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No They Din't! Jilted Exes Dish About Brit and Buffy

9/20/2006 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jilted exes Shar Jackson and Marcia O'Brien share their tales of marital breakdown on a very special episode of "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show."

Jackson, more well known for being the ex of Kevin Federline than her appearances on various UPN shows, explains her pain of breaking up in the public eye, telling Ablow, "My oldest daughter Cassie would come home from school in tears, everybody wanted to know, 'Mommy why did Kevin do this? Why this? Why that? People were teasing me,' That was the only part that just killed me."

Shar also talks about her relationship with Britney Spears, Federline's new wife and baby-mama, saying, "She's part of our extended family." She does add, however, that she has not met their children. "I keep my distance," she says.

Also on the show is Marcia O'Brien, whose husband, Olympic skater Lloyd Eisler, left her for his "Skating with the Stars" partner and star of the film version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Kristy Swanson.

O'Brien was pregnant with the couple's second child when she found out about her husband's second stint of infidelity, though Eisler claims he was not having an affair with the Swanson while partnered with her on "Skating."

O'Brien tells Ablow his claims are unfounded, calling them, "A complete lie. I have emails which he sent me where he admits to when they started sleeping together, how many times they had slept together. I went through a series of STD testing given the fact that I was pregnant."

Swanson is now pregnant with Eisler's baby, due on Valentine's Day.

Jackson and O'Brien will be joined by former supermodel Angie Everhart, Sylvester Stallone's ex-girlfriend and the ex-wife of George Hamilton's son Ashley on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show" tomorrow.


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I have heard of Shar Jackson in the past but never seen her. She is actually much better looking than I assumed. What is it about pretty, intelligent women like Jackson and Spears who settle for the unattractive, sloppy dressing, wannabe artist unemployed wannabe men? I just dont get it. K-Fed is the male version of a whore who is riding his fortunes as far as he can. Can you say.....Bobby Brown? Enough said.

2956 days ago



2956 days ago


I feel bad for both of these ladies and especially the children. WE as adults make some nasty decisions and the children are the ones to suffer!! I hope that the two ladies who ended up with these men do not expect that they will have more respect for their children, or them, then they did for the children that had with their previous relationships or their previous partners...

2956 days ago


Shar Jackson.. the name tells you a lot. Look, lets face it Kevin didn't know and Shar didn't know.. he would be the "celebrity Mr Spears" H e lucked into the money and fame.. Shar lucked into the fact that now he has the money to keep her and her/his kids. Let it go! If I were Shar I wouldn't rock the boat, or the gravy train may dump them both! It won't be long... it will not last once the next baby is born and the newness wears off.

2956 days ago


dude neither of them should be with him.... he is such a loser .. once a cheater always a cheater... hes gunna do the same thing to britney.... she just needs to realize it and move on... he playen both there asses...he aint even that cute y are they obsessing over k~fag... god hes such a loser!!!!!!!!!!

2956 days ago


Why is this being billed as "ex-wife"? I thought K Fed was never married to Shar-just having kids with her.
Let's be real-----K Fed and lil' Brit give white trash a bad name. And-they are living proof that mega-millions simply is unable to buy class. Those two are low class trash no matter how much money they have in the bank. Their poor kids coming from that gene cesspool.

2956 days ago

Nicky Mcbride    

I myself think she did well, and him leaving her was the best thing that could have happen to her. Those children will be fine because she love's them. And I don't care how much money brittany has she can't by God,and GOD say's you WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW so she can be counting the days, months, Or years cause he will do the same to her. Look what he's done to her life and How she's let herself go . OOPS she made a mistake . If you ask me she a meal ticket. I just pray thet God has mercy on her and that she's able to do what shar's doing right now makin it without KF.

2956 days ago

jeff k jax, fl    

who realling friggin cares?????? GET A LIFE!!!!!

2956 days ago

jeff k jax, fl    

HELLO!!!!!!!! who the hell gives a damn?????

2956 days ago

Stevie Nicks Fan    

LOL If you don't care--than why are you commenting?????????????????????????????????????

2956 days ago


Lemme see if I can line this up based on previous comments. The overwhelming majority are A. Tired of seeing Shar? B. Feel that she should disappear? C. Believe she should be over the situation and move on? You have got to be kidding me. Shar doesn't have her own show, she was invited to appear. Is it not virtual tragedy the father of, at the time, one infant and a second to arrive in two months leaves her for certain fame and potential fortune? Why isn't Kevin Federline being constantly bashed for abandoning his family? For those who feel Shar is milking it, since you're such experts on human emotion, tell us how long she has before she should pretend it didn't happen? Until the kids are teenagers? 21? I'm sure she will/has moved on but it isn't anyone's call except hers. Besides, Spears knew he had a family, I don't hear anyone calling for her head to be placed in the guillotine. Hypocrites.

2956 days ago

Melissa L. Clark    

It breaks my heart to see her crying over him. What ruined it for me was that TV show they did, that was disgraceful. 15 minutes of that crap was enough for me, they could find a cure for AIDS together and I still would think they were trash.

BTW, proof read before you post people, please, it's har5d to read some of this stuff!!!

2956 days ago


Oh Shar, don't expect a man to stay with you just because he has a kid with you as you won't say yes to his marriage purposal as well. Eh, I guess it still could have happened even if you both got married. You really can't blame him though, Britney was hot when he got his hands on her with lots more money than you... which she seems to be willing to hand it over to his nasty ass so he'll stay with her and their kids together. Shar, maybe you should have followed in Britney's steps if you wanted him to stick with you. But honestly Shar, you deserve better than K-Fed and you damn well knew that as you kept saying no to his marriage purposals. So suck it up girl and go find you a real man that's staying out of your limelight but has a job of his own.

2956 days ago


seperation of any sort is traumatic. sit and think before you say anything. it's easy to preach, but if the shoe was on the other foot, I promise; the tears of betrayal would bring you to conviction. a loss is painful; all of you at one time in life will experience loss; at that time your words you speak today will change...
betrayal has no preference of skin tone, gender or finances. It's wrong! You know who suffers silently - the children.

2956 days ago


KFED in his way out next year. Bets anyone? It's all about money and they will not have that much within 12 months. The economy is going to catch up to that drama and Shar will have the last laugh. But the babies....It was irresponsible to reproduce like they did. The kids deserve better than this.

2956 days ago
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