does and you know nothing about the relationship
they dont live in philadelphia

2923 days ago


Missy is Ugly plain and simple. Just had to say it. That's all.

2920 days ago


I LOVE BAM MARGERA.......when is the exact date of his marriage??

2892 days ago


i love bam margera he is great pitti i never got to meet him before missy. I don't think they will last but thats my decision!!!! bam margera rocks and he is so hot!!! love you bam

2884 days ago

Lillie Neal    

Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera,
Hey Bam! Love you & your show & congrads to you & Missy- you're both two beautiful people & I wish you much love,light & success in whatever you do.
Blessed be "-"

2865 days ago

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