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No They Din't! Jilted Exes Dish About Brit and Buffy

9/20/2006 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jilted exes Shar Jackson and Marcia O'Brien share their tales of marital breakdown on a very special episode of "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show."

Jackson, more well known for being the ex of Kevin Federline than her appearances on various UPN shows, explains her pain of breaking up in the public eye, telling Ablow, "My oldest daughter Cassie would come home from school in tears, everybody wanted to know, 'Mommy why did Kevin do this? Why this? Why that? People were teasing me,' That was the only part that just killed me."

Shar also talks about her relationship with Britney Spears, Federline's new wife and baby-mama, saying, "She's part of our extended family." She does add, however, that she has not met their children. "I keep my distance," she says.

Also on the show is Marcia O'Brien, whose husband, Olympic skater Lloyd Eisler, left her for his "Skating with the Stars" partner and star of the film version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Kristy Swanson.

O'Brien was pregnant with the couple's second child when she found out about her husband's second stint of infidelity, though Eisler claims he was not having an affair with the Swanson while partnered with her on "Skating."

O'Brien tells Ablow his claims are unfounded, calling them, "A complete lie. I have emails which he sent me where he admits to when they started sleeping together, how many times they had slept together. I went through a series of STD testing given the fact that I was pregnant."

Swanson is now pregnant with Eisler's baby, due on Valentine's Day.

Jackson and O'Brien will be joined by former supermodel Angie Everhart, Sylvester Stallone's ex-girlfriend and the ex-wife of George Hamilton's son Ashley on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show" tomorrow.


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Message In A Bottle    

I agree w. Michelle...if you ever been cheated on or dumped for a skank, you'd be damn hurt abuot it, shit, even thinking about it can be painful. That was really low of Kevin to leave her when she was pregnant...the breakup could've been much easier if no kids were involved but because they are, it makes it much more painful...Don't worry Shar, you are more attractive and have a lot more class than white-trash Britney...keep your head up, karma will get them back!

2918 days ago


Why did Shar get with an unemployed loser in the first place? She shouldn't waste her tears on k-fag.

2918 days ago


Its quite amazing two women doing anything over this unemployed wigga. I mean, britney was crying to Matt Lauer and now this? You ladies should run far away from this attention loving good for nothing funky kid from Fresno (no less!)

2918 days ago


I can sympathize with Shar. Its kind of hard getting over someone when you have children with them. She has to look at her children EVERYDAY and I'm sure she sees K-Fag in them EVERYDAY.

Not to mention the questions. How do you explain to a child their sperm donor left them for MONEY? And when she was 7 months pregnant with the last one?

We all know, the ONLY reason he's with the hillbilly is M-O-N-E-Y! And it will end BADLY!!!!! And he's going to laugh all the way to the bank.

Then he will have TWO babies mama's crying. What a waste!

2918 days ago


Well...maybe Shar should stop milking her betrayal for all its worth when Britney stops milking that marriage and those children (and stepchildren) for all the attention and publicity she can get from them

2918 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Shar had a promising career. She had a chance to do some work like work ontv shows as guest apperances... get a soap role, commercials. She was not like Brandy ,but Shar had a chance in life. She got tangled up with K Fed. Her crying is nuts. he was aloser and trash then and is now. He saw a chance toget the good life and ran for it. Igive himcredit for that ,but he is such a loser and dumbass, he cannot even manage that lifestly. He is making a fool out himself with that no talent he has. BTW, Justin Timberlake's cd is NUMBER 1. Besides being comapred tobritney, he will be compared toJustin too.

Shar was and is a loser and just trash same as K Fed and Britney. Shar did not say that she had two children from a previous marraige or realationship or more. Don't know if the two older children are for the same man. The two youngest ones are for K Fed. Shar started her family around 19 or 20 yrs. Her first daughter is like 12 yrs. old. Shar forgot to say that. What a mess and awful for all of Shar's 4 kids by different men and Brit & Kevins too.

2918 days ago


As much as I am not a fan (hm) of ShaRK Jackson here I am on her side, I don't know if it's a right thing to do to get out there and talk about it, but hello, she had a kid with him and was very pregnant with his other kid when this pimp left her for money and power that Brit had/has/will always have. I mean Brit is not very smart to be with the man who dumped pregnant mother of his kids for the money of another woman. I am not saying he is talentless or anything, because people just don't let him to show off any of his skills, knocking him down right away, but as a person he is just piece of you know what.

2918 days ago


Hey Shar, I just wanted to say that you and your children are going to be OKAY. God has a plan and honey god knows all an knew kevin is a bum..pure and simple. He is just a coat tail riding bum, wannabe who is embarrassing....wipe your tears of JOY away happy your dead weight is now the whores BRITTNEY HO SPEARS Justin Timberlake dropped that dead weight also.....a ho is a ho...her mother is one also cause thats what she taught her duaghter to do....starts in the home. meanwhile, Imma sit back and watch this fool prance around in the HIP HOP executives bathroom cleaning the shit off the toilet seats cause thats all this bum is worthy enough to do in the hip hop community.

2918 days ago


Excuse me! Shar did NOT ask Kevin to F&ck Britney. Britney KNEW exactly what she was doing. Kevin is a low-life scum bag and one day this will come back to him and Britney. True, he was wrong, but Britney knew about Shar and that Shar was pregnant and did not give a crap. Britney promptly got pregnant and has been flaunting Kevin and the kids, of course this would make ANY woman upset, she has feelings and 2 of his kids!

Britney is a low-life trailer park chick that "done good", just because she's rich and famous does not mean she has the right to treat people like pawns. She and Kevin are disgusting. Britney wants to screw all day and night, smoke and drink while she has the "in-home" nanny take care of her kids. She will never make a come back. KARMA!

2917 days ago


First of all, you are looking at a woman who was DUMPED coldheartedly, learned about it via newspaper articles in pictures splashed across the entire country and in the tv news media, WHILE 6 MONTHS PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD, and toting around a two year old, which to me says they've been together more than two years...

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? What's wrong wtih Americans that they have no compassion or understanding? Yes, it's time to move on. But how does she find a new man? Who's going to date K-federline's left overs?

That would have to be a really special guy.

THis is why brit and kevin have suffered publically as they have because you can't do wrong by people and not have karma.

Shar was on tv before brittany became a star and spent years on Moesha and made appearances on other programs its a shame this has overshadowed her career.

2917 days ago


Oh, one more note. It is REALLY difficult for black women to find mates. So even if she found an "unemployed dancer" it was probably the best she could do under the circumstances. You have to be a black woman to really understand what we go through. There's nobody out there for us, not to be lamenting or anything but I feel sorry for her.

2917 days ago


I think she should be happy. If he was gonna leave her, better he did it for Brittney than some broke chick. This fool (K-fed) had nothing when she made these 2 kids w/ him and now that he is w/ Britney he has a chance to make some $$ and now he will be able to give some $$ to Shar to support these kids. Now is her chance to take him for all he will be worth as payback for his stupidity and all the drama he put her and the kids through. Be smart Shar, sit back and wait to attack.

2917 days ago


Tiffany, please only speak for YOURSELF an NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN. I am a black woman and I am getting married to a wonderful guy (and he is not a hip hop thug wannabe or anything like that). Its not that hard to find a mate, no harder than it is for anyone of any race to find a good mate to share life with just to be with someone.

“There's nobody out there for us”--this is such a lame excuse and so much BS that I can't believe you even wrote it. Don't lump all black women into one category because you are single!
Quit perpetuating this tired stereotype and excuse!

2917 days ago


Hey Giselle i agree with you but not only did she have 2 kids out of wedlock she has a total of 5 kids by diffrent bay daddy's so i guess she really needs the money to feed all of tose kids so she is milking it for all it's worth i would to if i had 5 KIDS!!!!!

2917 days ago


It's not a stereotype and you know it. Just because you got lucky, don't try to deny what other women are experiencing. Your situation is not typical.

YOU found a husband. And lucky for you! I applaud you. But I know, see, and talk to too many women who are in the same predicament and they are all educated, attractive and all around decent people.

Nothing will ever be done about it so long as people like you, pretend it's not happening because it's not happening to YOU.

Shar is typical of women in this situation, and they often have kids out of wedlock in order to seize whatever opportunity they can get to have children.

2917 days ago
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