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The Dog and Family Speak Out

9/18/2006 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Following the release of bounty hunters Duane Dog Chapman, his son Leland, and business partner Tim Chapman, A&E will air a one-hour special, "DOG: THE FAMILY SPEAKS" Tuesday, September 19 at 10:00 ET/PT. The special will include exclusive interview footage of Dog and his wife Beth shot just after his release.

The show will feature a first-hand look at Dog's arrest by U.S. Marshals, and chronicle the events leading up to the arrest, starting with the hunt for convicted rapist Andrew Luster. Dog, Leland, and Tim were taken into custody Thursday morning in connection with their 2003 capture of the Max Factor heir who fled the country to live in Mexico. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, so Mexican authorities arrested Dog and his team and charged him with kidnapping. Those charges are still pending in Mexico.

In the special, the family expresses their thoughts and emotions about the recent events, and gives an exclusive look at the family's reunion, particularly the emotional scene outside of the federal detention center in Honolulu, Hawaii when Dog and crew are released.

Following the reunion of Dog and his family, MSNBC's Rita Cosby interviewed the famed bounty hunter and his wife. Dog told Rita "You know, no one knows the real story, OK? When I was let go in Mexico they said, the judge looked in my face, and said eye-to-eye, Dog this a very minor crime. The next time you come down here, you can even ask me to go with you. I know that once the Mexican government hears the real story and the American government hears the real story, I'm not going anywhere except for back in the car on A&E and hunting down the next bad guy."

Rita also asked Beth, Dog's wife, about the ordeal and her family's reaction "I have no words for it," she said,"other than that my little Gary boy, five years-old, stood there with his hands over his ears crying as hard as I've ever seen him cry, that his hero is being taken away in handcuffs."

Dog and his crew are currently awaiting an extradition hearing that will determine whether they will be sent to Mexico to face trial.

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Barb North    

OMG someone mentioned Dog's daughter died? Not Baby Lisa is it? She was on the show a few times and is a sweet heart. AS for Mexico- is this payvback for not letting their trash come to this country and sell drugs and so on. I am boycotting Max Factor- their "heir" is a low life scum bag rapist- DOG SAID HE HAD TALKED TO THE DA AND assumed ( big mistake there Dog when dealing with DA's) that the paperwork had been cleared.

Dog gets the scum off the streets when the cops can't or won't. He risks his life so others can live free. Who gave this scum bail in the first place? Sounded like it was not a bail bondsman but the creep came up with a MILLION DOLLARS on his own. I agree that maybe someone slipped the corrupt Mexican govt some denero and that is why this is all happening.Dog is a good man- has paid for HIS mistakes and taking scum off the streets- no matter where they are- is NOT A CRIME- most horrific crimes are legal in Mexico- big surpise huh?

Mexico hides criminals that go there and avoid US prosecution. If we have extradition agreements made- do you think they honestly will give us anyone who pays them? The victim of those laws will be Dog and his family. WRONG WRONG WRONG it is just plain WRONG. They are turning Dog into a martyr and maybe God is testing his faith. I pray for his strength and that of Beth and the rest of the Chapman family. Tim has a little girl he adores and Duane Lee ( JR) is married too with kids. They are not just punishing DOG they are punishing his WHOLE FAMILY - for doing what they beleive in. Crimes again women are Dog's achilles heal- he hates crimes against women- he has stated that.

Hang in there Dog we love ya.

2892 days ago

toby wilhite    

please help b4 its 2 late!

2888 days ago

Lisa D    

Beth great job being the woman of the house,,your men need your strength,,hang tuff , stay strong,,your fans care,,from petition signature 5141,,,Lisa D,,in CANADA we give a sh*t..come on people show support for these fine people...second chances thats what it's all about,,the show their lives our lives,,second chances,,believe..

2959 days ago


I just wanted to say I am behind Dog 100%...My wishes go out to the family It will be over with soon and you you guys can move on and go back to catching the bad guys...Beth is a strong and an amazing woman I couldnt do what she is doing I couldnt be that strong...Hope to see Dog,leland and Tim back where they belong.

2959 days ago


Its all about envy..... Here is a little bit of an article floating around:

"New Hampshire bail enforcement agent Lance Wilkinson has spent the past two years lobbying the Mexican government to press for extradition. In a telephone interview, he said he was disgusted by Chapman's actions in the case, as well as the flamboyant antics on his show. "

2959 days ago


I love that show. Dog is always kind to the criminals he takes down. Beth is the crazy loud one, but she's another reason why I like the show.

Leland is a hottie.

2959 days ago


Sign the Petition to Free Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Family
By John Buffam, 9/15/2006 3:39:07 PM

Duane Dog Chapman captured a rapist who terrorized women and was about to do the same thing in Mexico.

He never received the bounty for his capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, but he is proud of his accomplishments.

Luster's victims said Chapman gave them their lives back – and there would have been many more future victims had Duane not put an end to it all. Again, many thanks for your support!

Please pass this on and let's send a message out there that doing the right thing should not be punished, but rewarded! Please email Alberto Gonzales at and ask them to drop all warrants against Duane, Leland his son, and Tim Chapman.

Also help bring pressure to the Mexican Govenment. Tell Mr Fox how we feel about his appalling actions in regards to Dog, Leland and Tim Chapman

Mr Chapman took a rapist off the street, and this is how the Government of Mexico thanks him

Please email Mr Fox at

Please also sign the petition for the Chapmans at

2959 days ago

the wise old owl    

I can't believe U.S. officials signed something to make this possible. The Mexican Goverment can go SCREW. Dog goes over there and takes a serial rapist off the streets and they are giving him sh*t. They should honor him in a parade over there , not throw him in Jail. Forget the pinada, hang a FLAG OF THE

For post # 2 : yvette
Lance Wilkenson should be ashamed of himself. It sounds like this never would of happened if he didn't stick his fat ass into it. Talk about flamboyant. Sounds like this peacock is looking for the admiration. I hate him already. WHAT A JERK. His Karma should be that one day he is on the lamb and DOG is the one who comes looking for him. HA HA HA ... TALK ABOUT POETIC JUSTICE.

2959 days ago


Funny how his family is more stand up than any of his fans have been on these blogs. They know he was wrong and he's willing to pay the price. I respect him for being a man about it. At least he's not a pansy like his fans are being. It’s not for you to decide the laws in Mexico. If you can’t follow them, then stay home. I visit Mexico often, and when I do I always respect their laws.

2959 days ago


"Rita also asked Beth, Dog's wife, about the ordeal and her family's reaction "I have no words for it," she said,"other than that my little Gary boy, five years-old, stood there with his hands over his ears crying as hard as I've ever seen him cry, that his hero is being taken away in handcuffs.""

2959 days ago


Say what you want, but this is starting to sound like a publicity stunt for A&E. I mean, if it is real, I feel sorry for the faamily and what they must be going through. But it's starting to sound fishy.

2959 days ago


I know a bail bonds person here iin Hawaii who said Beth IS a Biotch, Dog is a phony and they are LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to like 'em....can't you see it on the show?

2959 days ago



Why is there always some moron who has to cry publicity stunt?! His daughter just died too... are you saying that was also a publicity stunt? Get a life!


I feel bad for him and his family. He'll get thru this! HOWEVER... I can't help but wonder if that A**HOLE/RAPING piece of sh*t, Andrew Luster, had something to do with this. Throw the Mexican govt some $$ to get revenge on dog.

2959 days ago


Could this be payback for arresting a very wealthy criminal?

2959 days ago


Hello fellow Dog supporters .... join us on the other board : )

2959 days ago
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