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No They Din't! Jilted Exes Dish About Brit and Buffy

9/20/2006 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jilted exes Shar Jackson and Marcia O'Brien share their tales of marital breakdown on a very special episode of "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show."

Jackson, more well known for being the ex of Kevin Federline than her appearances on various UPN shows, explains her pain of breaking up in the public eye, telling Ablow, "My oldest daughter Cassie would come home from school in tears, everybody wanted to know, 'Mommy why did Kevin do this? Why this? Why that? People were teasing me,' That was the only part that just killed me."

Shar also talks about her relationship with Britney Spears, Federline's new wife and baby-mama, saying, "She's part of our extended family." She does add, however, that she has not met their children. "I keep my distance," she says.

Also on the show is Marcia O'Brien, whose husband, Olympic skater Lloyd Eisler, left her for his "Skating with the Stars" partner and star of the film version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Kristy Swanson.

O'Brien was pregnant with the couple's second child when she found out about her husband's second stint of infidelity, though Eisler claims he was not having an affair with the Swanson while partnered with her on "Skating."

O'Brien tells Ablow his claims are unfounded, calling them, "A complete lie. I have emails which he sent me where he admits to when they started sleeping together, how many times they had slept together. I went through a series of STD testing given the fact that I was pregnant."

Swanson is now pregnant with Eisler's baby, due on Valentine's Day.

Jackson and O'Brien will be joined by former supermodel Angie Everhart, Sylvester Stallone's ex-girlfriend and the ex-wife of George Hamilton's son Ashley on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show" tomorrow.


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I don't understand why those women would go on national TV, let alone a daytime talk show, to talk about their ex-husbands who jilted them. I don't know why Shar Jackson is still talking about Kevin Federline leaving her for Britney Spears. And why show this show just as Kevin and Britney had their second baby? She's doing all this for attention and one-upmanship over Kevin. Even before Kevin has a new rap album out in late October. Kevin's rap style is average, but he has gotten better on his latest single, Losw Control. I hope that Kevin doesn't see this show, because it would just be too embarassing! Shar needs to move on with her life and not talk about this anymore. Why does she feel that she has to talk about this over and over and cry in front of Dr. Keith Albom and a studio audience? Right now, Kevin is with Britney, and Shar just needs to accept that they're together for the long run. I don't know why Albom and his producers would waste their money doing such sorry fluff like this! Is he going to have 40 to 60 shows like this in his new season?

2918 days ago


Nothing much lower than cheating on your pregnant wife in my book.. Unfortunately it happens too often (actually just infidelity in general does). Of course unlike in the past, women tend to make out better in the divorce if/when that happens.

2918 days ago


I had no idea Shar Jackson and K-Fed were ever married. Thought they were just dating and she got knocked up and then Brittney came along and Fed-boy was like "See ya, Shar...Britt's hotter and she's got more money so she can support my lame ass (and the lame asses of my trailer-trash kids) better than you can." I feel bad for Shar, cause K-Fed is a DOG, but she needs to let it go. Can't say I have much sympathy for Brittney in her current situation, stuck with that ugly unemployed twit and saddled with two kids in the space of a year and a half too, but that's what she gets for stealing someone else's man. And...Eisler and Buffy are dogs too.

2918 days ago


Women should realize some (actually quite a few) guys are easily tempted. And typically once a cheater always a cheater (in my book), especially if it was more than just a fluke one time thing. Of course women are catching up to guys when it comes to cheating.

2918 days ago

dont worry about it    


2918 days ago

The womans point of veiw    

OK now let me start by saying that lil miss all American slice of apple pie Brittany is a home wrecker and not just because of the kids but because come no you had to know that you were not his only woman and you had to know some thing about that baby on the way!!! i mean i really did like UNTIL what's wrong is wrong i don't give a F@#$ he is paid to be her husband remember when she couldn't

keep her hand off of him and how great he every thing was well crack your face guess what the way you get you man is the way you lose your man i mean if he was with her for 3-4 years and had a stable family and he did this come now he

will do it again what people don't see is how shar is holding it down by her self and aint got her hand out for nothing all she want is for the kids to have a respectable father kind of hard when daddy got another family and is a gold digger i mean she (Brittany) is already damn near a single mother much as he is gone and love to party oh well i still and will for ever be on shars side

2918 days ago


Brittney is a straight up ho. I hope Federline drops her fat ass and takes half her money. I feel for Char. She planned on raising a family with that guy and he screwed her, at 7 months pregnant yet. Brittney is a freak and I hope she does not put her new child in danger like she did her first. As for that guy from dancing with the stars, hes another idiot. I hope ABC is proud of the fact that, if not for them, a family might still be together. Good job ABC.

2918 days ago


I don't think she is crying over KFed, but how her daughter was being treated at school because of all the hoopla. You know, strong women have hearts of steel but when it comes to your kids I can imagine her heart was breaking over how tough it was on them. People can be so very cruel and unwilling to take a walk in someone else's shoes. Unfortunately, compassion is becoming a thing of the past. Everybody goes through a little pain, and for the people who are so harshly judgmental, when your time for pain comes--and trust me, it will--you think about just how much more painful it will be when people are laughing at you and kicking you when you're down. Lighten up.

2918 days ago


Shar has FOUR KIDS and has never married any of the baby daddy. She is even dumber than Britney and Kfed.

2918 days ago


I can't believe she is on tv crying about him still. I can understand the embarrassment of being left like she was, but the sh*t is old news now. K-fed is a loser and she looks bad for even shedding one tear. Her and her children are better off without him. To be honest, what she needs to do is get some good lawyers to get her some good child support and then find her a better man(uh....not Quinten) and keep it moving.
I'm a mom too and would hate for my children to go through that but would be even more embarrassed when my friends caught a glimpse of my mom on tv STILL crying over this loser. My god, Shar!! GIVE IT UP!!!

2918 days ago

Lil Wayne Fan    

I think Shar just needs to move on and grow up does she think all this crying and attention is gonna get K-fed back I DON'T THINK SO and if she is worried about her kids then fight for full custody then if she is so damn worried about them she just needs to leave them alone and move on. GET OVER IT SHAR

2918 days ago


If your pregnant and your husband leaves you, it probly is one of the most devistating times in your life. True Shar is better looking than Britney and obviously has more class, but he left Shar chasing a pipe dream. It shows what type of man he is and we have already heard all the reports of him in Vegas with girls in his hotel room and spending Britney's money. She will soon suffer as Shar has and it will be worse because he used her for everything she could give. No therapy will cure a selfish guy who likes to lie, sleep around and party.

2918 days ago


Hey number 28, I have a question for you. Do you honestly believe that Brittany didn't know that Shar was pregnant AFTER she went after a MARRIED DANCER who had a PREGNANT WIFE (the black guy)? Brittany knew exactly what she was doing and that is why I don't feel sorry for her. I don't think she learned this at home, her mother is not happy with her with this situation. She just wanted someone who she thought she could control and it back fired. To me it doesn't matter how much the public wants to believe poor Brittany, she knew what she did and she didn't give a damn. She knew she did wrong, and that is why she looks like a damn fool. I can't wait until Law & Order tonight.

Also to Tiffany and others - sometimes it is hard to find someone and other times it is not. I found someone when I wasn't looking. I think the problem that Shar and lots of folks like her have is that when you have children, that sometimes make it harder for some men not to like her. Sure single women have the same problem of looking for a guy as well, but I think it may be harder for some women with kids (exception to that rule is one of my sisters who has been married a couple of times, and some of my nieces who have met men and they know that they have kids, but the guys also have children as well).

2918 days ago


As for the other lady, Marcia O'Brien , who lost her husband to Kristy Swanson, when she was pregnant, I feel for her as well. But that will come back to haunt Swanson. It's funny how these guys will leave their wives/girlfriends who are pregnant for a "rich" celeb and then get the new woman pregnant. Amazing.

2918 days ago

Miserable Afflecks    

I watched that show "Chaotic", well the first part of the first show, I couldn't bare much more, and KFed is playing her. All I could say while watching that show is "Playa, Playa".

He's there fore the money and Brittany Spears is really desperate and stupid. She asked him if he loved her, or something like that, and he said "I feel for you so much I can't even say it." or something like that, I was like, you've got to be kidding me? That was such a line of bullsh*t. And she ate it right up, when she gets a divorce, I don't want to hear any whining from her either.

And Shar shouldn't gotten pregnant by him again period. Why do people make it seem as if all men cheat, when it's really is, some women are attracted to men who don't treat them well and generalize to the rest of the male population. Too, women always like to act as if they're the victim and I'm sorry, Shar is a grown assed woman who knew the score because she already had 2 kids by 2 other losers. Don't get mad at people for not feeling sorry for a person who chooses not to learn from the past, but continues to make the same mistake over and over again. I don't feel sorry for her in the least, her kids yes, but I can extend sympathy to the children without feeling sorry for her. She's not a victim just because she's a woman. Being a woman doesn't make you stupid, unable to learn from past mistakes, unable to build for the future, unable to plan, etc. Men aren't that damn clever, it's just a lot of times some women (one's who like bad boys or other no goods) choose to believe lies because on some level I feel they think it's cute or that all relationships are really like that. It's sad, but not seeing an example of a good relationship in your home as a child leads people to believe the wisdom of popular culture which is often time riddled with lies and mistruths that will get you hurt.

2917 days ago
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