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Paris Shows Oprah How It's Done

9/19/2006 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click here to return to TMZ.comThe season premiere of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" started out with a bang... er... well, a rich person having a hard time doing a simple everyday task.

To open the show, Oprah and her BFF Gayle King embarked on a cross-country road trip surprising unsuspecting Americans by dropping in unannounced at weddings and other events. The toughest part of the trip for Oprah however wasn't the road itself, but at the gas station. The Queen of TV had to be helped out as she fumbled with the pump, saying "I haven't pumped gas since 1983."

Lucky for her, someone came to her rescue and demonstrated the proper technique for fueling your car. We aren't the only ones laughing as Oprah realized how silly the task was and said "I feel kind of stupid not being able to pump gas, but I thought, well maybe they've changed the pumps since I've last pumped."

On the other side of the United States, Paris Hilton showed Oprah how it's done. Paris proved she's the pro at the pump-- one-handed, in high-heels and talking on the phone.


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I really don't care if she knows how to pump gas or not. it's not my business whether or not someone pays another to fill their gas tanks. btw, MythBusters Adam and Jaime have proven that you cannot blow a gas station sky high while talking on the phone...though they tried and tried! it's the static electricity of getting back into the car and getting out without touching metal before the pump handle that causes the spark that ignites fumes...

2952 days ago


Ditto Post #5
Whatever Post #6

2952 days ago

Gerry Turnbull    

Who cares what that over-hyped scrawny whore does anyway? If she inspires any kind of awe in you--you need to get a life--really. Get your own life--it can be even more fun than watcghing hers, honest.

2952 days ago


George Bush is HOT!

2952 days ago


Just a thought, but why does anyone care? Their people who spend their time doing absolutely nothing useful (obviouslu). And while entertainers might be a good export, over all, Hollywood is about as useful as a pet rock. Lets face it, no entertainer has ever done anything useful for anyone we know (despite their charity attempts in foreign countries). Can you name one person, name adress phone number ect, that has been helped by these people. No? I'm not suprised. So why do you worship them?
I admit, I opened the page out of morbid curiosity, I don't think much of Oprah. I've never watched her show and every time I see a book she supposedly "loves" I know it's just not my cuppa. And can you imagine some strange chick invading your wedding? A private and wonderful thing and she degrades it by assuming you want her present? I'd be horrified to have anyone like that invade my life.
So, while your arguing is amusing in a low grade sleep deprived sort of way, may I suggest getting a clue and worshipping someone who might help? If you have to worship someone other then God, try teachers, police officers, fire fighters, thte military, mothers, someone who actually does some good. If you have to have posters all over your room and be a fan, root for someone who might help you....

2952 days ago

a fan    

Paris- beautiful??? lmao okie dokie- that is the funniest thing ive heard all day- she looks like a chihuahua. Shes a spoiled brat who has done NADA to be as FAMOUS as she is- or should i say infamous- cuz most people just wonder wtf stupid thing shell do next. shes as fake as they come. The only reason she does anything is because she likes her name in the tabloids. she has a merry go round ride of men and really is a LOUSY actress!! The best part of House of Wax was when she had a hole rammed through her forehead!!

2952 days ago

Elizabeth Kiernan    

Since when is simply KNOWING how to pump gas more pathetic as well "stupid" than risking your life and everyone elses within a gas pump explosion range! Cell phone usage around gas pumps are a serious risk at spark an explosion!
Wait YOU people were condeming Oprah,,, at least she admitted her short comings... Paris obviously could care less but then ,,,, thats Paris,,,, However,, YOU people belittling Oprah and praising Paris are the ones I am MOST concerned with!
People lets focus,, get real and smart!
Sign One tired of all the Petty comments as though they were actually real issues.. like the homeless,, the economy,,job securrity,, oh heh EDUCATION crisis! Any comments to something REAL?? and IMPORTANT!

2952 days ago

Max Sand    

The Perfect Pair. Two Women Who are Totally Out of Touch with Reality for the Same Reasons! They Both Think that They're PERFECT in Behavior, Speech, Fashion, Mental Content, Self Restraint and Judgement. To prove it, just ask yourself this Character Identifying Question: "Would you want you're daughter to grow up and be like Paris Oprah?

2952 days ago


Hey um * #6* Sadie......... you claim to be a "blonde bombshell w/ brians".....???........ it is spelled MILLIONAIRE............. not millionair.

2952 days ago


Oh God! These two BOTH make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paris is only a famous person BECAUSE she comes from a famous background! NY daughter is lots prettier than her!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a known fact! If Paris came froma NON-CELEBRITY family.......NOOONE would know her!!!!!!!!! And as for OPRAH? SHE IS A PREJUDICED person! She could care less about whites! I watched her show 20 yrs ago, and she was VERY prejudiced then. AS far as I am concerned she still is! I would rather be that white hairdresser that Oprah says can't do black folks hair...have two great kids.....have plenty of money but am NOT rich

2952 days ago

Blair Ross    

is paris hilton really a retarded slut ball?

2952 days ago


She "shows Oprah how it's done"? So, I guess what you're saying is, she showed Oprah how to dangerously pump gas while talking on a cell phone that can cause a deadly electrical spark which would ignite the gasoline fumes.

Despite what a few idiots have posted here saying, it has NOT been proven by scientists that it's safe to pump gas whilst talking on a cell phone. In fact, quite the opposite has been proven in test after test after test.

Brilliant. Really. You've totally changed my opinion of Paris Hilton...I didn't think it could get any lower than it already was.

2952 days ago


Everybody is stereotyping Paris. I have no negative feelsing towards Paris. If you don't like her, kepp it to yourself, people!

2951 days ago

infatuated with Sadie    

Sadie, Im in love!! Are you single??

JK, well said though.

2951 days ago


Well Paris's name did make her famous along
with her antics. On the other hand she did a funny
T.V show ,marketed perfume among other things.
I think she could posibly have a head for business.
who'd a thought!

2951 days ago
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