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Anna Nicole's Son -- The Mystery Deepens

9/18/2006 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

pathologist in anna nicole caseTMZ was able to obtain raw footage of Cyril Wecht, the pathologist hired by the family of Anna Nicole Smith, giving his assessment of the current status on the autopsy of her son Daniel.

"The cause of death is listed as pending or reserved. Those two words being used synonymously," Wecht says. He also states that at this point in his investigation, he was not able to "find anything that would cause me to believe that there is something suspicious here in terms of traumatic injury having been inflicted."


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This isn't really a big mystery. The answer lies in how the body processes alcohol comsumed at 30,000 feet, and the answer is very slowly. I'm betting Daniel drank a lot of booze on the plane. The next morning he took a pill as he had other mornings after drinking, not realizing how much alcohol could be still left in his system.

2960 days ago


freaky sad

2960 days ago


This isn't any new about people leave the speculation alone until the actual cause is determined.

2960 days ago


It could take weeks. At any rate, it is still a tragedy for Anna Nicole.

2960 days ago


The only thing that irritates me is with all the technology they have nowadays these people are acting like they have no answer and just have no clue as to how he died. He's been dead now for over a week Im guessing and whoever does the autopsy just has absolutely no answer they just act ignorant like they just cant figure it out. The people doing this investigation are the suspicious ones. What the hell is the point of doing an autopsy if you still act like you dont know anything?

2960 days ago


This just keeps getting sadder and sadder. Why did they hire Dr. Wecht who has so much constroversary associated with his name. Why not Dr. Michael Baden or Dr. Henry Lee.

All I know is Daniel must have been such an incredible human being that God wanted him more than anyone else.

In my heart I believe God was waiting at the gates for Daniel and welcomed him home with open arms. Rest in Peace Daniel, you deserve all the peace and love you are getting now. Take care my friend.

2960 days ago


What a sad story for Anna and her family.

2960 days ago


with the kind of life this poor kid must have been exposed to all these years no wonder he dies of something strange she luged this kid thru a lot of mud that crazy marriage and that terrible show and her life in general was on the shady side I felt sorry for the boy so sorry he died with the new one born he might have changed with her and had some kind of a life for himself now she will drag that baby around like she did him God help that baby and like someone said he is with God now terrible just terrible

2960 days ago

the wise old owl    

Cyril sounds like a double talker. What's up with that ? It' hard to believe that after all this time the cause of death is 'Pending or Reserved " I've never heard the annoucement of a cause of death , put quite that way.

They know how he died. I wonder what the hold up is. I guess checking and then re'checking again to make sure the results are right. That's the only thing I can think of. The system over there is probably really flawed. I know there is no such thing as waiting for the 'RIGHT TME " to call a press conference on this. So they imight as well get it over with. It's worse when you drag it out..

2960 days ago


This is so sad. What could possibly be the cause of his death if it was not drugs, natural causes, or murder?

2960 days ago

My two cents    

Forgive me here, but some of you here are complete idiots. How do ANY of you know whether Daniel drank on the plane or not? How many of you know he actually took any pills within 24 hours of his death? "With all this technology, no one knows how he died"?? How would any of you know what kind of "life" Daniel lived? Did you know him? The only intelligent posts come from Missy and Tina here. The rest of you are MORONS.

2960 days ago


Nobody will ever now the reel cause of death anna,dr.s.So we need to drop the drama.He will rest in peace a lot better.His life as anna son was a big burdone in real life so please let the poor boy reast in peace!!!!!!!!!

2959 days ago


I researched in a drug book called " The Pill Book" the illustrated guide to the most presccribed drugs in the U.S." A refence book available at some pharmacies and department stores. I am not saying that this did happen bur according to the satement from Attny Howard Stern on the "E" network this evening, if Daniel was taking an antidepressant, (reportedly over a sittuation with a girlfriend), and a sleeping pill, (the names of these drugs have been told on tv), both drugs have a side effect that can cause apnea, or breathing that relaxes to a stop when the person sleeps, can happen on a therapeutic dose especially if taken to close together which can happen by accident to anyone. A suspicious death is a death that has no immediate finding from an autopsy. If this is the case and Daniel went to sleep he could have passed away shortly after falling asleep therefore no amount of lifesaving measures could have brought him back since he had reportedly been asleep approximately 3 hours. Imagine the heartbreak of waking up and finding your child dead just within your reach. It would be a miracle for parent to have this devastationly guilt on top of the traumatic grief. Please be kind to her she was his mother and he loved.

2959 days ago


Isn’t Cyril Wecht the same doctor indicted for mail and wire fraud? Why would they hire him, a criminal when other Medical Examiners were available? This just keep getting weirder.

2959 days ago


to correct my statement which should say it would be a miracle for any parent to mentally and physically survive the devastation of guilt on top of the traumatic grief that one would feel.

2959 days ago
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