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Oprah Gets Lucky

9/20/2006 9:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey believes the world revolves around Oprah, but not in Montecito, Calif., where 12 -- count 'em -- 12 billionaires reside. As one plugged-in resident tells TMZ, "Oprah's nobody special: There are lots of insanely rich and famous people here." But then again, maybe not: At least one swanky steak house -- Lucky's in Montecito -- thinks Oprah is a big, big deal. When Oprah gets a hankering for a little sumthin'-sumthin' after hours, the steak house staff jumps into action.

Recently, sometime after the kitchen closed officially at 10:30PM, Ms. Winfrey paid a surprise visit to the steakhouse and the normally eager-to-leave kitchen crew was more than willing to fire up the grill just for the Queen of Talk. Who knew that "O" stood for "Open any time"? Perhaps Lucky's learned a lesson from the Hermés playbook -- never tell Oprah you're closed.

Angelina JolieAngelina Buys $400,000 Worth of Bizarre Art – With a Bullet

This ought to brighten up the view in Shiloh's nursery: Angelina Jolie bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art at a recent LA show by British artist-provocateur Banksy at a downtown LA warehouse, including a $226,000 painting that shows starving African children looking on as a white family eats a picnic lunch under an umbrella.

According to Star magazine, Angie especially liked a white bust with a bleeding bullet hole in the forehead which went for, oh, $75,000. And then there was the portrait of a man hit in the head with a custard pie – that one went for another $75,000. Angelina restrained herself however, from buying the show's centerpiece, a life-sized red and gold elephant.

Whitney HoustonDippy Divas Unite: Whitney Mentored By Courtney

If there's one songstress out there who might be an even bigger train wreck than Whitney Houston has been in recent years, it's Courtney Love. And yet, according to reports, legendary music producer Clive Davis enlisted the famously unstable Love's services to help Houston, who is on her way to divorcing pop star hubby Bobby Brown, kick her drug problems.

After getting the call from Davis, Love jumped at the chance to be a steadying influence on Whitney, according to Us Weekly (via IMDb), and now the two are getting along famously. Love has introduced Whitney to her own addiction counselor Warren Boyd, and Davis is paying for the expensive sessions.

Davis, meanwhile, is getting the newly-healthy Whitney back onto the singing treadmill, and would love if she made her big comeback by the Grammys early next year. If all goes as planned, says Page Six, Whitney could have a new album out by 2007: "We are going to make a great album. She is talking enthusiastically and is articulate. In opinion, the best singers in the world are Aretha [Franklin] and Whitney."

Jean-Michel CousteauCousteau Blasts Irwin -- "Don't Mess With Nature"

Jean-Michel Cousteau wagged a big Gallic finger at the late Steve Irwin Tuesday, saying that if the beloved Crocodile Hunter hadn't interfered with nature by jumping on and grabbing animals, he'd still be alive.

Promoting his own two-part TV special, Cousteau said that while he mourns the death of Irwin, whose funeral was held in Queensland yesterday, and called it "very, very unfortunate," it was Irwin's gonzo approach to nature television that cost him his life. "It sells, it appeals to a lot of people, but I think it's very misleading. You don't touch nature, you just look at it. And that's why I'm still alive. I've been diving over 61 years – a lot many more years than he's been alive – and I don't mess with nature."

Tori Spelling

Party Favors: Tori To Play Gossip Reporter, Jack Gets Strapped Into Scorsese Flick, HBO Gets Gym Teacher Show From Ferrell

After being hounded by them for years, Tori Spelling will get to play a gossip columnist in a guest role in the CW's "Smallville" this season, says TV Guide ... Jack Nicholson tells Rolling Stone magazine that he convinced director Martin Scorsese to let him improvise a sex scene in their new film "The Departed," bringing a certain strapped-on sex implement into a threesome with two women ... HBO has snapped up the rights to "P.E.," a hotly sought-after new comedy series from Will Ferrell's production company Gary Sanchez Productions. The series is about a former major leaguer who has to go back to his hometown to teach gym.

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No Avatar

showers of Blessings    

Everyone, look at the article carefully.
tmz wrote,
".........According to Star magazine, Angie especially...."
Star magazine is a tabloid magazine. It does nothing but fabrating stories.
I am so shock tmz will print such an article.
Well, go figure
Star magazine used to be on newstand next to national enquirer, printed in those "newspaper type paper". Now they morphed into magazine type paper hoping to be treated as legit. Dont be fool

2934 days ago


Castaou should be ashamed F HIM! Steve is and always be a hero to everyone that's worth a damn

2934 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Courtney had me killed. Avenge my death by spitting on Courtney when ever you cross her path.

2934 days ago

Michelle LL    

Here is a comment for your Jean-Michel Cousteau: Go f*** a duck !

2934 days ago


OMFG people do you expect angelina to donate ALL her is her money let her spend how she pleases!!!!

2934 days ago


I think Angelina is a great person. I love this lady, and her family. Brad is a lucky man. She is also the best celeb mom.

Oprah makes me sick.

2934 days ago


Anna is right. Angie gives enough money to good causes, nothing wrong with her spending it on her children. Btw, when did Jennifer ever give to a charity or have that baby she has been telling mags she is going to have. At least Angie is truthfull, unlike Jennifer.

2934 days ago


Qycle-When is Jennifer going to help the starving children anywhere. The skank doesn't even think about things like that. Angelina has already adopted two children, that would have died. Do us a favor, and stfu. You fanistons make us sick....
Thanks Alex and Roger, Anna for making a good point.

2934 days ago


Orpah recieves no more special treatment than the rest of celebrities. They shut down almost all of Paris when Tom 'crazy ass' cruiz arrives. They do that with all the celebrities. Even the ones that don't deserve the attention Paris, Lindsay, etc...

Stop hating on Oprah - she's given more money away than most billionaires.

2934 days ago


SteveP-Jennifer Aniston spends that much money on clothes, tanning, and drugs. Angelina's money goes to good causes. Her children are her life. Nothing wrong with spending as much money as you want on your children. Btw, when is Jennifer going to have this baby she tells all mags. NEVER. She is too selfish to have a baby, and to give to anybody but herself.

2934 days ago


Gloria.........Don't forget Angie has already won her Oscar. Stop being jealous of beautiful most popular woman. Your comment sucks. Angelina is a classy lady, who wears what she wants.

2934 days ago


What a hypocrite Jolie is...wrong message, and irony of all ironies, a white woman buying art that expresses the oppression of other people with her ridiculous amount of money. Does she not see the irony of her actions? If she was really all for other people and causes she wouldn't continue jetting off in her plane, buying expensive art, hiring other people to care for her children, and spending hours at the gym...she'd be raising her own kids, selling the jet and donating the money, using the art money for school supplies to places that need it, and paying other people to educate other children. She's one of the biggest frauds I've ever seen.

2934 days ago


Angelina has great taste in art. Some of you people need to remember all the good things she has done. It is her business how she spends her money. Stop dissing her for buying what she wants, since you didn't pay for it.

2934 days ago


Misso, Angelina has spent enough money on other countries. Don't you think its time she finally buys something SHE wants. You're the hpocrite here. Stop crying over silly sh*t. Angelina is well loved worldwide. I agree, she loves her children dearly.

2934 days ago


It did say that STAR magazine reported. You can't believe anything that they say. First I don't think that they would have anything like that in the home. People can be such jerks to start that. And if they want to spend that kind of money on art they for 1 has the money to do so. And 2. I think they have done their share of helping others. How many celebrites have spent money and time to people over seas. Go tell some of these want to be actress to stop spending money on designer handbags, shoes, clothes, and hanging in clubs to give of theirselfs and money. Brad and Angelia I think are doing alot on their part to help out. DAMN, if they did spend that kind of money, they worked for it. Give them some credit.

2934 days ago
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