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Rosie & Elisabeth: Best Friends For, Er, Today?

9/19/2006 4:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There may be all kinds of clawing and crying off the set of "The View," but at least today, Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck played nice with one another, and even planned a little road trip à la Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, sans their elder co-hosts Barbara Walters and Joy Behar, who decided that they wanted to stay behind and "go to the theater."

Still, an uncomfortable moment arose when the question of Oprah and Gayle's friendship (or more) arose, and Rosie asked the table whether they would allow for being just a little bit gay. Elisabeth naturally didn't agree, and began to make one of her patented rebuttals, but Joy jumped in, quipping that being totally straight or gay didn't explain "prison behavior." Just in time, once again, was Joy, but how long can she play this game so skillfully?


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SHUT THE FUCK UP TMZ!!!!! Rosie is a terrific new host and seems to get along well with Elizabeth. You are just trying to cause friction and make everyone think otherwise. You must be buddies with Tucker Carlson and Stupid Scarborough from MSNBC who are supposed to be "professional" newscasters but always seem to throw something negative about Rosie into their show. All of you are extremely jealous of her fantastic personality and her success.

2925 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Harry Sez: "Once again, pay attention girls making out with girls=HOT, guys making out with guys=SICK. Unless one of the girls is Rosie O'Donnell, prison or not, because she has a hugh tallywacker, bigger than yours or Harry's for that matter. If you forget Harry will remind you again. Dykes=HOT, fagolas=SICK."

2925 days ago


Fagolas? Did I miss something?

That blond chick is an ignorant idiot. Who is she and why the hell is she on this show anyway?

2925 days ago


What te hell is this article about??? And really who cares. Rosie is a fraud and a liar. Elizabeth is just tired and not that bright. and honestly #1 where the hell do Tucker and Scarborough enter into this... We are talking about the VIEW not exactly high brow entertainment

2925 days ago


Oprah and Gail

No Mention of Stedman when Oprah said
she was missing things.......She missed her
trees, her dogs etc.

This is quoted from her show yesterday Road Trip
They should have stopped at a gay bar and had a drink that would have been interesting
seeing what they have to say when they are drunk.........the truth

2925 days ago


come on who cares about their supposed fights. I thought the main idea of the show was about four or five different women, different age, with different views? Why does Elizabeths views have to be the right views, I think its interresting to hear the different views!

2925 days ago


Is TMZ creating controversy where there is none? Well, that's what all "good" gossip rags do, right?
Regardless, you'd think Hasselback would understand her valuelessness, considering the other three women earned established careers, and she got "famous" by being taped hanging out on an island for a few weeks.
Just sit there, look pretty, talk about marrying the quarterback, and shut up - a show like "The View" is not the place for red state naivete. If she really wants to go on about right-wing pseudo-religiousness, I'm sure Fox News could use another blonde.

2925 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Oh please enough of this - stop trying to create trouble that isn't there

2925 days ago

the wife    

Well I think Rosie was ok until she said on her show the other day to let your dog lick your baby's ass to get rid of diaper rash.. That was really gross. I hope her dogs weren't carrying any parasites when she had them do that. And who cares if Oprah and Gayle are gay? If they are happy and not hurting anyone else, leave them be. I will say that I think Rosie is way too in your face about getting people to accept anything and everything gay. She needs to lighten up a little.

2925 days ago


These two are so totally in love how can any of you not see it? The way Elizabeth stares deeply into Rosie's eyes. They lean into each other, a touch of the arm, a giggle. The other day their lips were almost touching. It's love plain and simple. Give the new couple some room. Love is in the air.

2925 days ago


Elisabeth looks like a whiney stuck up little dog
I have to say it I cant stand even the looks of her

2925 days ago


Why don't you all shut up. You can't hear a thing on the video because those old bitches all jabber at the same time. Who cares who's straight and who's gay and who's screwin who!

2925 days ago


GET RID OF THAT GAL! Elizabeth needs to ACCEPT everyone as they are and STOP trying to play "political cop" every time Rosie makes a funny comment. Rosie is Rosie and she means just to be funny. Elizabeth is just TOO much and is becoming a laughable BRAT rather than someone who should act intelligent and balanced. I am so sick of these semi-celebrities, especially some broad who was in Survivor (of all things!) who feel they can PUSH their stringent beliefs on people and force them upon us. I don't care for any politics but I like Rosie. She's funny whether she is gay, liberal or whatever she is Who really cares. It's Elizabeth they should kick out because she is in YOUR FACE politics. I say she should keep it in her househould and stop ruining the View for us.

Perhaps, Elizabeth should try working on a Republican radio show because she has to ARGUE about everything. Does she know she is just ONE person and if she wants people to listen, GET ELECTED! She has too much mouth and not enough class.

2925 days ago

stephen s    

I am the President of the "Hassle-hack has to go!" Club.... but I gotta say, the show is more interesting- and I think Eliz is having to sort out her wacky views in the face of real and good people and parents... It's good all the way around. And, Joy is funny again and a little "in your face" which is all good! Keep it up girls!

2925 days ago


I can't wait til Elizabitch has a complete meltdown because of Rosie's gay talk. That bitch is so closed minded and it's always her way or no way. I can't stand her.

Rosie really is the best thing to happen to the view. Merideth was my favorite, but I'm glad she got away from those view hags and found a way better job.

2925 days ago
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