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Anna Nicole's Son -- Fatal Drug Combo?

9/19/2006 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel and Anna Nicole SmithFor the first time, an official in the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son has gone on the record, stating that drugs may have killed Daniel Smith.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a pathologist and former coroner who was hired by Anna Nicole and signed Daniel's death certificate, tells TMZ, "It could be a drug-related death of an accidental nature."

An official connected with the investigation, who wished to remain anonymous, told TMZ that the drugs in question "were prescription, not illegal." The source added that Daniel had "a combination" of anti-depressants and other prescriptions in his system.

"It could be a drug-related death of an accidental nature."

Dr. Wecht, however, bitterly disagrees with the Coroner of the Bahamas who claims the cause of death has been established to a certainty.

Dr. Wecht says he and another pathologist, Dr. Golinda Raju, both have determined that Daniel's cause of death is unknown, pending the final toxicology report. In sharp contrast, Coroner Linda Virgill tells TMZ, "I stand firm that the cause of death is known."

Dr. Wecht went after Virgill, telling TMZ, "Do you want to believe the two pathologists or a non-physician. I don't know what she's talking about." He reiterated, "I'm telling you I don't know the cause of death. I don't know." Dr. Wecht, who was clearly upset over Virgill's comments, peppered his comments to TMZ with expletives.

Virgill would not reveal the specific cause of death, though she insists it was firmly established last week. She did, however, tell TMZ, "The toxicology report is very important here," buttressing Dr. Wecht's comments that Daniel's death may have been drug-related.


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none of us know anna personally, so to talk about her character at all is speculation. she lost her son, that is all that should be discussed. her character and past is irrelevant...once again, she lost her son, she is a human being, no need for any negative comments..also, if she sold those photos, we dont know what the purpose was for, we dont know her intentions......

i just read this from a article, which indicated that she was not responsible for the sale of those photos:

"Getty sent offers to all celebrity weekly editors, asking no less than $200,000 for them. Representatives from the agency even sent preview images to the editors, just to prove that it was not a case of fabricated photographs."

let her be, and god bless

2963 days ago

Michelle Kelly    

To the person who said Nicole should have died instead of her son that is horrible. I hope you or someone you love do not meet the same fate and we never know how we are going to leave this earth or when. So shame on you. Also I am pretty sure you are not a person of God to have said something like that because God's children don't wish things like that on other people. As far as the money goes you don't know this woman or how she felt about this man all you know is what you saw on television. So get a life and make peace in your on life before you condemn others.

2963 days ago


My heart goes out to you Anna no matter what people say,it showed how much you loved your son and just remember he will always be with you in spirit and watching over you and your newborn baby girl just try to be strong for your daughter and remember she deserves the same love you gave to your son she also lost a big brother even though she is to young to realize it yet.My prayers are with you and your family.

2963 days ago


How dare all of you who criticize Anna 's life journey, accomplishments, parenting skills and whom she married and the nasty comments about her son's death!!!
Who theH*ll are you to judge her!!! As if you have done so magnificent in your life. If it were your child, brother, sister or family member on the same drugs that caused this reaction the shoe would be on the other foot. Wishing Anna the worst only shows how insecure, jealous you are and the shallow being you are.

Anna, god speed.

2963 days ago


anytime one loses a child a mothers heart breaks no matter her past or what the future holds she will never hold him or tell him she loves him and a sister will never know her big brother no one desearves to know this pain i feel she loved him and i feel for her and her family may God be with them at this time

2963 days ago


I feel horrible that people would actually wish anna harm! How can anyone judge her if they haven't walked in her shoes? As for her losing a child, I HAVE walked in those shoes. For GOD'S sake leave her in peace. she is blaming herself anyway as any mother would. Words can change a person's life forever, so why not help her up instead of pushing her down. Anna, hold your memories close and love your little girl all you can. you can have happiness again. It's just different.

2963 days ago


My son is 20 years old. I haven't been the best mother in the world. I have been selfish, stupid and immature at times. I've done the best I can do and didn't always make the right decisions, but I showered him with love. I think Anna did too. If I lost him at such a young age, I would have to be sedated so I wouldn't kill myself. My mother lost her first child tragically (he was 29) and then her youngest from 5 years of suffering with cancer (he was 35 when he passed). She has never recovered.

Please put your judgement aside and let's pray for this family.

2963 days ago


anna my heart goes out to you and your new baby girl. i lost a child myself although i never got to know him. i know that i wouldn't have wanted anyone making rude comments of any kind about something like that. i really hope that people reading this and posting their rude comments about anna will open your eyes and see that this is nothing to play with it is not for entertainment. let her grive. best of luck with her new baby.

2963 days ago

timeshia brunn    


2963 days ago


its easy for stupid people to judge somone they dont know, no i dont know eather,but im not going to trash her just to make myself look better, yes she sold th tablouds a picture,truth is they would hav used one no matter how bad it made her son look,at least she used one that put her son in a possetive light,dont worry all you haters out there, im sure they will dig up some kind of dirt on him,if not they will make somthing up,,just to make all th stupid happy, yes , th trim spa adds were sooo anoying,but that dose not give you enough money to bring your son back,my prayers r with th family and th stupid people

2963 days ago


I pray for Anna. I cannot even imagine loosing a child. It has to be the worst loss someone has to go through. It breaks my heart.

2963 days ago


It is absolutely possible that Ms. Smith's Son did not die of a drug overdose at all, and was an extremely healthy individual. It is also absolutely possible that his autopsy showed there was absolutely nothing wrong with the health of Ms. Smith's son, and no matter how many times they run his blood tests, they will find absolutely nothing in his system that would cause this kind of Death.
I know this to be true because I lost my beautiful and brilliant 17 year old daughter, while she was in the laundry room preparing to go out on a date that evening. I was standing right beside her, and in the blink of an eye she suddenly slumped over on top of the dryer, without any sound, or any warning at all. I lifted her up, I was screaming her name and we fell to the floor together. She was not breathing, I could not feel a heartbeat so I began CPR Immediately while our son who was 14 yrs old at the time called 911 and stayed on the phone with them until the Life Support Ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. We made eye contact very briefly for just a few seconds when the ambulance arrived, and then she was gone again. They shocked her over and over again, and finally got a pulse, but she could not breathe on her own. They lost her again half way to the hospital. 3 of the finest Heart Specialists happenned to be in the hospital that evening, and they worked on our daughter for 2 hours before they stopped trying to get her back. I remember those 3 very Special Doctors telling us our daughter was gone, and all 3 Doctors were crying. I have never seen any Doctor cry in my lifetime. That day I saw 3. They told us that our daughter died of a medical anamoly that does not even have a medical name yet, because it is so incredibly rare. The odds of it happenning are 1 in 10 million! This was the 1st case of this that these 3 specialist had ever seen, and had only read about it in Medical Journals. For lack of a name for it, the medical community refers to it as Sudden Death in Adult Children. It has happenned to adult children from age 11 to age 30, which is the oldest fatality they know of. It is not related even remotely or in any way to the type of heart attack that kills young athletes. They have a name for that and it is easily seen in an autopsy. There are only 3 Countries in the World that are researching this medical anamoly with the hope of finding a possible gene that these adult children may be born with, however, they have had no success to date and my daughter died at 17 yrs in 1997 at 1701 hours. The Countries that are researching this tragic anamoly are, the US, specifically the Medical Teaching Hospital in Arizona, China, and Italy. My husband, son and myself are listed on a special registry, to be called upon immediately for testing, if they ever find a gene that any of these Countries believe is responsible for this kind of tragic, and horrific medical anamoly that strikes without any warning or signs at all. I was told that my daughter was dead, before we even hit the floor together!
Please stop the hurtful blogs about Ms. Smith. My heart goes out to her, because I know exactly what she is going through. I would not wish the death of child upon any parent! Your life changes forever, and you think of that child when you open your eyes in the morning, and again before you sleep, for the rest of your life. Ms. Smith is in a living hell, and I hope she has many friends who will not desert her, because she will need every bit of support that can be given to her if she ever hopes to learn how to cope with the loss of a child, and has a life again one day. Time is the only healer.....

2963 days ago

jerry brown    

anna,would you give back all that $$$$$$$$$$$$ now to bring your son back to you?i bet you wouldnt.and as for the coroners report, all that $$$$$$$$$$$ may change a few things but if you were my mom,i would be so embarrassed to see all that flesh being thrown around.Not to mention all your drug exploits where you probably didnt even know who he was.You killed him with the life you gave him through your perverted antics.

2962 days ago

texas girl    

This is so sad,,,What a handsome young man.Anna, my heart goes out to you,drugs nor alcohol can take away your pain.your daughter needs you and only God can heal the pain.We as parent wish we can change things that we have done or re-live our lives different but we can not.So,all you can do is morn the loss of your son and ask God for the comfort and streghth that only he can God to help you.
God Bless

2962 days ago

texas girl    

P.S. God Loves You Anna,,,,,,,,

2962 days ago
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