Rosie & Elisabeth: Best Friends For, Er, Today?

9/19/2006 4:36 PM PDT

There may be all kinds of clawing and crying off the set of "The View," but at least today, Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck played nice with one another, and even planned a little road trip à la Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, sans their elder co-hosts Barbara Walters and Joy Behar, who decided that they wanted to stay behind and "go to the theater."

Still, an uncomfortable moment arose when the question of Oprah and Gayle's friendship (or more) arose, and Rosie asked the table whether they would allow for being just a little bit gay. Elisabeth naturally didn't agree, and began to make one of her patented rebuttals, but Joy jumped in, quipping that being totally straight or gay didn't explain "prison behavior." Just in time, once again, was Joy, but how long can she play this game so skillfully?