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Please Let the Dog Out!

9/18/2006 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A petition has been created online to support Duane "The Dog" Chapman, as a plea to set him free. The petition asks both the U.S. and Mexican governments to drop all warrants and charges against Dog, Leland (his son), and Tim Chapman (no relation).

Dog was arrested September 14
by U.S. Marshals on a request from the Mexican government. The request stems from Dog's 2003 apprehension of Max Factor heir and fugitive from justice Andrew Luster in Mexico. Luster jumped his $1 million bail while on trial for drugging and raping several women in Southern California, attacks Luster also videotaped. Dog chased Luster to Puerta Vallarta where he arrested him and brought him back to the U.S. The only problem-- bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico and Dog and his co-horts were thrown in the slammer. They were eventually released, but the Mexican government has charged Dog and his associates with kidnapping and want him back down south to face those charges.

Dog was released Friday on $300,000 bail after spending a night in federal lockup. Leland and Tim were both released on $100,000 bail.

The petition reads:

To: USA and Mexican Governments

We, the friends and fans of Duane "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, son Leland Chapman and associate Tim Chapman, call for the US and Mexican Governments to drops all warrants and charges against this man who does so much to improve our society and rid the streets of criminals.

Dog Chapman and family captured a very dangerous escaped rapist that was on the run, something that neither the US or Mexican officials could do. Dog Chapman, Leland Chapman and Tim Chapman, are the good guys who help our society everyday. We request and demand their freedom.

The Undersigned


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it's all for publicity    


2924 days ago


Where do I sign?? Hang in there Dog. We're coming for ya.

2924 days ago


The guy broke Mexican law and knew he was breaking that law. The dumb sh*t went there to capture Andrew Luster because Dog thought he could lay claim to the $1 million bond posted by Luster's mom that was forfeited when Luster fled Ventura County California. Of course the courts kind of looked at him when it came time to decide where the $1 million went after Luster went to prison (it went to defray law enforcement costs, and the rest went back to Luster's mom, who posted it in the first place.)
You should read the articles with Beth being quoted that if they didn't get the $1 mill they were ruined, which there was no reason to ever believe they would ever have a claim to. When Dog was arrested, he was told to stay in the country for prosecution. He knew bounty hunting was illegal in Mexico. And he left Mexico, basically just ignoring the laws there.
So basically, the law is the law and Dog Chapman has to obey it just like everyone else, even if he is a dumbass -- an opinion that has been in no way changed by his show.

2924 days ago

tired of anna nicole news    

Im still confused as to who Tim is.I could have sworn that they had discussed their mom on that show...

Anywho..the dude was a serial rapist.. Mexico sucks. No wonder all the Mexicans migrate to America.

2924 days ago


By all means let DOG loose. He has not hurt any body. Have the Mexican Government go t nothing else to do. Maybe they should see about creating jobs for their people. Or trying to curb the drug trade. People will not put up with this. Let the dog go.

2924 days ago


By all means let DOG loose. He has not hurt any body. Have the Mexican Government go t nothing else to do. Maybe they should see about creating jobs for their people. Or trying to curb the drug trade. People will not put up with this. Let the dog go.

2924 days ago


Ok, did I really just read that dumbass above correctly???? Yeah maybe he did break the laws in Mexico, (like they don't break our laws everyday,but any how) he got a rapist off the streets. That is what should matter. And apparently no one else had the balls to do it so of course Dog and his bad ass team stepped up to the plate!! DOG, YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!!! that is one less sicko we have to worry about, THANK YOU!

2924 days ago


Dog and the Crew are hero's! This to Ventura (who called him a dumbass) . If Luster had drugged and raped your mother, wife or sister. You would not be talking smack. You would be thanking Dog for the capture. Just like everyone is. Where are your morals?

2924 days ago


to ventura who made the comment the laws the law. While yes i understand the law is the law but seriously does mexico want to be known for allowing serial rapist to stay in the country. If he would have gone down there and helped them track down a serial rapist that was raping that counrty's young girls this would not be an issue they would have just let him go about his mary way. Get over the fact that bounty hunting in mexico is illegal and think about how many young girls or adults he may have saved from such a horrifing fate in mexico at the hands of andrew luster.

2924 days ago

Danni Resendez    

Listen you stupid ass # 4, the law is the law... what he should have done is talked to the mexican officials and worked together.. like other programs do like america's most wanted.... and by the way mexico does not suck it is a beautiful place... the people that come over here to WORK, do so bc they are from the poor parts of the country... and unlike the u.s. their country does not provide food stamps and all that other bull sh*t that makes this country lazy... so they have to come to work.... most hispanics in this country are from countries in real danger like central america and some in south america, and these people actually stay here to live bc they have to.... get educated bitch before you start talking your crap....

2924 days ago


I am not sure as to where you read that Dog went to Mexico for the 1 mil. According to Dog and Beth, this morning on the Today show, it was about justice. Those women were living in fear while Luster ran loose. How would you feel if you mom or your daughter was one of Luster's victims? Let me guess, you also LOVE Bush, think that there is a point to the war, and going out on a limb here, think that we should welcome illegal immigrants into our country and let them take our jobs. Dog Chapman is a good person. He doesn't deserve this horrible thing. Also, if you cannot be extradited to another state for a misdemeanor, how can you be to a foreign country?

2924 days ago


No you listen stupid idiot in #9, Dog had a Mexican police officer with him and his crew while searching for Luster in Mexico. The police officer asked for more money for Dog and he refused. Therefore, he ended up in jail. As for Mexicans coming here to work, why do they not apply for work permits instead of sneaking across our borders?

2924 days ago


I think Dog is a hero and needs to be let go.

2924 days ago


“misdemeanor” huh? Mexico plans to charge him with kidnapping which is appropriate in this situation. Dog is a big boy. He’ll take his punishment like a man. So why are all of you whining like he should be above the law? He doesn’t see it that way. I’m sure he can work on his show again after he completes his sentence in Mexico. Dog seems to be a great deal more responsible than his fans on this blog.

2924 days ago

the wife    

First, not all of Mexico is beautiful... Ever been to Tijuana? And second, Dog should have bought those Mexican police off cause everyone knows how corrupt they are. I understand the police there can be paid off rather easily for the right price. Anyway, I really hope that everything works out for Dog because he got that Luster bastard before he could harm any more women. Hopefully the courts look at that and give the guy a break.

2924 days ago
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