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Smile For Daddy

9/19/2006 8:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe and Ashlee SimpsonJoe Simpson is a husband, father, manager and now...paparazzo.
reports that the former minister turned svengali has developed a very close relationship with the popular photo agency WireImage in exchange for special access to his daughters Jessica and Ashlee.

While celebs granting exclusives to certain photo agencies is nothing new, Simpson has taken it a step further by actually getting behind the lens himself.

Simpson has been accused of photographing his daughters on the red carpet, while simultaneously blocking the shots of other photogs. Joe is said to only approve photos he's taken, which are then distributed via Wire Image.

Obviously, this is ticking off other photographers who claim Joe has tried to bar other agencies from covering Jess and Ashlee's press events.

It seems ironic that Joe would limit media coverage of his daughters, since he is routinely criticized for pimping them out any chance he gets.

And considering the recent round of negative press surrounding the Simpson sisters, they could use any favorable picture they can get. And a publicist!

TMZ contacted a rep for WireImage who had no comment.


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the wise old owl    

This guy reminds me of a child PIMP. He is really repulsive and definately an extreme opportunist. What a publicity freak. That whole family is just a bunch of talentless bums looking to cash in before the general public realizes that they just have nothing to offer in the way of entertainment.

He better enjoy the ride, because it's almost OVER.

2902 days ago


JOE SIMPSON YOU ARE A CREEPY CREEPY MAN!!!! For someone that was once a preacher, you sure seem like the devil now. You give me the creeps.

2902 days ago


Joe Simpson continues to PimP his daughters out to any sleazy old man who has enough cash.

He is too creepy and has left his good Christian morals behind for the grand daddy of all sins--GREED.

2902 days ago


What a weird little man!! What does his wife think of his antics?! You never see her with Jessica or Ashlee anymore.

2902 days ago



Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like he is trying to undo her bra.

2902 days ago

Black Sheep    

This guy pimps his own daughters! It's sick and they let him do it!

2902 days ago


They go along with it because his pimping is making them MILLIONAIRES!!!!

Wouldn't you????

2902 days ago


What else do these folks keep in the family?!?... they are from the South.

2902 days ago


This man is awful. He needs to get a life of his own instead of living his daughters. Nick is lucky he is out of this incest pool. Nick should have beat him down like the incest crazed pimpin sleeze he is!

2902 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

It looks like papa Joe has gotten tired of Jessica and now has his sights on Ashlee. Poor girl was starved for attention from pimp daddy, that's why she had a nose & chin job. They seem to have a "connection" in this picture. No wonder Jessica has been dressing like a dumbass, she's depressed ol' pervy traded her for her sister.

2902 days ago


Ew! I hope Papa Joe never molested these girls.

2901 days ago

Jason Elias    

Joe's Creepy!

2901 days ago



2901 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

In fairness, he managed his girl's careers and did a fine job to the tune of making him and his wife(Tina), and both girls multimillionaires. He taught himself the business and even producing tv shows and cd's. Add endorsement sdeals, marketing, etc. MILLIONS in the bank. Tina became wardrobe asst. and personal asst.and asst. manager.
He is FRIGGEN creepy because he allowed himself to also become the celebrity. The thing she has said and things he has done is way out of the public's comfort zone unless you like freakiness! To be in so much control, he lost control, self control and wanted his 15 mins. of fame instead of just staying in the background. Hillary and Hailly Duff's mother is manager for her girls, but little is known about her. She tends to stay off of the pages unlike Joe and Dina(Lohan)

2901 days ago


I guess since Joe couldn't get into the panties of either of his daughters, Mr. Simpson is doing the next best thing and becoming their pimp. Nice! I bet Jess and Ash are REALLY proud of you, slime!

2901 days ago
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