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The Dog and Family Speak Out

9/18/2006 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Following the release of bounty hunters Duane Dog Chapman, his son Leland, and business partner Tim Chapman, A&E will air a one-hour special, "DOG: THE FAMILY SPEAKS" Tuesday, September 19 at 10:00 ET/PT. The special will include exclusive interview footage of Dog and his wife Beth shot just after his release.

The show will feature a first-hand look at Dog's arrest by U.S. Marshals, and chronicle the events leading up to the arrest, starting with the hunt for convicted rapist Andrew Luster. Dog, Leland, and Tim were taken into custody Thursday morning in connection with their 2003 capture of the Max Factor heir who fled the country to live in Mexico. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, so Mexican authorities arrested Dog and his team and charged him with kidnapping. Those charges are still pending in Mexico.

In the special, the family expresses their thoughts and emotions about the recent events, and gives an exclusive look at the family's reunion, particularly the emotional scene outside of the federal detention center in Honolulu, Hawaii when Dog and crew are released.

Following the reunion of Dog and his family, MSNBC's Rita Cosby interviewed the famed bounty hunter and his wife. Dog told Rita "You know, no one knows the real story, OK? When I was let go in Mexico they said, the judge looked in my face, and said eye-to-eye, Dog this a very minor crime. The next time you come down here, you can even ask me to go with you. I know that once the Mexican government hears the real story and the American government hears the real story, I'm not going anywhere except for back in the car on A&E and hunting down the next bad guy."

Rita also asked Beth, Dog's wife, about the ordeal and her family's reaction "I have no words for it," she said,"other than that my little Gary boy, five years-old, stood there with his hands over his ears crying as hard as I've ever seen him cry, that his hero is being taken away in handcuffs."

Dog and his crew are currently awaiting an extradition hearing that will determine whether they will be sent to Mexico to face trial.

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If he broke the law, he broke the law. But I hope he gets off easy. Andrew Luster probably raped way more than three women. He was serial rapist and those are just the three they convicted him of.

2927 days ago


Listen everyone: I have met Dog and family many times. He is the most GENUINE man alive, a good man who learned from his mistakes, a Godly man who takes every opportunity to instill wisdom, kindness and inspiration in every criminal he captures. His family is exactly the same way -- at times too kindhearted for their chosen profession. If anyone thinks that Dog and Company are doing anything for the publicity, well, you're sadly mistaken! This man is known internationally (now), but much beloved on O'ahu as well as the Continental U.S. They clean up the streets, get rid of the dopers who are stealing our children's innocence, etc. and frankly, it's my belief he's earned the title of HERO!

Back off the Dog, y'all.


2927 days ago

susie q    

Hay number 5, maybe you need to either move to Mexico or stay here in the US. If you like Mexico so much go there, and while your there take back all the ILLEGAL aliens. Talk about following the laws of the government they don't follow the rules of the United States.
Go DOG, Leland, and Tim
Beth way to be there for your man and other family members I applaud you.

2927 days ago


Dog and his family helped everyone breath easier when he captured Andrew Luster. I say, let's have a do over and give Luster back to Mexico. Apparently they didn't appreciate the effort by Dog to protect them. I don't feel sorry for Dog's family. They can hold their heads up high. I feel embarrassed by a system that would waste time and money disrupting decent people.

2927 days ago


Don't believe the negative stuff. These are good people, and other bounty hunters are jealous of them, they always have been. I am pratong for them, for real. I know what it's like to come from a neighborhood with druggies, and people like Dog and Beth and Leland and Tim, are a Godsent. I will pray for them for real. They stand up for women and poor people and even those poor people on drugs. They are in my prayers...even good guys get a rough shake.

2927 days ago


hell no i aint gonna boycott mexico , thats where i get my tequilla bottles at a cheap price ,sorry dog i support you but gotta have my stuff

2927 days ago

get a life people    

I have to admit when I heard about this man DOG and saw him on tv I had to laugh....I thought him and beth looked like rednecks...But I decided to watch there reality show...I was blown away by how kind these people are...They chase down people who have stoled from them and they are still treated with a kind hand....I cried last month when I watched there wedding...I felt terrible that dog had lost his daughter the same time he was getting married.....I wish them well....The truth will come out and he will be cleared.....Hand in there Chapmand family....

2927 days ago


I Just wanted to say Dog ROCKS !! I dont care what anyone says.. speaking as a person who has made many mistakes he gives people hope that just because you screw up once doesnt mean you cant make the rest of your life mean something. I love the fact that when he catches someone its not just about locking them in a cell and tossing the key... he tries to make a difference in peoples lives.. I Hope they go easy on him !! And all you haters SUCK !!

2927 days ago


Leslie.... poster #9.... of course some idiot bail bondsman is going to say that! His competition is dog and Beth! IMHO there isn't competition!

IF I were dealing with low life ice heads, that messed around with my money.... I'd be a BITCH too!! GO BETH!!!

2927 days ago



2927 days ago


Way to go boys! Great use of tax money once again!! Maybe him and willie can share a cell in the new prision we can build to spend MORE tax money... We'll call it Prison Redundant... It can have a ward for the plain old STUPID resons to arrest a person, and then the NO SH*T ward... We'll let willie and dog share a room though... they can just chill...

2927 days ago


#22 poster...obviously you don't live anywhere near Mexico or you would realize the law in Mexico depends on where you are and who is in charge. It is extremely corrupt and if you travel in Baja you have to be as afraid of the police as you are of the criminals. I would bet my ass you would have done the same thing as Dog if you were in his shoes...If not, you are a jackass

2927 days ago

Johnny Walker Red    

Dog, you and your family is getting jacked by our government for helping to extradite you below the border . Everyone here is supporting you. Hang in there, my friend. Why did it take 12 U.S. marshals to take down Dog Chapman? I mean, goodness gracious!!!! How much of taxpayers money do you government types want to spend? Dog was sleeping in his bed, with his American wife, bought with money that he earns from his American job, and will have to give up his American freedom and American liberty to be extradited to some sleasy country with corrupt politicians, wanting a big payoff that doesn't guarantee freedom. You know something? Wetbacks come over to America, and have their babies and go back over the border and are allowed to draw our Social Security. Now, tell me, why is this fair? I just wish that I could go into any Walmart across the country, at any given time, and not see 50 million wetbacks buying our goods and services. I have one question for you mexicans. Who asked you to come over here??? Go Home......Go Home Now!!!!!!!

2927 days ago

dog fan    

i totally support dog, tim, and leland. they went down to mexico and brought back a worthless piece of human trash, who got his jollies drugging, raping and videotaping unconsious woman. i say good for dog and good for this country to have people who are willing to track down scum like this guy. F&*K MEXICO! they are the ones who were hiding that a%^hole. the jerk was on trial and he flees the country, slipping out of his tracking device, placed on him by federal agents and slipping past two federal officers who were watching his house. Dog and his crew did a service to this country and to the victims and for that now THREE YEARS LATER mexico demanded that our country hand dog and his crew over to them and what does the mighty U.S.A do? well, they throw up there hands and bow down to mexico. F@#K THAT. since when did a country that can send troops a million miles away and drop bombs all over the place over there bow down to MEXICO? I MEAN COME ON GET REAL. dog and his crew are heroes and should be rewarded. i am behind you 100% dog, tim, and leland.

2927 days ago


All my aloha and prayers are with Dog and his family. I believe all the horrible things being said on this site and others are just hella mean and cruel. It is definitely not the Island way which I think the Chapman's have adapted to living in Hawaii. They may go in hard for their safety on a bounty but always ends up with heart, understanding and compassion. They try to make a difference because they were able to change their lives. I am one of those people who would of been tossed away if not for a few strong friends (family) that gave me a hand up not a hand out. Today my life is changed for the better with 7 years clean and sober and I am now a Certified Addiction Specialist with a heart. Dog does a great job and he and his family do not deserve what is going on and especially what some of you are writing. Get a get back what you give's called Karma people. My prayers and warmest Aloha to Dog and family. Kiko

2927 days ago
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